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  • God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands

Posted 04 September 2013 - 09:58 PM

Lol, well, at least you quoted an old post of mine that is very on topic. But you dug deep, hahaha !!


Nebel, Nifl, Nevel..... fog or mist in English.

No giants or angels here.

#857    Abramelin



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  • Location:"Here the tide is ruled, by the wind, the moon and us."

  • God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands

Posted 05 September 2013 - 11:18 PM

View PostAbramelin, on 31 August 2013 - 09:17 PM, said:

Thanks a lot. Taun !!

Any attempt of displaying the experience of sailing past the original pillars of Hercules is better than nothing.

And you did a good job.



And this is the map Taun based his animation on:

Posted Image
MAP 4: 8,500 years ago - sea level rises, flooding through the gaps in the hills, joining the North Sea and the Atlantic.

He also showed Dogger Island.

It's kind of hard to post while looking over your shoulder for someone coming, but I should add this other image Taun used for his animation, though the route in his animation is a bit different from the one in the image (the red line):

(click to enlarge)
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Posted 30 January 2014 - 04:13 AM

Hello Abramelin,
Great thread on Atlantis,  I am on about page 10, about December 2009.  So allow me to miss statements for facts,  as I have not read up to page 52 of the thread yet.,,,, YET.

I found this thread, by looking for an explanation to usa mound builders,  and Windover bog people, who were not usa Indians, they were "white".  i include a link to a pair of videos to the Windover bog people, who i believe are linked to the people in Atlantis, part of their trade route back 10,000 years BC.  What is interesting from this find (see link below) is that they were very advanced, and had "woven" clothes, not animal skins.

We have mounds all over around here,  I think building high dirt hills was viewed as safe, due to "lengends" of floods, and living along the rivers that feed the Missisippi.

Also, the copper miners in the Upper Pennisela of Michigan, connected to the Missisippi trade route, I believe were also part of the Atlantis trade network.  Evidence of Euorpeans has been found in usa well before Columbus arrived in 1942.

I know about the Storegga, know it's true and about 6100BC, Tsunami sediments have also been found in usa, and in the gulf of Mexico.

I believe usa , Hudson bay Glacier lakes, got hit by a pair of asteroids,  unleashing torrent of flooding down the missisippi river valley, which is everything East of the Rockey Mountains.  For a couple of months the Hudson Bay Glacier lake drained, and raised sea level by at least 10 feet, and wiped out civilization in the missippi river valley.

At the same time as these asteroids  hit usa, and flooding was occuring, I think the Storegga undersea landslides occured.

Combined, with the resultant changes in salinity, water currents and even atmosphere ( if Methane was released during the Storegga even),  life was made very difficult along the coasts of the Atlantic.

Anyway, I put what I thought together, and was looking for who could set up such a trade network, and thought of Doggerland, and then the possiblity of Atlantis.   So I googled those 2 subjects and found your thread.

I like the idea of the pillars of Hercules, being the white cliffs of dover, during stages of erosion.  As you know, the queens' palace in Amsterdam has Hercules carrying the world on his shoulders, flanked by a pair of angels.  

Very pleasing during the reading of your thoughts up to 2009, is the fact i am Frisian.    My Mom and grandparents spoke Frisian, and me personally I like the cold, cloudy, overcast weather.  The same weather probably that was around in 10,000BC in the Doggerland.    
My wife is also from Friesland for what that's worth.......
Our family in the past used to fish the Doggerland area, it was shallow and fish were found there.....,,,,,,
And have traded with people in England, Sweden and Finland,,,, via sailboat of course.  I agree Frisian is alot like English, and could be the root language.

That is it for now,  cheers from Chicago.


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