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Alien Attack!

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#31    earthygirl04


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Posted 25 July 2004 - 09:48 PM

"Clouds, this is a logical relation. For those that may cling to the belief that these are actually clouds, the flight characteristics, glowing at night, and other anomalous behavior, leaves such a narrow view very much in doubt.

Norman,Norman, Norman... rolleyes.gif
Come on, you mean to tell me that people were so stupid that they couldn't tell clouds from something oval shaped and solid?? wink2.gif
I don't beleive that. blink.gif Have you not seen clouds glowing from the way the sun has set? It leaves the clouds reddish looking, and bright, it's actually quite pretty.

This from Falco Rex:
The Shekinah Glory Cloud was said to have existed in The Great Temple of Jerusalem for years, and was said to be a tangible sign of God's presence there;

So what are you saying Norman?? A UFO, flew inside a temple and stayed there for a few years? What happened? Did it break down? If you think it could've happened, then were is the proof? Why wasn't this UFO drawn on a wall as a symbol of God??? disgust.gif
Because it wasn't a UFO! It was the Glory of God which actually looked like a cloud!! Foggy, hazy like. I've seen the same thing during a great church service,along with others who saw it too...And that was the best church service ever!!! grin2.gif


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#32    _CHIN_


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Posted 26 July 2004 - 04:31 AM

Here's a UFO sighting where the UFO appeared as a cloud. This happened to my old man and two of his friends.

It certainly wasn't God. Could have been angels, but remember, there are two different kinds of angels.

UFO Sighting and Possible Abduction

About fifteen years old. August or September of 1967 behind the Monastary in Aylmer, Quebec with two friends, Chris and Bruce. We sighted a UFO directly above us. We sighted this simultaneously and shouted this out in perfect unison: ''Look, there's a flying saucer.'' This light was of an intensity much brighter than any 'one' of the surrounding stars. This night was a perfectly clear night, one could see every star. We were observing this wonderful sight when we caught sight of this bright light. This light zig zagged in a small area above us until it was directly and exactly above us, after which in a very short time, it's light diminished in intensity until we could not tell it apart from the other stars. Then again simultaneously we all directed our attention to.... straight ahead. Now we were sitting on a hill, not quite at the top, but high enough to be level with the top of a tree. This tree was on the edge of a corn field just across the gravel road that was at the bottom of this hill. Level with the top of this tree was a UFO enveloped in a mist. This horrified my older friends and they were down the hill within seconds. They moved so fast, I didn't even react until they were going over the fence, through the cornfields and towards home. I ran too, never did catch up with them that night. We always reminded one another of this afterwards. A few years after I left Aylmer Quebec, I heard Bruce had passed away. I have not seen Chris since about 1975.


#33    Unorthodox Thesis

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Posted 26 July 2004 - 05:05 PM

Its a matter of opinion.

#34    BurnSide


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Posted 26 July 2004 - 06:12 PM

Oh great, now UFOs are appearing as clouds?


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