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Night jumpers

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Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:31 AM

<strong class='bbc'>Image credit: stockxpert</strong>
Image credit: stockxpert
William B Stoecker: Since time immemorial people have reported encounters with fabulous and often terrifying creatures, many of them seemingly supernatural and able to appear, haunt a region for a time, and then vanish. Even the ones that appear to be real, live physical animals are, apparently, never killed or captured. People all over the world have legends of dragons and of sea and lake monsters, most of them described in remarkably similar terms, and usually they resemble recent accounts of lake monsters supposedly haunting the depths of Loch Ness, Lake Champlain, Lake Okanogan, and other locales. People almost everywhere have legends of other races of humanoid beings living here on Earth or in some realm very near to us, often located underground, or reached by journeying underground. These include a bewildering array of giants, dwarves, gnomes, fairies, elves, and leprechauns, many of them resembling the beings that, today, are associated with UFOs. UFO experiencers have reported diminutive grays, reptoids (also reported in swamps and other desolate areas even when no UFOs are observed), mantis-like insectoids, seemingly human “Aryans,” and, less commonly, a variety of other creatures.  In ancient times people saw trolls and wild men; today they report Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and the yeti.

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Posted 04 April 2010 - 06:52 AM

Interesting article, kinda all over the place. Think it would be a great read for new commers to the paranormal as it serves as a apt recap of a lot of the popular "things that go bump in the night"

Give me the wisdom to be skeptical enough to require proof, and the courage to accept that proof when I see it

#3    The Unseen

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Posted 04 April 2010 - 07:46 AM

Good  Read,Really makes you wonder whats out there.Could there be a conection of some sorts?
Way back when I was a little kid my granddad told me a story of how they used to find the livestock dead and bloodless with many of them found just after daylight and how the woods used to go silent at night and it would make him feel like something was watching him through the darkness.also he told me a story of a creature that when he was little how something unlike anything he ever seen before chased him through the field hopping long hopps and how fast it was and the only reason he feels he made it to the house was because his dad heard him screaming and came running with his rifle and shot at what ever it was.he said his dad died shortly a few days after and never did his dad get to talk about what they had seen.One Never Knows.

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 04:29 PM

A popular theory regarding many of these creatures is that they come from a different dimension, passing thru portals or dimensional rips. Others believe that dimensional vibrations are all that separate us from what lives in other dimensions.

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Posted 11 April 2010 - 08:03 AM

Speaking about owls, I just happened to watch a movie earlier called The 4th Kind which alludes to close encounters, in this case abductions. All of the abductees had seen owls before the abduction. Now it turned out that the movie was based on real events in Nome, Alaska in 2000. The abductors where obviously very malevolent and the entities spoke an unknown languange that later was identified as ancient sumerian. If you want to know more, google Milla Jovovich, Dr Abigail Tyler or the title of the movie. Those abductions had been going on at least since the 60's. Abigails daughter Ashley was abducted and not returned which reminds me of Fox Mulder and his sister Samantha. Duchovny also had a small part in Twin Peaks, a highly mysterious series from 20 years ago where one of the phrases often heard was "the owls are not what they seem". How weird isn't that?

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 05:45 AM

On the subject of your article, I in no way intend to outright dismiss the possibility that some of these creatures may exsist. I am particularly fascinated with Springheel Jack, myself. Also have a soft spot for Sasquatch, but hope he continues to elude capture, if out there. Think of what will happen if he's discovered by man. Keep on running and hiding, big guy, I don't blame ya one bit! Anyway, I keep an open mind. However, it has to be said that it is remarkably easy to fool people. I myself created a myth when I was a kid, in our neighbourhood, after watching a tv documentary about Bigfoot. I guess I did it as a social experiment, and out of boredom. It really worked far better than I expected! Our survey boardered on a fair size ravine/creek. I came up from there acting terrified and claimed to my nearby friends I'd seen a bi-pedal entity that resembled a cat. At first, they laughed it off, but overthe next few weeks, they were claiming to have seen it themselves. I fueled the story with drawings and speculations of it's origins. They fueled it by spreading the story- lots of kids bought in. The "Cat Creature" lived and breathed for months in that wooded area-'til I fessed up. I even believed I'd seen it myself! Legends can begin in much the same way, perpetuated by the child within us all. If you want an excellent read on something deeper, and a unifying theory of the paranormal, absorb Colin Wilson's "Beyond The Occult", or the two books which precede it!

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