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Was the Star of Bethlehem a UFO ?

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 11:05 AM

<strong class='bbc'>Image credit: Edward Burne-Jones</strong>
Image credit: Edward Burne-Jones
Nigel Kerner: The star of Bethlehem as Christian lore has it, guided three ‘wise’ men to a site in a Judean town where a new born child of significant eminence lay in a construct that sheltered animals. Tradition says they came to hail the birth of a new king.  At this time nearby Jerusalem lay as a kind of buffer province between two antagonists, a new power point in the already complicated body politic of an area festering with the military might of two great armies, the Romans and the Persians.

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 01:46 PM

Very interesting and very well written. I too had the same thought in relation to the origins of the star of Bethlehem, it is a very convincing argument for sure.

The only problem I would have with it is the assumption that the 'Greys' to use that particular descriptive, are in some way inferior automotons and soul-less clones. I have always had a problem with the 'superiority of man' argument, had the author perhaps considered that these entities have a heightened form of emotional expression to our own?

After all, how much emotion does a fisherman give to his catch? To the fish, suffering in agony being impaled through the face with a hook, or en-mass with his comrades in a net, we can seem like very blank people ourselves. Why are we like this generally speaking? Because man is higher up the food chain and considers not the emotion of the fish, but how it can provide sustenance when eaten. Would not a Grey view us as a lot lower down the evolutionary food chain and perhaps view us in the same light as if we were dangling on their hook?

It has been mentioned in many sources that their method of communication is believed to be telepathic, would they not then have abandoned facial signatures connected to emotions in favour of a form of telepathic emotion that we are unable to comprehend. hence the very human observation that they have a 'blank expression'.

People have indeed reported that they have heard voices during abduction experiences reassuring them that 'everything would be fine', this would indicate a level of compassion which I would interpret as emotion. This would indeed bear out the argument of telepathy. I cannot see that response being a programmed 'cause and effect' code string.

I understand the author is referencing Codex and Bible passages and applying them very convincingly to the argument, writing his theory in a far more eloquent manner than I ever could. It is a very valid theory and one which I do respect his opinion on, I just thought that perhaps it could be looked at from another angle.

I just think there is an arrogance attached to the human race and their position in the cosmos, ironically born out of religion in my opinion. This leads me to an article I read once which said that we have only discovered 8% of the species which exist in the worlds oceans, how can we know what 8% is if we have not discovered 100% in order to accurately calculate 8%? In short, guess work, which is taken as gospel by us because it is from a reputable source, and therefore pigeon-holed as canon without further question.

I think we can formulate wonderful theories like the author has, and it causes us to think a little more about our history and our future, as I have said, I hold the same opinion on the Bethlehem star theory, and yes I believe we may indeed have a soul, but to say they have none even if they are clones is a very 8% theory.

Excellent article nonetheless!

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 04:45 PM

View PostUM-Bot, on 30 December 2010 - 11:05 AM, said:

<strong class='bbc'>Image credit: Edward Burne-Jones</strong>
Image credit: Edward Burne-Jones
Nigel Kerner: The star of Bethlehem as Christian lore has it, guided three ‘wise’ men to a site in a Judean town where a new born child of significant eminence lay in a construct that sheltered animals. Tradition says they came to hail the birth of a new king.  At this time nearby Jerusalem lay as a kind of buffer province between two antagonists, a new power point in the already complicated body politic of an area festering with the military might of two great armies, the Romans and the Persians.

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actually the star told them he had been born, herrods priests told them where he was living,  they didnt get there until almost 2 years later.  so it could have been a ufo, or a star, or a super nova, or a rare alignment of venus and jupiter.  i mention all of these because i have heard it could have been any of them.

I am a mormon.  If I don't use mormons believe, those my beliefs only.
I do not go to church haven't for thirty years.
There are other mormons on this site. So if I have misspoken about the beliefs. I welcome their input.
I am not perfect and never will be. I do strive to be true to myself. I do my best to stay true to the mormon faith. Thank for careing and if you don't peace be with you.

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 11:21 PM

View Postdanielost, on 30 December 2010 - 04:45 PM, said:

actually the star told them he had been born, herrods priests told them where he was living,  they didnt get there until almost 2 years later.  so it could have been a ufo, or a star, or a super nova, or a rare alignment of venus and jupiter.  i mention all of these because i have heard it could have been any of them.

