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moon hoax

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#16    Electro


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Posted 30 October 2002 - 09:48 PM

I was wondering. In most of my reading on this subject, prompted funnily enough by Magikman, I didn't manage to come across any explanations with regards to the spacesuits worn by the astronauts at the time. Probably I haven't looked in the right places. The TV program that I watched stated that the cooling mechanism within the suits couldn't possibly be good enough to protect the astronauts from the intense solar heat of the sun on the bright side of the moon. (With there being not atmospheric shielding of solar radiation). Please bear in mind that these suits weren't even as advanced as the suits worn nowadays by modern volcano researchers as the material used in these, especially in the light form required, hadn't been invented at the time of the moon landing.

Please understand that I am not saying that it is impossible for the astronaughts to have moonwalked wearing these suits, I am just looking for an explanation as to why they couldn't be used to sketh a charcoal picture when they returned to the moon lander.  ;D

Cheers, Electro.

#17    Magikman


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Posted 31 October 2002 - 04:02 AM


  Here's some information for you;


  Go to the bottom of the page. If you seek answers, practice entering certain word combinations in a decent search engine - www.google.com - and check the results for exact hits. Also, make use of the  advance search options to reduce the number of hits to shorten your search.

BC - read the thread on the moon hoax landing in the Skeptics Category for an answer to your question about the moon rocks.

Magikman  :sg

Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense. ~ Carl Sagan

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#18    pangea


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Posted 21 December 2002 - 02:26 AM

Ok, here's a possible explanation as to why they could only jump around 18 inches or so, as opposed to a few feet, given that the gravity on the moon is 1/6th that of Earth;  The suits were pressurized and quite bulky, enabling them to only bend their knees slightly.  So, try this; bend your knees a few inches and try jumping.  How far did you get?  Not very, unless you lack some important bones or if your muscles are freakin' huge!
I admit, when I first heard about this controversy, it intriuged me; it was on a morning talk show about 10 years ago.  Then, I started looking for the evidence to support their claims and it just wasn't their.
No cover up, no conspiracy, just a few quirky and isolated incidences.

At least that's my two pence....

Merry Xmas all! smile.gif                                                

"The belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man." - Thomas Paine

#19    Electro


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Posted 09 January 2003 - 03:37 PM

                                                Having read the link I see no mention of how the suits provide protection against solar radiation. Just curious but there's a difference between remaining cool and thoroughly irradiated.

I suppose we'll just have to wait for the launch of the Japanese obitting sattelite which is due to be launched soon whose mission it is to survey and map the entire moon's surface. We can then see if there are any flags or pod remains etc..

I can't wait because I own seven acres of the moon's surface and I fancy having a gander at my plot.



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