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Ghost or a Demon?

paranormal demon ghost scary real

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#1    xmortal


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Posted 12 July 2012 - 12:23 PM

Just watched the tape on youtube of that missing kid John Kirk. Not sure if it's real or not but it's a really good one either way.. According to the subtitles a kid named John Kirk went missing a few months ago and his family found a tape on his camera with some paranormal stuff.. Can't really explain it..
What do you think?

The tape is on youtube under-
The Tape of John Kirk

#2    Old Man Waffles

Old Man Waffles

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 12:30 PM

just watched it, looks fake...  pretty creepy story though. but i don't really think its real :P

#3    dlonewolf85



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Posted 12 July 2012 - 12:47 PM

View PostInsightful Waffles, on 12 July 2012 - 12:30 PM, said:

just watched it, looks fake...  pretty creepy story though. but i don't really think its real :P

If it's on YouTube, it HAS to be real... :whistle:

∂ Ѡοɭ ʄ85

#4    Ever Learning

Ever Learning

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 01:08 PM

Guy goes off meds for a week to get his current meds out of his system before his doctor prescribes different meds. The Guy is on meds because he sees things, the doctor tells him to film every thing so he can look back at it and reassure himself thats hes just seeing things. vids a bit lengthy few things moving while hes away from the camera, a few things moving while he has the camera.  For the most intersting thing ive seen yet on the vid, fastforward to 12 mins and  watch to 13.30. i havent watched any more, there may be some more good bits. vids too long for me to watch

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#5    Brian Topp

Brian Topp

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Posted 20 July 2012 - 09:56 PM

i will do a break down on this video later

It is easier to claim it is paranormal than taking the hard route to find out what really happened.

#6    Brian Topp

Brian Topp

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Posted 21 July 2012 - 06:40 AM

If you not an in-depth reader or just want to summary then read the bottom that said conclusion.


This font is for what happens.
-This font is my thoughts.

The video:

The title is called “The Tape of John Kirk - Real paranormal Activity”.
-The camcorder he is using is not a tape but a recent model that has a hard drive that is built inside the machine. If it was a tape it would be a poor quality compared to what we are seeing and most tapes are not wide screen. I know this is nick picking but just builds up in inconsistencies with the Video.

The wall of text is just to draw you in, saying he went missing blah blah and they the family had just uploaded to every one.
-It’s to draw in the viewer with more back story. Honestly how many people would want their missing son  last videos online to be laughed at by the public? How come no one had interviews about this EXTRODENARY evidence?

The introduction of John Kirk is depressing, it draws you in with his hardship being unpopular, unable to fit in so now doing a video blog. He also briefly touch base about his parents, Medication issues (explains how he not taking medication as an experiment and documenting how it goes). He also briefly mentions about  seeing “things” and having fears.
-This is a class text book introduction, you feel sympathetic with the character while learning briefly of his past.  

It’s the next morning and he eats cereal and basically wastes our time for a few minutes with his camera. At 5:00ish mins in the video, the door bell rings, he closes the back door and leaves the camera behind to answer the door. During this time you see the right curtain move.
-As I always tell every one, Look and think. We are not seeing the entire scene. Some one could easily move the curtains off the screen.

You see him eating, AGAIN, He picks up his plate and walks away to and washes the dishes off screen. The light turns on for a few seconds than turn off.
-Some one could AGAIN, turn the lights on and off.

So you see his room and I didn’t notice any thing except his cat in a cage.
-I failed to see the whole paranormal if any in this part. If some did happen that I didn’t see then why even record an empty room. There is no explanation on why he recording in a semi-dark room.

He announces he is going to bed. He awakes and turns the camcorder on since he can hear a noise and turns the night light on.
-This part I really question, He is able to turn his camcorder on and able to hit record before even turning on the lights then says“ What’s going on? Oh shii”. It’s inconsistent of the entire story. If this happen, people most likely respond by turning light on, checking it out, then film what ever they discovered.

He runs in the dark into the kitchen and sees hear the kettle boiling on a 2011 Frigidaire Electric range with self cleaning. He takes the kettle off and stares at it with the camera then swears.
-Again, This could be done easily just because the weirdness of grabbing the camcorder first and not the lights.

So Kirk is back his room and explaining how he feels about last night and not sure what he saw or was a weird dream. He doesn’t want to check his camera to verify if he had dreamt it or it actually happened.
-Again, makes the subject look like he is paranoid about what is going on. To sucker people with this failed logic.