Could have been a flare gun too lol

I have always thought the star was a UFO.

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Posted 31 December 2010 - 06:51 PM

Among some radical theologians in a circle of UFOlogy to connect ancient myth and organized religious belief with that of UFOs, they enforce the dogma of Jesus Christ (nee Ben Nazaret) but declare that he was born of alien parentage by artificial insemination in the womb of the Virgin Mary and was sent here by a godly extraterrestrial deity to save mankind.

Any astronomer based their conclusions on science but has an open mind to the story already discovered what was the Star of Bethlehem by using technological methods on computers to find where the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter were on the presumed date of Jesus' birth. They found the three brightest planets in magnitude were in close distance over Regulus, the brighest star of the constellation of Leo on the nights of 21st to 28th December in about 4 BC.

In my opinion, the normal pattern of planets' orbit on the Zodiacal Elipetic crossing the 12 known constellations used in astronomical prohjections and horoscopes in the pseudo-science of astrology has made a coincidential action. But as a Christian, I strongly agree on God wanted to use the triple-planet interjunction near the "King Star" Regulus of Leo, to symbolized a regal lion, to determine for us a child born on the moment will be: "the King of Kings".

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 10:43 PM

I would agree with the previous comment that all the evidence does indeed suggest that the Greys view us in the same light as fisherman dangling fish on a hook. There is significant evidence in abduction literature to suggest that these alien visitors do not have a concept of emotion. They hand abductees hybrid babies and ask them to cuddle them while they look on. They are constantly bemused by the range of human feeling and conduct experiments showing various images to abductees watching their response.

There is no apparent concern for the pain and distress they cause. They do indeed ‘telepathically’ inform abductees that everything will be fine, but as they show no concern for the victims’ pain this ‘telepathic’ message could simply be a control mechanism to prevent the experimental subject going out of control. I say ‘telepathic’ in inverted commas because what may seem to be a supernatural ability to convey words without speech may well be technologically derived. In fact our own technology can already do this and it is only about two hundred years old.

If they had a more heightened sense of emotional expression than us they would surely seek to help us with their highly advanced technology. They came here despite the Einstein ‘hem’ on speed across vast distances of space after all.  They could, for example give us a simple demonstration of how to solve the energy problem without destroying our planet. But they most definitely do not.  They seem to deliberately hide from us and do all they can, perhaps with the enlistment of help from the most powerful agencies on Earth, to obfuscate all evidence of their presence. Why if they are beneficient and highly intelligent naturally living entities have they not gently and tenderly led us to relinquish the desperately wicked things we do to each other never mind lesser creatures?

I have read Nigel Kerner’s remarkable book and he has a theory he calls ‘devolution’ to explain the origin of species. He quotes the second law of thermodynamics, otherwise known as entropy. This is a Universe wide phenomenon taking apart all atomic states and increasing all points into greater states of randomness and chaos with time. He concludes that the origin of ordered living systems out of a purely physical universe is impossible under this background of break-up and chaos. I agree with him that the old open system/closed system canard explaining an input of order into living systems through energy input mechanisms such as the sun, does not explain the origin of life in the first place. It might somewhat explain the maintenance of living systems once they are already there but even then I am not sure the sun alone without a non-entropic ingredient would be sufficient.
Kerner defines superiority in terms of closeness to a prior state right at the beginning before the big bang. A state of perfection, perfect union and perfect freedom he calls the ‘Godverse.’ Human beings are closest to that state on this planet and thus retain the ability for compassion and other unionizing qualities characteristic of that prior state. It has to be said that many if not most  human beings show a far greater sense of concern for lower species than the Greys who by all accounts show no concern for their victims’ personal experience of the abduction scenario.

What I liked about Kerner’s thesis is that he defines the tacit capacity for the exercise of freedom as the final yardstick by which to judge existential superiority. The initial state is a state of perfect freedom from which we made the choice (I stress we made the choice, not a creator figure) to explore the nature of limit. In our humanity we still have the freedom to beat the second law and its drift into decay and break down, we can intercept the chain of cause and effect that governs all physical things with the power of a non-physical element – a connection back to a non-physical state before the big bang. Kerner defines a ‘soul’ as this line of connection. Animals have lost the power to break that chain as they are essentially reactive through the five senses, they have devolved into a state in which they are out of touch with their line of connection to a reality that is not sensorily derived.

