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Just Wondering...

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#1    amatuerghosthunter


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 03:16 AM

Who here has had paranormal experiences, and what were they? I'm just curious as I haven't really had much experience myself.


#2    orangepeaceful79



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Posted 10 April 2012 - 03:29 AM

I have never had anything that I would call a paranormal experience, and I go looking for them sometimes.

#3    _Only


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 04:35 AM

I've had a bunch of different kinds.

I've seen I guess what you would call shadow people a few times. Once in the day walking across a lawn as I turned my head back, and once at night in a dirt backyard.

I've seen things in the sky that hovered for awhile like a helicopter, but eventually move. One flew over my head pretty low (for a helicopter/plane) and it made a very quiet noise; should've been really loud if a plane or chopper. I noticed it had 3 (I think it was 3) lights in center line where body would be, then 2 flashing lights at the end of what would be wing type things. Can't explain what it was. But seen them numerous times (only once up close flying over my head like I described).

I've had a dream where I went to someone's house after a couple minute drive from my house, and met a guy who gave me a tour. Then I was amazed when months (I think) later, I joined my friend to go to Utah, and the house we arrived at was that same house, same guy, same tour. But noticeable things in the house I remembered differently in the dream, so it wasn't just deja vu. I remembered in the dream that the window in the bathroom was not installed and was sitting against wall. In real life, it was installed and normal. And in the dream, my friend's room had all of his stereo equipment in it. In real life, he had left all of that at our home town back in California. Wild stuff.

That's all I can think of at the top of my head (that I'd like to share). Do I sound crazy yet?

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#4    Homan34


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 08:25 AM

View Postorangepeaceful79, on 10 April 2012 - 03:29 AM, said:

I have never had anything that I would call a paranormal experience, and I go looking for them sometimes.
Same as in case of mine. I have never experienced anything yet which is paranormal.

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#5    Almighty Krogan

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 12:03 PM

I have had quite a lot actually, if you Message me I'll tell you them all.

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#6    Farmer77


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 10:45 PM

View Postamatuerghosthunter, on 10 April 2012 - 03:16 AM, said:

Who here has had paranormal experiences, and what were they? I'm just curious as I haven't really had much experience myself.

My earliest memories are of living in a Victorian era home with my grandparents and experiencing various phenomena. At first I was the only one who saw the "old lady" apparition, being a young child i was of course blown off as having an active imagination. Over time however everyone in the family -my two grandparents, my mother,my single aunt and two sets of aunts and uncles had experiences. These experiences increased and intensified over the years until each family member had seen two full bodied apparitions, an old man and an old woman. As the sightings increased in frequency they also became increasingly threatening, footsteps RUNNING up and down the halls, lights flickering on and off and doors opening and slamming on their own.

For me the creepiest part of all of it was how my aunt and uncle's dogs acted when they would visit. Without fail as soon as they came into the house they would bolt upstairs and sit almost like in a trance staring at a picture of Jesus on the door to my very large walk in closet.

Eventually my grandparents called in a priest for a cleansing/exorcism of some sort, by then my mother and I had left the state so I don't know any details about what the priest actually did. Whatever he did apparently worked and as far as I know there wasn't any further activity in that home.

Since then I have had a few other paranormal encounters. Ive told my shadow people experience on here several times.

IDK why some people are blessed/cursed (depending on your point of view) to have these experiences and others arent.

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#7    amatuerghosthunter


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 07:28 PM

View Postorangepeaceful79, on 10 April 2012 - 03:29 AM, said:

I have never had anything that I would call a paranormal experience, and I go looking for them sometimes.

I do that too.  :yes: Though I'm very careful about it.


#8    Jean8282


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 07:55 PM

Once when I was little about 6 or 7 me and my father shared a huge water bed and one night I woke up. I looked at the foot of the bed and I saw a glowing ball of light just floating in the air. I was little so I just pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep. When I told my father about it he said that he had seen one when he was a kid and later we found out my aunt (dad's sister) aunt had seen one also.

Another strange thing i have seen, I dont know if it was paranormal or not but it definitely was strange. I lived in the country and I was walking the dogs when a helicopter flies by, really really low. It was one of those military helicopters that do not have doors on the side so you can see into them. I saw Some guys dressed in camo and their guns. I stopped and looked at them and they looked at me for a couple seconds before they flew off again.

Where I live now I think is definitely haunted. Before I moved here i did NOT think ghosts were real but now I do. When we moved it everything started. When in our master bedroom you got a very bad feeling and we could not sleep in there because as soon as you closed your eyes you got the feeling that a very very angry man had his face inches from yours just staring at you. It was by far the worst room in the house. My boyfriend also saw a little girl playing in our daughter's room. Things got really bad so we had someone come in and bless our house and what kinda proved what we were feeling was that she said that she felt the need to pray the longest in our room. Everything is ok now, sometimes I hear what sounds like a little girl giggling when I go into our daughter's room and I still feel uncomfortable in our room but I can sleep in there now.

