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What happened to the story games?

rpg story games

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#16    Yamato


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 08:13 PM

A sweet little Polish import called Divinity II: Ego Draconis combines a story-rich adventure game with a unique feature-rich single player RPG, so long as you play it on a PC because I hear the console ports really suck.   It's well-polished in its current updated version; glitch free and buttery smooth on the highest settings.  Graphics are great, the music is so good I've never turned it off during play which is as much as I can ask for out of a game.  I got the download version on Amazon for $5.99 and my g/f and I are actually playing it together on weekends sharing our character.   There's a big variety of graphical beauty, light puzzle solving, exploring, questing and endless character customization.  Eventually in the game you get your own place complete with a multiroom solar apartment at the top of your tower, multiple floors, an elevator, a garden of alchemy, a workshop where you can enchant weapons, armor and jewelry, a personal trainer, a throne room with musician and personal dancer, runners who you can send off to get that missing ingredient so you don't have to bore yourself, necromancers who create "creatures" who work like your guard dog, and big kicker: the ability to turn into a dragon.   It's a game that doesn't try too hard to be too realistic.  It's a light hearted game with a light plot, but at least it makes a serious attempt at keeping up appearances of a story.   It doesn't hide the fact that it is only a game and I really like that aspect.  It tries to be a fun game and it succeeds.   I have to play as a girl but I'm getting in touch with my feminine side.

8/10 overall;  10/10 Bang for the buck.

We might try a more serious RPG like Dragon Age after we finish this one.  I'd say we're about halfway through the game and have put in over 50 hours so far.

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Posted 09 July 2012 - 05:10 PM

Thank you all for great sugestions I will take a look at all of them. Or well all those I can find! :)

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