The Greys, if they are indeed roboids, are by that scale inferior to animals as they run only to a program and therefore have no inherent freedom of choice. They are about as significant as an intelligent vacuum cleaner, says Kerner. It seems to me ludicrous to build a sense of empathy with a mechanical machine. Some people in their zeal to be fair perhaps can champion the most defunct causes without thinking things through even to the extent of defending the rights and sensibilities of mechanical objects. They are artificial creations with no soul line of connection to a non-atomic state. Their agenda with us is driven relentlessly by their program, they can know nothing else. Most pertinently a programmed machine can have no sense of self.

The recent Press Club conference in Washington involved several high ranking military officials who declared that they had, without a doubt, seen UFOs around nuclear installations. These UFOs, they said, appeared to be interfering with the command systems for the nuclear missiles. Some of these military officials suggested that this might indicate that there are alien visitors looking after us. But could it not so easily be the other way around? Perhaps they are simply guarding their long term experimental subjects, Homo sapiens sapiens from the peril of self destruction. They need a specially made quantum of humanity for their own purposes. Purposes that may well include their final disposal in whatever way they think fit.  If Kerner is right about the agenda behind this experiment then the acceleration of the hybrid program reported by David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins is of the greatest concern to all humanity. He speculates that perhaps this is what 2012 and the end of the world scenario is all about.

I’ve read around the alien phenomenon every which way, from Vallee, to Mack to Keel to Jacobs and Hopkins. These are all very informative but they don’t explain how these visitors came to be or why they are interested in us when technologically they are far superior.  I originally came at Kerner’s theories  with a sense of dismissal especially with the astonishing title of his book the whole thing sounded pretty way out and hit my prejudices hard. But as I read on and got the whole picture I had to admit that his book ‘Grey Aliens and the Harvesting Of Souls’ offers truly cogent answers and I would strongly urge anyone to read this in 2011 with the promise of what may happen in 2012 in mind.

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Posted 07 February 2011 - 05:31 AM

Were obsessed with things of physical nature, things that can be felt, measured and tested. From this we have gained the impression that if we cannot see it or feel it, it cannot therefore exist. Now our eyes are closed to any possibilities outside our area of recognition. People need to understand that there’s more unseen than seen, more uncomprehended than comprehended, more to our world and universe that can be presently imagined. Some of these movies are simply put out to elaborate our minds because it just not accepted in a physical, materialistic world. There’s only so much one can say before being labeled as crazy.

Believe it or not evil exist and but so does good. We as freewill thinkers are brought down a level, to a lower vibration, and are being suppressed from this great knowledge. Are religions are separated and we fail to even notice it. Instead we fight while contradicting the very laws of creation and the laws we as man created as the human effort to understanding God and our purpose. I truly understand where all of you come from because we all have been there. You think because there is sooo much out there, all the wars , suffering , poverty, illusions lies deception, media, unexplained events, NASA, secret corrupt governments, UFO’s, greys, Illuminati, reptilians, satan, fallen angels, religions, ancient mysterious, Niburu, Photon belt, myans, prophets, 2012. You think because there is so much questions being asked rather the figured out, that there is too many answers therefore no truth, or just impossible to know what is and isn’t. Most of us will all soon see that there are very few answers, ultimately one but because it is so incomprehensible to most of us, we will need more to be answered, but will see that it will all fall into place and therefore will be less answers than most of us seek for now.

Yes you really do have to approach this matter sensitively but you will notice from really looking in the right path that instead of things contradicting one another all evidences will correlate. Depending on your sources of course, and that’s what makes understanding this so hard because this is so very complex it could possibly take decades for the average individual to achieve full knowledge. When you reach a lighter level one could say, a state of understanding than you will take in more information and win more from it than just dismissing it. It takes time and you could say hard work too, because of all distractions put out there. You can’t depend on our government for the answers, and if so than it is pretty naďve of you because by now you should know that the unseen powers are working to control and misinform you of your true identity and heritage. Segregating us but bringing us together to control and use us to build their empire but watch it come crashing down just like every other power in ancient history they have influenced. You have to seek the truth, and isn’t that why we’re all here? Isn’t this the reason why we all come here? To find the truth? You have to find it in yourself for when you do, you will know it. In your heart you will feel it.