#9    Ashotep



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Posted 18 April 2012 - 12:39 AM

I saw the ghost of my cat one time.  It wasn't scary or nothing like that.  I saw her come through the window, step on the couch then jump in the floor, stop and sniff some tools that were laying in the floor, then run down the hall.  I could only see her out of the corner of my eye.  When I looked directly at her you couldn't see her.

#10    sarah_444



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Posted 18 April 2012 - 05:41 PM

The night of my grandfather's funeral (I was 8 or 9, I don't remember) I was sleeping at my grandparents house.  Soon after everyone was asleep I could hear, clear as day, someone slowly walking up and down the hallway outside my door.  I've slept there many times and never heard it before that night.
I was terrified and it seemed to me like it was going on for hours. (I don't actually know how long it went on for).  Part of me thought I was imagining it, but the next morning my parents, who were sleeping in the basement bedroom, asked me what I was doing up for so long pacing around the house, so they had heard it too. (Now that i'm older I wonder why the heck they didn't come up to check on me! :P)
Maybe it was nothing, but it's the closest thing I've ever experienced to something paranormal. (other than a few precognitive dreams)

#11    Itsumade


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Posted 19 April 2012 - 06:21 PM

Personally, I really haven't had any paranormal experiences, but my fiance has had many over his lifetime.  Usually, he'll see something strange once, and then never see the same thing again.  But there is one that has haunted him for as long as he can remember.  It's a woman with black, vacant eyes and a white dress hanging from the ceiling.  He has seen her everywhere--at his home, at college, in Japan, in our apartment.  He is not scared of her and does not find her threatening.  I have given up trying to figure out why she alone persists, because no one has the answer.  I have a couple of theories, but of course, nothing can be proven.  One part of me thinks she's a psychological manifestation of his conflicted feelings towards his mother, another part of me thinks she's some entity that has attached herself to him for various reasons.  Whatever the case may be, my fiance is not interested in finding out.  None of his bizarre sightings bother him or interfere with his life, so he doesn't seek answers anymore and just accepts them as a part of the world he lives in.

How long?

#12    TheWatcher


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  • Sir Woodyalot

Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:58 PM

I saw the ghost of our family dog the night he was put down (before my parents called to tell me ) He was walking around on the floor in my bedroom.  I had moved to another state... but he found me. I sat straight up and was WTH? I saw him I knew it was him. I wanted to call my parents but it was late. I knew he had passed. They called me the next morning.

Years later my cat died. I was really sad. I had her for 15 years. That night as I was sleeping I woke up to the feeling of tiny paws walking on my pillow. She always used to do that at night. She stayed for a few minutes..I think to give me the message she was ok and then she was gone.

I heard my grandmother in the middle of the night say my fathers name. She had been dead about 6-7 months. I was around 16 or 17 when that happened.

I woke up because it felt like someone sat down hard on the bottom of my bed...I turned the light on and no one was there.

I've felt my bed move at night.

When I was a kid...maybe around 11 or 12 one night I woke up and I heard the voice of some old radio show. I could not make out what it was saying and there were other people talking but it was all muffled. That happened only once but that was the strangest thing. I was looking out the window and under the bed...I even went outside on the porch but I could not locate the source of the noise. It was coming from above my bedroom but that was just an empty attic.

I have seen some things from the corner of my eye...some strange things have happened...espically in the basement bedroom.

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#13    KNash


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Posted 01 May 2012 - 06:14 PM

I wish I would have one.

At work the basement is rumored to be haunted and a lot of employees have said they have seen the ghost of the woman who lived in and died in the house when it was first build in the late 1800's. I go down stairs sometimes and stand there for a moment hoping something will happen but nothing yet. :huh:

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#14    Vzy4kat63


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Posted 12 May 2012 - 10:08 PM

I'll never forget the one night I went to an ex friends house. She had invited me and some other friends to come hang out, she said she had something to show us. Well little did I do it was a Ouija board. I thought nothing of it and ignored my mother's warnings about that thing, well we started and of course right off the bat we started laughing and pointing fingers at each other blaming one another for moving the eye.

​That changed, out of no where a sweet purfume scent and the candles we had light up was unscented and it felt very warm and comfortable in the room. So as the night carry's on accordingly I decided I had,had enough and withdrew my hand from the board. My one friend sitting to the right of me turned around and questioned the existence of  demons, right then an there and I'm not joking when I say this, but right then an there the candles blew out the air became very thick and it started getting difficult to breath. Soon after a foul stench filled the room in the basement where we were sitting. It went from being very comfortable to extreme discomfort, it was a great feeling of hatred and anger that I felt.

I had to leave & when I got home my friends questioned me on why I had left and I told them that I'm never returning back to the house to ever do that again. And since then I've had minor experiences here and there.

#15    coldethyl


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Posted 13 May 2012 - 04:24 AM

If you mean experiences that were above and beyond normal, yes.  If you mean supernatural, not really.

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