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My time travel cover up.

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:17 AM

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Where do I begin with this topic. It is a topic that I have been working on for a long time. I have had attempts from two people that work for the government or that are or were government contractors that have been trying to silence me on this matter. Im not sure if it is part of a larger cover up or just two dudes with high profile positions that has a beef with me. Most people may know them. They go by the online names as Darby and Rainmain. Yes they have been trying to make me be quite with what I know about time travel with my method. Even threaten me with government intervention if I continued to talk. What I find funny about those two guys is they are moderators of forums and they troll there own forums. How messed up is that? Mostly that is why I am here. I dont wont to be silenced on this matter any longer. Im tired of those two dogs chasing me and hounding me to be silent. I think the public has a right to know.

There is more to us than our universe. Besides our universe there is another universe called the computational world. In that world is all the information that is possible to exist in our own universe. The computational world is so vastly larger than our own universe that there is no way to put a size on it that anyone can understand. In the computational world is our own past, our own future, and all the realities in between. This is why I call this time travel. I am a time traveler who travels in time by exploring the computational word with one or more computers.

I found a way a long time ago to time travel using cryptology to decode computer media off a binary counter that originally was produced in the past or will be produced in the future. It started one night when I was programing with qbasic. I wrote a program to run a text counter then had a routine in that program search for my email header and a few words of text as the counter ran. I had the output written to my hard drive as individual emails. I never looked at any of them though. The next day I sent myself a email with a few words. Then I ran the program that I wrote which searched for the email that I sent to myself later in the output of the emails I saved off my text counter earlier to my hard drive. I found that email! It occurred to me that by using cryptology I can decode information from the future or the past. I could decode other peoples emails with out ever being or connecting to their computer system if I new just a little bit about them. Also it occured to me someones email could be decrypted and kept on file for later reference without ever using that persons account or computer. I wondered if I could do that with video, and audio. Decrypting it instead of recording it. I could look at it long before it was ever recorded if that was possible. What about finding news paper headlines of the future or future news broadcast off the tv before it is recorded and broadcast-ed. It seemed like a fun project to try.

Well I got excited about this and later got online to a few forums to post what I knew where I encountered the two thugs who have since being trying to get me to be silent on matter.

Over that last couple of years I have switched to c++ and have been developing my new method of time travel to include binary counters, algorithms, hash functions, data mining, using threads and sockets so I could spread this out as a super computer program. You name it. So far I am the only person that I know of that time travels this way. My computer programs went from windows to linux. Linux just runs this stuff better. I write my programs into header files that is compiled into one program with a make file. Someone once asked if time travelers are real how come we have not met one. Well now every one has. Im here. I am a time traveler. I time travel with my computer using cryptography.

I started making more break thrus with time travel with cryptology when I came across a program called Rsync. Rsync transmits data between computers with a poor internet connection by sending a list of weak check sums and strong check sums. Then it uses a series of rolling weak check sums counters to construct the file. When the weak check sums equal the strong check sums the file is reconstructed. I took out the strong check sums and put in data mining. This way data can be sent thru time or space with NO INTERNET CONNECTION ALL. You simply have to know what your looking for. The methods for sending data across space time are endless with these methods. The time travel applications are endless. This everyone is basically how one can time travel with a computer to find video, audio, text, or special files from the future or the past. Even from alternate realities. It can be used to find technology decades down the road. It gives a whole new meaning to file sharing. Music lovers can send music to themselves in the past or future with out being spied upon and sued. The same with movies. Like I said. The applications for this are endless.

Using a upgraded version of Rsync or a completedly customized program here is basically how one could send files through time-space.

Here are the basics.
Both A and B know the files to each other through time and space
will be between weak check sums ranges C and D.
So A wants to send B a file. A creates a file then deletes it.
B uses a hash function to create all the files between check sum
ranges C and D then B uses a data mining algorithm and maybe
some verification methods to find the message A sent to B through time and space.

Here is how a program would construct computer media of the future, past, or alternate time lines. The program would use a data verification method to search weak check sum ranges for computer media from the past, future, or alternate realities.

Using the above method it is possible for the user to create a paradox and observe the paradox from different temporal reference points. A paradox is where Point A occurred in  past which lead to the event point B which lead to another event point C which was the event that caused point A in the past to occur because point A in the past read about point C in the future. Welcome to time travel.