People attack “believers” as if they are forcing this information upon you. Because of the illusions, we build our own reality and believe there is no other. Can you not see that our world is full of greedy corporations and corrupt governments that do not for the betterment of humanity but for the satisfaction of their selves and a chosen few. If not than how can you not see that some stranger among many who do not seek t o get the better of us but rather share this wisdom of enlightenment so we progress and are ready for what is to come. While we keep denying the every clue of what is happening they get stronger. While we keep telling others that “oh there just conspiracies, you’re all being paranoid, how could they hide something like this from us” they pillage and rape the earth of her resources, tax and enslave us, lie and manipulate, control information through secrecy and compartmentalization. People need to stop thinking that there isn't enough evidence presented to you. We are the general public and the government has never been about honesty and truth, they have their own agenda. Still the signs are right in front of you, and people who make such claims that the extraterrestrials are demonic and will be the greatest deception humanity has yet to face, have no idea what they’re talking about . You have not done enough research and if so haven’t looked in the right places. You’re getting confused with mixed truths and lies. Yes there are ones you could refer to as evil or malevolent but why wouldn’t you think there are benevolent (good) extraterrestrials too. At one point I did think that they were evil and didn’t care at all for humanity but I soon realized that there is more than one here on earth right now. From what I hear there are three main groups, reptilians the grey’s and the galactic federation of light. You have to understand that each group and species have their own polarities and agendas.

People who actual believe and know are only trying to help raise your awareness. No one who is in touch with this reality is what so ever claiming to be of a higher status or importance because he/she knows as well as I know that we are all equal. But they are expressing a state at which they have attained and if he/she is higher than us in anything, than that would be consciousness, in which we are all welcomed to free of charge no matter who you are. From young I was very open-minded but still that is sometimes not enough. I had to go through a serious experience, a true life transition that had me overlooking my position. I did something bad in the eyes of authority and right now I’m dealing with the consequences, but from that I achieved greater wisdom and valued life in general on a different level. You are a total of your experiences and only with the right amount will you be able discern truth from lies. Not saying I’m perfect but I’ve done a lot of research and somehow even with all of the deception I’m beginning to understand more and more every day. You just got to be more open-minded and be vigilant of the ones who are keeping you to the ground. God loves all of his creation no matter who you are. Everyone gets a chance to join the light and open their gateway back to the source. All the things you here about god punishing people by sending them to hell if they don't pray, go to church and believe in him, is all fear based. Evil feeds off of our emotional adrenaline, our fear and hatred and if you take the time to actually see what is by now in front of all of us than your world would change. Our majority lives in a world they created. A lowered frequency, with injected fear and inaccurate insertions to confuse us even more.. They gave us this reality and made us believe that there is no other. That we are born into sin and that violence is our nature. We were manipulated into believing our illusions and told that people who thought different were crazy and had mental illnesses. They even killed people in the past for trying to make changes. Haven't we all heard of the church forcing people to believe that the earth is flat and is at the center of the universe? Back than people didn't dare to challenge their theories. They said what they wanted to and even if it wasn't truth all they had to do was keep saying it, and saying it, until it was encrypted into our brains. .. What if things aren't really what they seem to be? What you don't think that our leaders and governments would sell us out? You don't think that other life can exist and come to our planet? Not even with the trillions of years of possibilities before our time?

You don't think that God exists? But yet some unknown power is what’s holding states intact without the universe falling into chaos. We living the way we do need a lot of questions to be answered but understand this... We are part of this universal game...This conflict only so that we polarize to one another and so that we can continue this endless process of evolution. When you reach your higher stage only then will you truly see that there is no evil but just something we must perceive to understand what it represents (dark).. It and we are all of God’s creation participating in the nature of duality so that our souls can evolve (why else would God allow it). WE ALL NEED TO KNOW AND BE PREPARED FOR OUR TRANSFORMATIONS INTO THE NEW AGE[/font][/size]



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Posted 07 February 2011 - 03:20 PM

all of you do know that scientists have determined the star of bethlem was a planetary alignment don't you?

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