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Yvette Fielding quits Most Haunted

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#1    Saru


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Posted 26 June 2010 - 12:30 PM

www.digitalspy.co.uk said:

Yvette Fielding has announced that she is leaving Most Haunted. The presenter made the announcement in a statement posted on the website for the show's production company Antix Productions, which she set up with her husband Karl Beattie.

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The original statement can be found - here.

#2    Trolololol


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Posted 26 June 2010 - 11:22 PM

Hahaha. Good riddance, you liar and cheat.

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#3    FuRRyMaN


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Posted 27 June 2010 - 04:30 AM

lol good, i watched like 2 episodes and was annoyed by the fact that everything she heard "was" paranormal and it always freaked her out

#4    8ball936


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Posted 27 June 2010 - 04:39 AM

she took the money and ran,? After people found out it was fake? Wonder what "move on" for her means. House in Hawaii. :gun:

#5    pixiii


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Posted 27 June 2010 - 05:53 AM

Wow, what happened with Yvette????  Why all of the negativity???

I remember when that first show began and I thought it was great with Derek Acorah back in the day.  Yvette screaming at every little thing.  LOL

But then we were sick of it by the time it got to series 8 and we didn't download any of the shows anymore (we're in Australia and we had to get them from the UK as they weren't broadcast here then).

We always thought it was fake, but as it was "new" back then, it was rather entertaining, especially when Derek's spirit guide Sam popped in. :D

I'm guessing Yvette and Hubby have made a mint out of the show and will do something else.  

Did they ever end up being accused of being fake?  And if so, how did Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe fare out of that?  The reason I ask is I haven't heard or seen anything here in Australia regarding them.  :)

#6    johnk81


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Posted 27 June 2010 - 09:07 AM

Im sure yvette just got bored after 10 years ..... cmon I mean ten years and not a shred of evidence? ... I would be bored too!

The ghosts are just too good!

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#7    Rhincewind



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Posted 27 June 2010 - 10:12 AM

hands up who cares

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#8    thefirstman


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Posted 27 June 2010 - 12:06 PM

View PostRhincewind, on 27 June 2010 - 10:12 AM, said:

hands up who cares

I think this guy nailed it.

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#9    SimonUK76


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Posted 28 June 2010 - 10:49 AM

lol what's wrong with you people. Less of the angry. If you don't like it don't watch it. Personally I watched it rarely, but it was entertainment. TV is full of rubbish these days, but it was a good idea and provided entertainment value, even if it was just because of the overreacting and sillyness  :)

No - not a big believer personally. I've seen the orb thing, but happened to have a mild headache and felt really tired at the time. Look it up peeps. Think you'll find it's called a migraine...

As for ghosts, you can daydream anything and imagine it's real. I thought of a little girl telling me about a problem with her "ex" dad. Without going in to too much detail, the only fit for what I was imagining and the background turned out to be asleep in a room upstairs, very much alive not dead.

Don't take these things seriously, but take it for what it is. Light entertainment.

#10    Fewzz


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Posted 28 June 2010 - 01:01 PM

Hopefully one of the crew will admit the fraud one day.

Remember when one of the crew threw that spoon , lol was so like 'busted!'

When you see her in the dark on her own , she actually isnt , lined around the walls is all the crew , funny how nothing happened to them but always her.

#11    Child of Bast

Child of Bast

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Posted 28 June 2010 - 02:46 PM

I've watched the programme semi-religiously for the historical value of the first half hour of the show and for the entertainment value of the second half-hour. :) I made a list of all of the places they've been in the UK so that when I make future visits, I can go to these places for myself (provided they're open to the public). So they haven't been entirely useless in my opinion. :clap:

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#12    Leah G.

Leah G.


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Posted 28 June 2010 - 10:00 PM

I've had some experience with ghosts and no one believes until it happens to them so I'm no one to judge the show other than it was entertaining. I hope they didn't lie and if they did, well, I don't think I really want to know. I call it entertainment, it's TV for heaven's sake! When they explain the way a stunt was done on TV it takes the thrill out of the show too.

It's sad, the show will never be the same if it goes on. :hmm:

#13    supervike


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Posted 29 June 2010 - 06:58 PM

I don't believe anything I see on that show, but it's still preferable to the countless 'Big Brother' knock offs.  Plus the history of some of the UKs sites was very enjoyable.

#14    RenoTurk


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Posted 30 June 2010 - 04:02 PM

Considering I stopped watching it when she started to be one of the psychics it seemed too false, I am kinda glad. They need to stop the cheese and actually get some decent investigating done. It's ruining the business' rep

#15    supervike


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Posted 30 June 2010 - 08:41 PM

View PostRenoTurk, on 30 June 2010 - 04:02 PM, said:

It's ruining the business' rep

What rep is that?  From an outsider to it, it seems there is nothing but a poor rep for the business.

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