On trying to keep me quite Rainman used his status as moderator to get into my forum account and change my settings. He changed the setting I had for not receiving private messages to true then he sent me a message saying the government was watching me and that I had better shut up. He said that if I didnt that he was going to turn me over to the government to shut me down. Darby used his status as moderator of a forum to shut down my thread when I attempted to talk about time travel with my computer programs to find media of the past, future, or alternate timelines . They would spread lies and disinformation about me when ever they could. When I tried to go to other forums where they were not moderators they would get accounts and troll me to try to get me to shut up about what I knew about time travel with binary counters, algorithms, hash functions, and data mining. Their dogging me, having me banned, and their threats did them no good. The main mechanism of my time travel program is the binary counter. I use special algorithms and hash functions to make the binary counter function then I use data mining and AI's to find my computer media of the past, future, or alternate realities. I could get incredibly complected here but I am trying to keep my post in terms most people can understand.

Now I will try to be a little more specific about what methods I use. The methods themselves have varied greatly. On email I use a program to check for a header. That is the email format. Then I use a spell checker for quickly finding misspelled words. If there are none or very few then I use a syntax checker. I have had to write my own programs for these because the standard programs out there I have found none suited to my work. The spell checker I just used the standard text file access programing and a dic. file. The syntax was a little harder. I had to get ebooks in text format and group words two by two (kind of like noha and the ark.) along with the usual punctuation.

On the counter themselves as everyone knows brute force takes a long time. So I used a standard binary counter that was trained with standard known computer media as a AI counter. So its digits when incremented do so according to a AI file that tells them what values to goto next when its their turn. Now for their turn part. Each digit in the binary counter gets assigned a random number. If the number is zero the digit does nothing for that turn. If the number is 1 then the digit increments according to its AI training file. Every digit in the counter is evaluated for if it should increment, do nothing, or roll over to the minimum value. The counter does not have time to increment one digit at a time and check for and do the carries mathematically. That takes way too long even though it works real good for rolling over to every possible combination but it is too slow. So my counters use AI files along with random numbers to increment the counters from information to chaos then back into information. The AI file helps shorting the amount of time it takes to get from chaos back into information. That is why my counters use special files and methods to find the data faster than a normal counter. There are exceptions to this but for the larger picture that is not important. Now the problem I have found is that the random numbers need to be truly random or the counter wont go to every possible value eventually and can even repeat itself. A hardware device built to take samples from the real world environment and used to convert those samples to random numbers so far I have found is the best solution for this. There are schematics on the net how to build these. I use the avalanche noise off a circuit interfaced to the serial port of my computer in a random number server that sends numbers to my counters. It would not also hurt to use this method to create random number files that can be checked by another program to make sure the numbers are good. If not some more programs may be needed to help correct the files for randomness. Also more than one circuit can be used and the samples merged to help make the random numbers more random. That is if both circuits are working correctly of course.

I wrote a routine in my programing time travel library which generates a seed file by writing random binary bytes to a file of a specified length. Then it picks a weak check-sum from 0 to the max weak check sum value of the file. Then it goes thru and picks bytes at random to reduce in value or increase in value to bring the file up to the weak check sum value picked by the pseudo-random number generator. Last it randomly switches the bytes with each other. I like to think of it as a byte tossed salad. The file is then ready to use as a seed file by using the values of 0 and 1 as binary values of the file or by taking a hash function of a certain number of bytes at a time. It was the only way to take a pseudo-random number generator  and use it to make seed files for cryptology strength random numbers that I knew of.

With Rsync as it was a helping point for me I dont use Rsync's hash functions or even their check sum counter. I use a weak check sum computed differently but I use ways to keep the counter at a specific check sum until I am ready to move onto another check sum. I use Rsync's basic principles of operation to a limited degree but not its code or its math.

My counters come in different flavors. check sum, weighted sum (for AI counter), and many other different variations of counters. I have some that just generate files by check sum then when it is done with that specific check sum it goes to the next check sum. It does this until it does done with a range of check sums. I always try my best to avoid using brute force to find time travel media when possible.

I have a program that rips audio, video, or other formats from files and writes them to a individual file without the data. Then later I use the file formats in my verify programs to check for a audio, video, or picture file. I can also get formats to check for other special file formats if needed. I wrote these programs too. I take two or more media files the same size but recorded under different conditions and ripped what is the same and left alone what was different. This has allowed me to get very good file formats for my verify programs. It works good.

The AI counter. I was asked how does one build a AI binary counter for cryptology. Well I take computer media from a known news source. I take two files from that media. Each source file is treated as a binary counter. One file is the source and one file is the target. On the source file one byte at a time in changed until it equals the target file byte in the same position. As this is done the weighted sum of the entire source file is logged. Not weak check sum but weighted check sum. I do this one byte at a time until the source file byte equals the target file byte. Then I get a new target file until the source file is rolled to every target file. Then I grab a new source file. The log file after all this is done is taken and used to create another file I call the index file. It is a high low weighted sum for every byte in a file. The weighted sum is for the entire file. So, when the counter is ready it will change each byte and each byte itself will be looked on as it effects the entire file per the files weighted sum. When a byte rolls over it goes from is max weighted sum effect on the entire file to is minimum weighted sum effect on the entire file. I call this a range binary AI counter. With a proper sample of media files from a real news source the counter can and does find time travel media of the past, future, or alternate realities.

