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Opinions on Binaural Beat Meditation

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 04:47 AM

I've been taking to meditating once a day, and once a night every day recently, and came across a binaural beat meditation video when looking for random relaxing music to listen to before I did my thing and went to sleep for the night.

It was very powerful in putting me into a different state of mind; a really floaty in and out feeling, with random thoughts floating around. I think I drifted off at some point during the 30 minute song, and was jolted awake by my head making a disconnected (from my actual head on the pillow) push forward, then it went back down. This woke me up, and just happened to be right as the song was ending, and it faded out.

I am wondering anyone's opinion who regularly meditates, or has a lot of experience with the subject. Although the tune seemed to be very effective, I can't help but shaking the feeling that I was cheating, if that makes sense. Also, after the song ended and I went to meditate on my own, my head was spinning and I had to stop and attempt to sleep. Even then, it was rough falling asleep.

It was different, but not sure how I feel about using one of those again. I don't know if I just worked myself up or not, so asking for others experience using these binaural beats.

Also, to be honest, the way I happened to "pop out" of my trance right as the song faded makes me a bit paranoid that subliminal messages are put into the song, and I don't like the idea of that. Maybe from a trusted song, but random YouTube videos have to make me think about that. :P

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bLu3 de 3n3rgy

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 05:29 AM

No it is not cheating, the sound and rhythm itself creates fields and raises vibration, thus raising your own energy level to which projection is the natural result. Dancing and moving around with energy work has the exact same effect. There's a good reason why sound in the form of chanting, binaural beats, drumming, dance/trance music like Tiesto (that's what I listen to) has been used all throughout the ages.

I use trance/dance music to cue me in or sync up the speed of my consciousness, because for whatever reason my mind prefers fast beats to keep up with my thought level until i am in my zone. Once there, doesn't matter if music is playing or not. So it is about training your mind to get into your zone as quickly as you can. (Without brain washing yourself/mind control haha)

But everyone is different, for someone else it may be that complete quietness is what they need, or to be outside in nature. But the effect is still the same in whatever it is that raises your energy/vibration enough to allow all the good stuff to happen.

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 06:27 AM

Anvil is right - everyone has their own preferences. For me personally when I tried the binaural beats, I was so thrown off because, whoa - it sounded exactly like I was in vibrations right away. However,  it felt really unnatural - like an induced trance. I usually prefer the sound of silence, although I haven't had a chance yet to explore with the sounds of nature - that also sounds appealing. Dharma, another member much prefers the sound of nature, and she's totally in sync with it.

I used to listen to all kinds of trance music and things like Tiesto during my dance party days. That would be such a trip to listen to it again and try to project with it at a dance party. I don't think it'd be very relaxing though.  :w00t:

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