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Cape Wrath.......Oh yeah and Hi!

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#1    Spring Heeled Jerk

Spring Heeled Jerk

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Posted 21 November 2011 - 11:54 PM

So Yeah.  Hi folks.  I'm very new to this board, but I've had a peak around for a bit and I quite like it, so I thought I'd share this brief tale with you all.  

My wife and I are keen hikers and most weekends will find us perched on top of something or lost in some moors.  A number of years ago we hiked a long distance path in Scotland  known as the Cape Wrath Trail.  And fine hiking it was.  Hailed by the great Cameron McNeish  as Britains toughest long distance trail.  Dunno about that, but it was fun.  My tale involves a brief experience towards the very latter part of the trail as we were within hours of reaching the lighthouse at Cape Wrath.

I do remember some time ago reading in the Fortean Times that Cape Wrath was a centre of UFO/unexplained phenomena (I think it may have been in the 'It Happened to Me' section), but that memory didn't occur to me until the following.  As we were approaching the Cape, my wife exclaimed "What are those people doing over there stood in a circle?".  I answered honestly that I saw nobody, so we stopped for a few minutes and she did her best to point them out to me without success.  She then remarked "They're chanting something.  Why are they stood in a circle chanting?".  And I'm all like " I can't see anybody and I deffy do not hear any chanting.....etc".  We hung around there for a few more minutes while I tried to fathom what she might be witnessing (there were deffy no other folk besides us within sight/earshot....nearest person must've been 7 miles back at Sandwood Bay)  when I remembered reading about strange occurrences at Cape Wrath.  I kept it to myself as the sun was setting and I didn't want to unnerve the missus.  As we walked on she suddenly proclaimed "Oh! They were deer and the chanting was those birds I can hear".  Now there are a lot of deer at the Cape and there are a lot of birds, but there were none around where I was looking and I still couldn't hear any birds or chanting.  Later I would think she had a classic case of the mind making sense of something utterly bizarre she had witnessed and I couldn't even see.  

As we bunked down in Kearvaig bothy I felt slightly unnerved at this experience, but didn't discuss it further that night.  Since then I have talked about this experience with several folk and they just shrug there shoulders or move to another room.  I still find it inexplicable, my wife is quite happy to go with the alternative explanation she almost immediately came up with.  I went through all my back copies of the Fortean Times, but couldn't find the edition with the Cape Wrath comments in.  

I know there are possibly very simple psychological explanations for this experience ( I am a psychologist ), but I simply can't consolidate them with the experience we had stood in the wilderness with my wife pointing at and hearing something I simply wasn't experiencing.  And yes, she was sober (at that point) and well fed, watered and rested despite having walked up the toughest trail in the UK over the previous fortnight.

Any thoughts.

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 11:00 AM

are you saying there were people in a circle or Deer and was the people chanting or the deer or birds, as ive been looking around and all ive seen is things like the native americans tale about.

Example when they can access the animal spirit and transform into animal and they have rituals like the circle and chanting, could it be people or natives of the area doing a ritual and transforming into deer and birds and the sounds your hearing are the chanting, you and your wife could of seen them as human at first then they changed if you see what i mean.

Dont take me wrong or think im mocking you because i am most certainly not as i believe in paranormal happenings but could you and your wife have eaten anything wild, like mushrooms and as your experianced ramblers and do alot of hiking im sure you know what to eat and what not to, but could you have eaten some by mistake.

Or where you stayed before this encounter, did you eat there, as its been known throughout the world some places like the income from tourism so why not slip something into patrens food and let them experiance something so a legend happens.

Dont take me taking you as a fool as i am not im just sharing my thoughts to help you solve this, its very interseting and scotland is a very old country with alot of myth, legends and history, history especially with druids and magic and paganism so what you saw maybe a long forgotten ritual that is still practiced by locals, or maybe due to what some searches online have said there are ghost sightings and what you may have seen could of been some appartion of a past event like a recording in the ground that plays out.

What i would do is go on this trail again a few times and see if it happens again but this time take cameras, camcorders and some paranormal investigation tech, as it would help for us to see the event to help and will help you too, to see its not a 1 time event if it even happens again.

I hope you get answers i know this was posted like last year lol but noone has commented and even tried to help.

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 11:07 AM

weird, could of been a cult with costumes.

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 01:16 PM

View Poststevoid2005, on 04 August 2012 - 11:00 AM, said:

What i would do is go on this trail again a few times and see if it happens again but this time take cameras, camcorders and some paranormal investigation tech, as it would help for us to see the event to help and will help you too, to see its not a 1 time event if it even happens again.

This seems like good advice. Have you ever been back to that area? Since you are a psychologist and may be a more logical/rational type than your wife (not knowing what she does), it's possible that she was more "open" to seeing something?

Lastly, why is this posted in the UFO forum?

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