I also have a counter where I do the same thing with the numerical differences between each byte in the file. Since the last byte in the file is always 0 I can take a valid statical pattern of differences generated off a counter and start with the last byte in the file to calculate the rest of the bytes. I have found some of my best time travel computer media this way. These were just examples of binary counters I use. I have many of them. Others would include such counters that construct a weak check sum and run within that check sum as well as other check sum ranges. Again, I can't possible post everything about the counter subject. There is much more. I have many different counters for using cryptology to produce computer media of the past, future, or alternate time lines.

How I find news papers from the future, past, or alternate time lines. This was one of the first things I did with time traveling with cryptology after searching for email messages from the future. For a year I scanned my local news paper with a scanner into my computer as jpg pictures. I converted the pictures to images in pbm (bitmap), pgm (greyscale) or ppm (color) formats. I trained my binary counters with these pictures. Then as my binary counter ran I had a OCR (optical character recognition) convert the pictures to text in byte (8-bit) or UTF-8 formats. Then I used my spell checker and syntax checking program to find the real news papers. I usually cross reference my news papers with my news videos that I find off my binary counters to find a convergence of events that may happen in the future. I like getting up every morning and reading tomorrows news paper or next week news paper instead of today's news paper.

On videos I look for the file format on the counter. If I find it then the counter is passed off to another program which extracts the frames from the video. Then again another program comes along and gets the weak check sum per frame and compares the difference in that frame with the next frame till all the frames are looked at. The last step is to compare the differences within a file that is the root mean square of differences and their standard deviation to see if the video is a valid video. In this step the file was prepared ahead of time using one or more videos. It is a verify file like the file format for the video is a verify file. Last step is me personally viewing the video. I try to let my software do most of the work. After that I like to set back and view what I have.

There are many ways to think of alternate time lines. They can be thought of as non-reality, alternate reality, or the computational world which mathematically holds all possible reality past, future, or alternate reality. Hollywood produces a lot of non-reality that holds similarities to our own. It is possible some of their far future shows may not be too far off target to are real future. But Hollywood has to record their shows where this blog is about mathematically finding media real or not without recording thru cryptology. In reality every second of our life we are faced with choices. The choices we make conclude what becomes are real reality and what becomes our alternate reality that we never see or participate in.

What I do is not new. Man kind has been doing it for thousands of years but just not the way I do it. When witch doctors throw a bunch of bones on the ground and try to interpret them as the future the bones are a low tech version of my binary counters. When people goto buy lottery tickets and the machine generates a lottery number for them guessing the future this gets closer to what I am doing but not the way that I do it. I go a step further and write software to generate real computer media that may be the real future or the real past but also sadly to say can be alternate reality. Even in alternate reality technology can still function, biology can still function, entertainment can still exist. People can still get off on porn but that is not my goal. But, it is a lot better than pitching bones on the ground I assure you. There is no mystery though it gets pretty technical with software and the math which most of you cant understand. Unlike the witch doctors I am also searching for technology, what the aliens look like, what the dinosaurs looked like, media that I enjoy for entertainment that could possibly be from the real future and that includes the news. I am doing more than just trying to see the future. There is real commercial value in my endeavors though I am not peddling it I am just pointing out the facts. Time travel is just one potential aspect of this.

And you can never have enough counters and verify programs running. The more computers you have or can run on the better. I have been working on getting news from the future using news networks media to train my counters but I have run into a problem with giving out what I found. Some news organizations dont want me publicly giving out media with their copy righted logos or use their people or even their voices. But, problem is as with everything else now days no one will believe a video or picture it always comes down to the viewer drawing their own conclusions or something like that. I feel talking though about what I do is a step forward.

For the physics of these everything in the known universe is energy representing information minus entropy of course. As energy is never destroyed only recycled so too is information never destroyed. It is only encrypted or you could say recycled. It takes energy to run a computer. A computer to a small degree controls energy and uses energy to decrypt information. If a time traveler could go thru a worm hole his information would be taken from one place in time and transported to another place in time. My computer programs are no different than real physical time travel. Information is transported from one place in time to another place in time.