You see him wondering around the house with the camera on and places the camcorder perfectly on the table and walks off saying he “forgot”. He walks around until he closes the door and a pot with silverware on top fall on the floor.
-why is all the silverware stack on top of the pots and pans in the first place on the corner? Again, Some on off camera can easily push the pot from out of view. When he leaves the room you hear the door shutting but The funny thing is you don’t hear his door opening when he enters back in the room.

On the next scene, you see he is in his bed room on an angle.
-I replayed this scene 12 times and again I fail to see any thing paranormal except the markings on the wall that cause Pareidolia to see something that is not there.

He messing around his cat who is looking outside
-The way kirk is acting the cat is seeing something  outside but it really just wants to go out.

Some thing falls off camera and he freaks. He talks about how he feels about what had happened
-While avoiding on giving details on what had dropped.

He then gets emotional about being tired. The camera is turned on but it is pitched black and you don’t see any thing for a few seconds but you hear movement and him making noises and something moving.
-Turn the light on before the camera.

He looks on the side and you hear a noise like a cabinet
-He could easily throw something out of the cameras view.

He FINNALY turns the light on and doesn’t find the source of the noise. After not seeing the source of the noise he heads off down the hall way. He turns around and his once clean room is now messy.
-When he stares into the darkness the camera suddenly looses it position a brief second, so he could easily stop the camera, have some one come in, trash the room, walk out and resume recording.

So Kirk talks about his feelings and the chair moves.
-yes, we want to hear about your feelings and what your physiatrist talked about with you. YOU JUST SAW WEIRD CRAP HAPPEN,. You don’t hang around in your house. Let’s look at the rocking gaming chair, Those things can make a noise, why isn’t making noise while it rocking? Why is the camera perfectly focus on the chair and him? How did he do it? He did a split screen effect, Film both parts separately splice two parts together. The issue is, if you played both sound recording you get inconsistencies, more background static than before.

Next scene you see Kirk calling his psychiatrist and  you see the kitchen. The cabinets open as he is talking in the same room as the camcorder. The lights turned off and he picks up the camcorder.
-You see one cabinet door open, you can make out the string, then you see the camera pause for a microsecond and then the other door opens. He paused the video to set up the second string for the other cabinet to be pulled open.

He walks into the room, turns the light open and gasp as all the cabinets are opened.
-He can easily edit the video where him or his friend open the doors and cut it up when he picks it up.

A plate then falls onto the floor and has a freak out as things fall on the floor.
-You can barely make out the string but it is being pulled down wards. He then focus on the floor only as his friend or even himself can throw objects in front of the camera.
He freaks out and next you see him (LMAO) doing bug eyes on the floor.  
-I know it meant to be serious like a panic attack but those eyes. Even if you don’t want to waste your time watching the video, The humor is worth watcjing 17:13mins in the video.

Again another random shot with weird shadow movement,
-Easily explained.

Kirk now is claiming that down stairs into the basement that he hears noises and slowly convinces himself to go investigate.
-He tells himself as he looks into the mirror it’s all in it’s head. He should look distort, tired, exhausted but he looks like he had a good sleep.

He slowly goes down stairs and looks at random objects as he navigates through. You don’t hear any voices. He opens a door and see more junk. Walks in places it on the floor and wonders off and then makes a weird chuckle or whimper. You then see dust and the wrapping paper rolling.
-Just before you wrapping paper rolling it flickers for a split second, showing he went back, and continue recording with the wrapping paper.

If this video is so legit how come there no news about this? No, videos about it or topics or threads or his blog that he has been uploading to?

The entire video is fake, It took me 32 seconds research to figure that out by simply click the OTHER VIDEOS that were uploaded.

Who is John Kirk? He’s a amateur actor named Adam Shiri. He has produced  and stared in his own videos that are connected to the you tube account. The concept is based from Paranormal and clearly he was experimenting with methods of acting and editing.

http://jewishtheater.../Adam Shiri.htm

Some times it pays to do a little research on the videos or at least check what other videos that the person had uploaded.

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It is easier to claim it is paranormal than taking the hard route to find out what really happened.

#7    karmaCrystal


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Posted 11 August 2012 - 12:21 AM

so its fake? that sucks

#8    Brian Topp

Brian Topp

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 04:53 AM

View Postcateyes221981, on 11 August 2012 - 12:21 AM, said:

so its fake? that sucks

No, I just made it up, It's legit.....

Yes it is fake.

It is easier to claim it is paranormal than taking the hard route to find out what really happened.

#9    Simbi Laveau

Simbi Laveau

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 05:07 AM

More bad viral marketing about....NOTHING

Miss me?

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