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Innocent People Convicted, But Officials

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Posted 18 April 2012 - 07:29 PM

act.alternet.org said:

I got a fair amount of blowback on twitter the other night for retweeting Ta-Nehisi Coates' observation that it was good to see skepticism of prosecutors in the wake of the Zimmerman arrest, but that he wished it would happen all the time. Twitter is a very imperfect medium, so people may have misunderstood the point, which is that skepticism of prosecutors is always a good idea.It doesn't mean they are all corrupt or inept (or that George Zimmerman shouldn't be punished) it's simply that they have great power over individual's lives and the law requires them to prove their case. Unfortunately, they sometimes takes shortcuts.

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prosecutors, unlike defense attorneys, serve two clients --- the people and justice. Far too often they forget the second one.

Good article but this line is crap. They fill up prisons for the wealthy who own them to keep their easy "paycheck" coming.

#2    Babe Ruth

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Posted 19 April 2012 - 12:40 AM

Sorry I cannot provide a link to the old article, but in November and December of 1998 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a series of articles by Bill Moushey entitled "Win At All Costs".  It is an expose of corrupt prosecutors deliberately breaking the law and never being punished for it.

It's very sad, but the rule of law in this country has been dead-in-the-water for quite a few years now.

Examples of government misconduct are almost countless, and it seems to have become worse under the Great Liberal Obama.  :mellow:

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