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The Biggest Conspiracy

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#16    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 14 July 2001 - 09:52 PM

>:(  I completely think that it is a bogus explanation as too what may have happened.  So next time, maybe I won't interject.   :-X

#17    Mr-X


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Posted 22 July 2001 - 04:27 PM

  Ever since i was a young boy i was always interested in the JFK assassination. I remember my father telling me that the freemasons were the ones who assassinated him. I didnt know who these scumbags were until i started going to Masonic centres for dance parties. I was amazed to see that in nearly every suberb in Sydney there was a Masonic centre. So i read up on them and i found out that the U.S. government was pretty much started on the foundations on the freemason belief, even George Washington was one mmmmmmmmmm?? INTERESTING.

Anyway its getting late to go into to much detail so i will give you this site to look up and tell me what you think of these scum and there involvement in the JFK assassination.



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#18    Logic


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Posted 28 April 2002 - 01:22 AM

My  Biggest Conspiracy Of All
Bourgeois culture dates back to before Christian times. It originated when cities (burgs) were formed, and the burgers allied themselves against the "heathens" or non-resident visitors to the market. Therein lies the biggest conspiracy of all. It's so big, people don't even know they are in it.
The whole bourgeois culture is a conspiracy of immature, stupid people, to create a society of distrust and inhumane relations, charge money for everything, establish rule of men over men, and threaten to kill or to imprison people. It could rightly be called "the usual stupidity of assininity". It is conducted unconsciously, of course, because that's how the minds work, of the people who are doing it, and how they try to affect people and communicate.
That stupid culture is unable to solve horrible social problems because of its own bad influence, by its loudly proclaimed principles of war and use of money, which it calls "policy" and "economy". Foolish people, under the influence of the government's well-publicized principles, commit crimes and stockpile weapons, etc., offer to sell each other a duck, and live in a society of estrangement and alienation.

The solution is not to be found in sensual physical terms, as if someone threw a rock at you. It is to be found in comprehending the origins of the affair, the formation of an alliance of proprietors of the market in the city, with these several purposes: to defend their interests against possible raids and plundering by wild people from the surrounding countryside; to ensure their proper compensation in any transactions with customers; to keep up a good face and reputation of the city, their collective organization. This seems to be enough to keep a person busy, and to provide everything a person could want. But without that starting point in the question how best to serve the bourgeoisie, it appears as does the Emperor’s new clothes, something artificial and a very small part of the real world. Almost everything is excluded and neglected from that context which in an illusion seems to be everything.

The only solution is to snap out of the stupidity, and bring our intelligence into effect. But notice, that the government even has another definition of the word, "intelligence". To them it means paranoid suspicion and amorality.

It's almost too sickening to discuss. It is stinking. So let's make our escape from that Inferno, that Hell, the culture of threats and bribes. Come up to a realm of decency, kindness, and true Christianity. From there we shall proceed to discover the invariant ways of nature, which no one can defy, and which empower us all.

Now let us proceed to consider how this, mankind’s worst problem and most pernicious affliction, can be solved and overcome. Essentially, it’s a big mistake, an error, and the solution is simply the truth, replacing the error, and normalizing. The substance of that, the truth and normalcy, are entirely pleasant and of positive value, what we intend to think when we are not in trouble, and are only working constructively and normally. With this conception of the alternative in mind it is easy to see how the devotees of the bourgeois way will become interested in becoming included in such a boundless benefit and powerfully effective, better organized, more workable, and conscious mode of human endeavor.

Even professional members of the bourgeoisie are invited, because especially they need to be rescued from their predicament, for which they are not to blame, and in which they are more deeply trapped than anyone else. Every one is equally entitled to enjoy the solution.

Anyone agree with me? :s2

#19    Homer


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Posted 28 April 2002 - 06:10 AM

Your post seems to come from a variety of topics at www.mail-archive.com/basics@topica.com, and are rather confusing, at least to me. Can you summarize your post IN YOUR OWN WORDS so that we can better understand what you mean.

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#20    Logic


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Posted 28 April 2002 - 04:06 PM

Stupidity has been linked throughout many ages and people ahve done wrong decisions, oh and by the way I did not get that info from another website.

#21    Logic


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Posted 28 April 2002 - 05:07 PM

Here's my JFK theory: after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuba and the USSR were more determined than ever to ensure the survival of the Castro regime.
 Castro, with Soviet backing, offered to return millions he'd seized from the mob in return for their assistance in killing JFK. The Mob, and Cuban and Soviet intelligence set up the asassination network. Oswald was probably recruited by the Cubans, as ONE of the shooters, and, unbeknownst to him, as the patsy for the whole thing.
 Jack Ruby, a known mob associate, was rumored to be in deep trouble with them. They probably offered not to kill him if he'd shut Oswald up before he could talk.
  The CIA unraveled the plot, and engineered a massive coverup with the FBI and the Warren Commission, for these reasons:
 1. To avert a certain nuclear war if the American public learned that Cuba and the USSR were behind the assasination.
 2.  To (unsuccesfuly, it turned out) conceal the US government's deep involvement with organized crime. (in much more than just this operation)
 3.  To maintain secrecy(again', unsucessfully) of CIA covert operations against Castro.
  Hoover and Dulles both hated JFK's guts, and had feared he'd cause a national scandal with his whoring. JFK had always wanted to fire Hoover, and was considering dismantling the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.Hoover and Dulles probably figured JFK wasn't worth risking any of the 3 previously stated  consequences.

#22    cerberus


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Posted 01 September 2002 - 06:04 PM

i couldnt find a more suitable topic to post this link in, but i found it on ask.com (like Google) it says it has pictures that have been made public that were previously covered up by the FBI.I don't know if it is true, or that the pics are true.  if you are interested, go to www.FBI-Files.com

#23    Test_Bear


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Posted 09 September 2002 - 09:59 PM

I have to say that the friendly banter between Dowdy and Magikman is certainly what makes this such a great place. Who doesn't like some nice intellectual stimulation?

I'm not sounding condenscending, but kudos to both of you for reminding me why I am so fond of this site...


"If I laugh at any human thing 'tis so I do not weep."     -Lord Byron

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