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Baltic Anomaly Updates.

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 09:42 PM

If it look s like a Rock,and smell`s like a rock,and taste like a rock,Then ITs a Alien Mother ship that sunk to the bottom of our ocean because they we not too bright about things like general physics !

This is a Work in Progress!

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 04:08 AM

I`m glad i saw this thread..  because the entire baltic anomaly situation completly sums up `ufology` and alike

for all the hype and talk nothing comes from it.. and this happens EVERY TIME something hits the news
from the `norway spiral` to that `missle thing` to the `ufo over jerusalem temple mount`...   and this which a year and a half ago promised the world, got a multi million pound deal with a tv station, .. then a year ago claimed to be diving and told us `update coming`  and where are we?  zero zilch nowhere

Absolutly sick to flying death of ufology...

And dont tell me that stuff about `theres good stuff from reputable witness statements` because its been 70 years since roswell where are we now..

so basically if its anything short of a craft landing on the whitehouse, or an alien taking over all the news channel, i really DO NOT CARE!

PS..  just out of interest why is the only photo of this `anomaly` just the artist illustration (one that looks like the milenium falcoln) which all the papers showed!  Why, with all the time they spent down there, could they not have taken a damn actual photo of the thing!

Oh wait, i forgot... the `magnetic shield` of the `craft` stopped them from taking photos right?
You know... if the conspiracy theorists are right, and the m.i.b take away all the good stuff and just put out crap to discredit ufology, they are doing a damn good job because many people who were very enthusiastic about ufology (myself included) are fast loosing interest.!

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