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Listen to 9. 0-Magnitude Japanese Earthquake:

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 03:00 AM

View Postaquatus1, on 15 March 2012 - 01:15 AM, said:

Go with the fools.  Anyone can doodle a meaningless sketch and proclaim it holds the secrets of the universe.  It takes people with brains to design facilities so strong they survived for three decades in one of the most seismically active regions in the world, even surviving one of the worst earthquakes in human history.  Out of the 55 nuclear facilities in Japan, only one failed, and that was because of a tsunami that, back when this facility was being built, we still had a vague idea where caused by tides, and referred to them as tidal waves.

Here's some common sense for you:  You have a limited budget.  You need to decide where to allocate resources.  Do you put most of your money on a risk that you can quantify, assess, minimize, and counter?  Or do you spend that money on a hypothetical danger, one which you do not know what level of danger it presents, or even if it is a danger at all?

Everything is obvious in hindsight.  The real question is how many people can get things done in advance.  Prophets?  They don't get anything done.  All they do is talk.  And usually, they do so in such a way that makes people not listen.

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Credibility for what?

For claiming that raptor isn't a prophet?

Well, putting aside the obvious bias of you being Raptor's wife, let's look at the logic here:  Let us assume, for the purpose of this argument, that this was an actual prophecy, as opposed to self-delusional, egotistical, nonsense.

1)  Well timed?  The plants have been there for three decades.  Three days is worthless.  

2)  Was it accurate?  Not really.  Well, at least it narrowed it down to the entire Pacific Rim.

3)  Was it even a prediction?  No, actually it was posted right after a pretty decent sized earthquake had already hit.  Loosely translated, the closest we get is "To come", "I begin", "I tear apart". Not exactly astounding terms to use regarding an earthquake.  How about the three days thing?  No mention of that till after the quake.  What about the direction of the waves?  Well, not only was there no mention of that, but heck...where else are the waves going to go?  So, like most prophecies, it was not even a prediction; it was actually a post-diction.  Interpreted (heavily) after the fact.

4)  The biggie.  We know that, even if we assume this was actually some metaphysically inspired prediction, it wasn't well-timed, it wasn't particularly accurate, and it wasn't actually predicting anything.  But, at least, was it useful?

Not at all.  Really, what can you do with that picture?  Can you plan three decades in advance?  Can you get more information on what the actual danger is?  Can you eliminate, minimize, heck, even determine if there is any actual risk at all?  What actual value, what actual data, can we draw from that picture?

None.  Whether the picture was posted three days in advance, or three decades in advance...whether we truly believed this was a divinely inspired prediction or just some self-delusional ego-stroke..whether we genuinely wanted to take action, or whether we just tossed it into the circular file...absolutely nothing would have changed.  The picture would have had utterly no impact at all on anything.

So, even if we make the assumption that the prediction was true, even if we don't question the veracity of the actual claim, we are still left with nothing.  We have no plan of action, we have no direction for research, we have no timeline...we have absolutely nothing.  Even if we make the assumption it was true.

That's enough out of me.  I am only going to get more and more disgusted as I go on, and this topic has been derailed for their ego's long enough.

I guess it depends on what type of prophet we are talking about my friend. This is a very slippery slope in my eyes. The Bible speaks of prophecy about earthquakes, famine, and all sorts of disasters. However, these prophecies were made by men under the influence of gods word.
I almost feel strange writing this. I am far from a good man, so writing about the bible tends to strike a cord with me. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black, you know?
I guess what I am getting at is that in my mind, I think we can only pray that there are prophets. The prophets in my mind are far different then predicting earthquakes after the fact. While I agree that prophets now aday tend to talk, we must remember that some prophets have been teachers, teaching a word that is still taught today.

I tried to write this with the utmost respect to your beliefs. I am unworthy of speaking gods word so please do not feel like I am trying to push religion on you. However, should you choose to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, I don't think god would be mad at me for dropping a little word here and there. :innocent:

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 08:53 AM

Looks like a repeat. The only thing missing this time, is the appearance of a ring of fire - P.447 ?

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