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Magnetic Fields

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 08:39 PM

We do not produce anywhere near a significant amount of electrical force to affect a magnetic field.  The strongest eletrochemical reaction we have in the body is the neural synapses, and they spark at a range of -70 millivolts to -50 millivolts.  Even assuming you could somehow (and, incidentally, there is no known way for this to happen) you could transform all your brains voltage into a magnetic field (electrical to magnetic energy being the most efficient transfer we can do right know), you would have a little less power than an electromagnet powered by two AA batteries (and you would be a vegetable besides).

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 09:37 PM

aquatus and sasass...how are these ideas so far apart?

Aquatus, do you know what sasass is talking about?  What does this paragraph mean?...sasass wrote:"If you subject organic material to a strong.......there is a residual effect)."

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 10:39 PM

If he is talking about what I think he is talking about, then he has learned just enough about the science to get it wrong.  No offense, Sasass, but you are making some pretty big leaps in logic there.

For starters, ask any of the hundreds of people who learn to use compasses on a yearly basis;  The only thing that influences the needle is the magnetic fields of the earth, major inorganic magnetic fields nearby, and your hand movement.  Just for the sake of fairness, even though I've used compasses for Heaven only knows how years as a scout, military, and camper, I put my compass on my desk and moved my hand over it several different ways and at several different speeds.  It remained stubbornly pointed towards the North.  A human body simply does not generate a strong enough electrical field to register on a compass.  Heck, have you seen the size of CAT scanners?  You need something that large just to sense the minute electrical charges within the brain.

So that was the first part of the argument: that we can influence a weak magnet like a compass.  Quite simply, we cannot.  The second part was about extra strong magnetic fields influencing organic creatures.  The only thing that I can think of that this might refer to is some recent studies concerning the effect of localized magnetic field charges on certain sections of the brain.  What the researches do is use a magnetic coil to influence a section of the brain and record the results, which have been somewhat impressive.  There is one section of the brain that, when affected, accurately replicates the 'ghost' feelings, such as chills, felt presences, and even ghostly whispers.  Some parts of the brain seem to accelerate learning, while others slow it down.  Most surprisingly, some parts have even induced savant-like skills, such as the ability to draw perfect images of horses.  All these effects, however, where short lived, none lasting longer than 24 hours.  The cause is actually fairly simple to grasp; the magnetic field induces a greater rate of voltaic change in the neuron.  The effect will be under study for some time (and by me, If I can get into medical school).

But again, the notion that the electrical charge that we generate in our brains is strong enough to influence the outside world is mathematically ludicrous.  Even using my previous mythical example of turning our brain power to magnetism, you would need an increase in your neural voltage by a factor of 2000, simply to get the AA battery level.  This is similar to saying that if a person has the ability to lift 100 lbs, then they should have the ability to lift  200,000 as well.  It just doesn't work that way.

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