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Masons in your town

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#61    Corp



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Posted 06 October 2011 - 06:54 PM

I ask you how can anything that involve hand-jives be evil?

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Posted 06 October 2011 - 09:54 PM

I am Going to take this time to Apologize on Behalf of all Masons to all the Non-Masons in my area with the following:

I had know Idea our Organizations Arts Center Fund Raiser was so Sinister, makes me wonder what next weeks Spaghetti dinner holds.

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#63    rashore


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Posted 06 October 2011 - 10:34 PM

View PostMobhitmusicman, on 06 October 2011 - 09:54 PM, said:

I am Going to take this time to Apologize on Behalf of all Masons to all the Non-Masons in my area with the following:

I had know Idea our Organizations Arts Center Fund Raiser was so Sinister, makes me wonder what next weeks Spaghetti dinner holds.

AWWW man, you guys do spaghetti dinners? Our masons only throw pancake breakfasts, or at least they have in the few months we've been living here. Dang they must be more evil than your chapter, expecting people to be up early in the morning for food  :rolleyes:

Now that I think about it, the local churches have only been doing breakfasts and morning bake sales too- they must be in cahoots of morning evilness.  :lol:

Your ad hominem connotes your sciolism. Now that is some funny commentary.

#64    ItsaDollThang


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Posted 08 October 2011 - 06:07 AM

It's all just rituals and silliness, like frat boys. Male bonding rituals, basically, only with swords and costumes and silly made up sayings. It's pretty harmless. Most people who go use it as a way for to make contacts for business. Women have their organizations too. It's the same thing only there's a bit less ritual and a lot more charity work. What they do it sounds like a cult or religion to outsiders, but really it's not. It's more like a role playing game where they're all ceremonial magicians only there's no real magic making involved. Their rituals, they're not so secret anymore either. The manuals are out there, in print and easily obtained, even the supposedly secret level stuff...

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 05:18 PM

:ph34r: We have masons here in this town,but their lodge is over an old hardware store on Main St.,nothing fancy.
A couple of the public schools here have  corner stones with the masonic symbols of the square and compass ,because the people they are named for I guess had been masons. Heck, the lodge here must be a bunch of cheapskates,since they don't even have pancake breakfasts or other food fests to raise money.Now the Shriners in San Antonio have a fancy lodge on Loop1604 and have various public events,what a contrast.

If the masons were going to take over the world, well it's not the guys below the 32 degree,but the higher ups.
I recall my dad once saying something about he once thought of joining them,but as a catholic, he was forbidden to.
The Church and the Masons have not gotten along,though I'm sure some of the early members in France and elsewhere were catholics.it's like anything you have your good and bad eggs in any group or religion.

#66    Travelling Man

Travelling Man

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 07:04 PM

Many Lodges are having MAJOR membership problems.

When I joined, I was 38 years old - and the average age of the members of my Lodge was 74.

That's the AVERAGE age!!

That means that over 50% of our members were over that age (to make up for a couple of 20-year old guys that skewed the age range).

Yeah, I was a spring-chicken...

Many jurisdictions have lost over 75% of their Lodges through lack of membership and either just folding or merging with other Lodges. The 22nd District in Ohio (Cleveland area) went from over 120 Lodges in their heyday to just 17 in 70 years. Ouchies.

Oh, and our spaghetti feeds are wonderful! As are our fish-fry Fridays and our pancake breakfasts. BUT - we've been very lucky with the number of Masons that have wanted to be actively involved.

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 11:54 PM

Man, you won't learn anything form a freemason about being a freemason.   Don't even ask them, go online and learn from ex freemasons that have abondoned the fraternity after they advanced to the higher degrees, and then realized truth about what they really believe.  Every Christian source I know, many, says that they are not who they say, not at all.  Stay away if you are a Christian.  People will mock me below, some because they must, and some because they honestly don't know the truth as they are lied to at the early stages.

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