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3D Hologram Technology Exists

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Posted 17 June 2009 - 08:28 PM

555soul vs phunk

This is a formal 1 vs 1 debate, full details on how the debate system works can be found in our Debates FAQ. The debate will begin with an introductory opening post from each participant followed by 4 body posts and finally a conclusion.

The computer has randomly chosen phunk to post first.

555soul is arguing in favour of 3D Hologram Technology

phunk is arguing in favour of No Such Thing, It's a trick

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#2    phunk


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Posted 18 June 2009 - 03:32 PM

Oh sorry, I didn't notice the part about me being chosed to go first.  

My point is very simple, so I'll keep this short.  The technology to project an opaque hologram in open air and daylight does not exist.  Every example in existance of a 3d projection system has a few things in common:

1)  They need a screen.  Whether that's a screen like a movie theater, a mostly transparent plastic sheet, or a cloud of mist, no system exists that can create an image in ordinary air.

2)  You can't project darkness, and as a result the darkest part of a projected image is the background behind it.  As a result these systems are always shown in low light.

3)  As a result of point 1 and 2, any system that uses a transparent screen results in a translucent hologram.  You can see right through them if whatever is behind them is not significantly darker than the hologram.

Conclusion:  There is no way to project a hologram without a screen to project it on and a dark background.

#3    555soul



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Posted 18 June 2009 - 11:47 PM

I waited 5 hours, it's a new day - no hard feelings.

Stick to what you believe in, always - no exceptions.  Always leave the possibility open to change your mind again and again - that is what we are here for - to grow.

Yesterday died and today was born in its place.

There are a lot more new adventures to live today.  Thank you for participating.

Edited by 555soul, 18 June 2009 - 11:47 PM.

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#4    phunk


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Posted 28 June 2009 - 01:15 PM

Well as my opponent hasn't posted anything relevant to the debate, I don't see any point in proceeding further.

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