In my theory I stated that the obvious that energy is never destroyed it only changes from one form of energy to another form of energy. In doing so information is never destroyed. It only changes from one form of information to another form of information. Think of that information as getting encrypted. So, with that being said here is my addition to my post. So too reality is never destroyed. Reality as we know it only changes from one form of reality to another form of reality. That is how the binary counter is that I decode computer media from off the past, future, or alternate time lines. The binary counter expresses information like it is in real life. The binary counter changes numerically like space-time does. From one form to another form. As the counter runs the information on that counter expressing reality in a digital format only changes from one form to the other. Just like physics does with energy, information, and reality in real life. Right now there is no way to physically time travel but when we record space-time to a file and digitize that file the very act of running that file as a counter creates the effect of time traveling in digital format. With counters there is no part of space time that can not be viewed or listened to even read about as computer media. The binary counter itself is a time travel machine. That is why it is possible to use a binary counter and cryptology to decode computer media of the past, future, or alternate realities.

Using the methods I talked about I am always trying new methods and verification methods for embedding files within email messages to myself from the past or the future. I have used different methods like Rsync where I use a list of weak and strong check sums to very customized mathematical methods of my own for embedding and searching for messages to myself in space-time. Now lets say I am running my email program again talking to myself in the past, future, or alternate reality. I write emails to myself then delete them (Sending them) then run my programs to find the emails I sent to myself in the past, future, or alternate realities. Who is to say that if I read a email off my program from another reality that the reality I am seeing in that email was not of a past or future universe where that reality really did exist. The counter just expresses reality changing from one form of reality to another form of reality. Time is infinite. Even if space is not infinite as space changes over time so too the reality in that space changes over time. Who is to say that there is no real communication going on there. They can,t. And by some chance it is possible that the reality I read off a text counter might very well be a few days, weeks, months, or even years from now as expressed by the counter of ever changing realities as my own reality changes. The physics is there. Time travel with a binary counter is real and very possible.

Other theories compatible with my own.

The many worlds theory says that all possible realities exist in the universe but one time line cant interact with another time line. Well I don't believe that because my method of time travel allows for interaction with other time lines including my own. Here is the link for the many worlds theory that my method of time travel follows.


And last but not the least:

One area that I did not get into yet but have thought a lot about is using statistics and probability with current known events, people, places, and things with the computer media found off my time travel programs to get into time forecasting and exploration. Using the time-machine effect of the binary counters with probability and statistics to make reliable forecast about the future and past. Or explore new technologies. Even for exploring the known and unknown universe itself.

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:29 AM

I have my suspicions when it comes to quantum mechanics :) but i think its funny to call this a "computational world" lol. anyway man can you tell me what happens in 2012? :)

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:45 AM

Oh look another time traveller joins the forum.

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:47 AM

very Warren Ellis and Planetary's "information space".

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:01 AM

Not to sound like a skeptic or anything, but why aren't you disgustingly wealthy. And if by chance you have some moral code about getting rich by this method, then you can give me the powerball numbers for the next drawing, and I will never doubt you.

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:31 AM

How many time travellers would this be now that has come to the forum?

Why come to a forum to tell your tale? What is it going to achieve?

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:41 AM

And what happens if you go over 88 mph?

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:52 AM

View Post747400, on 09 March 2010 - 09:41 AM, said:

And what happens if you go over 88 mph?

His feet burst into flames. Great Scott!

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 10:39 AM

So, in short - you've created a Neural net for Media of sorts.

Why do you think the output involves time travel, as opposed to, say, just randomness?

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 04:59 PM

Post your source code... That'll be the best way for us to verify your claim.

Also, while youre at it, post some of this "media" you can obtain from the future, please...

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 06:13 PM

So how's the future looking?

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 06:35 PM

Please tell me who is going to win the NCAA Tournament this year so I can lay my savings down and retire early.

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 07:16 PM

Please tell us what happens in 2012 for the sake of everything XD

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:54 PM

You had me lost at hello. Your knowledge is beyond mine in this area for sure so i will keep reading and wont bash you on something i personally know nothing about.

I wonder what the motive for harassment is? You guys didnt work together in the past? Your not hiding any other details as to why they are following you?

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:09 PM

far be for me to cast assumptions upon anyones character but, when you write asmuch as this guy has, I mean, it was all technical and no proof as far as I can see,then you have to think long and hardabout the delusion involved in trying to create this kind of premise to begin with.  Sure, I am a time traveller too, I travel through time daily, I can go back in the past using images in my mind and to a possible future using my imagination, but, take the time and energy to try and convince someone of this, i might aswell smack myself on the head with a spatula and claim to be ghenghis khan ffs :)anyway, the world still turns :)

Then let us again examine whether that is a sound statement, or do we let it pass, and if one of us, or someone else, merely says that something is so, do we accept that it is so? Or should we examine what the speaker means?


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