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Hello All, I'm New Here, Curious

new psychic abilities developing learing

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#1    Melissa569


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Posted 31 August 2012 - 05:42 AM

Hi everyone, I am a new member here.  The people in my mother's family have always had certain "gifts", especially the women.  My Dad does too, but not as much as my mom.

When I was going through puberty, alot of crazy things happened in terms of psychic ability and unexplained moments...   But that is normal, it usually starts during puberty with people in mom's family.  It sort of goes hog wild then, like tooo much all at once.  I mean several different abilities, some scary, some fun, some interesting...   But then it calms down as we age, and most of them weaken and wither off.  So rather than having many abilities just bouncing all over the place-- we each settle into one or two specific abilities, and just strengthen them.  We call those specific ones our "signature" or "specialty" lol.

Anyway...   Here in 2012, I am 31 now.  Haven't seen much ESP-type action in my life since pubert, realy.   I have been patiently waiting for my "signature" to show itself and to strengthen.  Feeling like I would never develop one, and I would be kind of "left out" in my family...  

Well about 3 months ago, I was watching some videos on YouTube about "how to send psychic messages" and a few others...  There were 2 people I really connected with in the videos, and they helped me to realize that I DO have a signature!  :)  Its basically connecting and sending messages.  Calling out.   I mean calling out to anybody, or anything.  Make them come to me, think about me, or feel the urge to contact me.

The things I call out to, they could be weather (no kidding, I often get the weather I want, or which suits my mood, lol), a person, an animal, whatever.  And being able to strongly sense when they are near me, or mentally calling out to me in return.  

It turns out that my ability is (or was, because better at it now) much stronger when I am around someone else who can also do it, and who is a lot stronger than I am in that area.  I mean other people were my "trigger" to jumpstart my ability.  Since then, I have learned to trigger it by myself, but I still love how much stronger it is around others who can do it.  Its like we can just look in each other's eyes, and we are instantly on a higher level of communication than anybody else, lol.

I also LOVE the dizzy, almost euphoric feeling I get when I am near another person who can do it.  Its a lot like that wooshy, "butterflies in the stomach" feeling you get when you go over a bump in the road, lol.  Its a natural high, I guess :D

The people in the videos helped me see that I had been doing this all along, and I didn't know it, lol.  They described a feeling of "tingling pressure" in the forehead/eyebrow area when the ability is active and strong.  Right away, I knew what they meant.  I get it a lot when strange things happen!  lol.  And a few other tips to really help send messages out, and get them to a specific person.  I tried the tips, and they almost ISNTANTLY worked, it was insane!  lol.   I sent a message to 2 people I had not contacted for several months...   And within hours of doing so, they both contacted me.  I was really excited :)

Anyway, I'm just here to see if there are other people who can do such things, and maybe share tips and advice for strengthening these abilities. :) I'm still new to this, and I would love to be able to develop this more.

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#2    John from Lowell

John from Lowell

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 07:52 AM

Hello Melissa,

Telepathy is a subject of great interest to me. My 4 web sites on it are all essentially the same. It is my understanding that humanity is starting to evolve the skills which you mentioned. The start of this is actually a 36 year event and this year 2012, is a mid-point for that shift in human consciousness. After that phase there will be 70 years of energetic changes designed to bring about peace on earth. An essential requirement so that we do not destroy the population. All of that can be said to be the first stage for humanity's graduation as a conscious race of beings.

Depending on your level of interest, there is a lot to evaluate at this time. My primary tip is to trust your intuition, follow your inclinations, and strive to be happy.


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#3    and then

and then

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 08:43 AM

Welcome to UM Melissa  The abilities you have should be exciting to explore and if there are others who have them here I'm sure you'll find them.

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#4    spud the mackem

spud the mackem

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 09:06 AM

Hi Melissa 569, welcome to the U.M.,quite a lot of people on this site have your abilities, some more some less, follow your intuition and you won't go far wrong, best wishes.

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#5    Ninhursag


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Posted 01 September 2012 - 04:12 PM

Hi Mellissa ..

What Are The Other Abilities Your Family Has/ Used To Have? I'm Just Curious ..
Welcome To UM :)

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#6    bmk1245


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Posted 01 September 2012 - 04:39 PM

Hmmm... With all that bucket of abilities taking Randi's million would be as easy as take candy from a kid. But, as usual... Nada...

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#7    Melissa569


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Posted 03 September 2012 - 09:09 AM

Thank you for the welcome, everyone.  :)

I don't really mind talking about it among a crowd that is interested in such things.  Such people appreciate these possibilities, and there is less chance of ridicule, lol.

I (and most others like me) do not see these gifts as a of path to riches though...   More like a path to trouble, lol.  The simple fact is, you show it off too much, and you're either accused of being a fake in some way (like a magician or a con artist)--  or, if you do it in such a way that is beyond any doubt, you scare the crap out of people and end up in a research lab somewhere, lol.  We are still not as evolved andd tolerant a race as we like to think, and most people who really can do it, just shut up about it for all the above reasons.  You can't really win either way :)  And many of the ones who do make money at it often are fakes, they just figured out a way to walk the middle line where they can't be disproven, lol.

In answer to Ninhursag'squestion:

Strange things like:

*  TV's turning of and on when one of us is very angry, or sad.
* Streets lamps or house lights flickering or going out when you walk under them-- too much to deny when they all do it, clear down the street and then come pack on after you pass, especially if you are out taking a walk because you are upset about something.
*  Seeing things before they happen
*  Being able to see/hear/sense spirits
*  Being connected to people, especially family and close friends, knowing where they are, what they are doing, and if they are introuble (without a cell phone, lol)

Again, most of these things hit us at about 12 or 13, and they fade out at around 16 or 17.  Maybe 1 or 2 will hang around longer, lol.  Or maybe once or twice a year, some of them will come back, like in a really emotional time.  There is something about the teenage years that triggers it, I don't know, lol.  Maybe its the crazy hormones?  Then we just develop one really well and get a good handle on it.

#8    Ninhursag


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Posted 10 September 2012 - 03:38 PM

Wow Now That's Something .. I Bet You Could Learn To Keep Those Abilities And Even Learn To Control Them .. There Must Be A Way .. Maditiation  And Lots Of  Practicing Probably ..

I Don't Find It Weird You Get Them In Your Teenage Years .. Many Weird Things Start Occuring Then .. For Example I Started Developing Some Weird OCDs At About 12 Which All Disappeared As Suddenly As They Came When I Was 17 .. Teenagers Are Weird LOL :P

Anyway I Know What You Mean That It's Hard To talk About It With Others About It Without Them Wanting Instant Proofs .. But People Function That Way ..

Good Luck With Your Abilities I Hope You'll Learn To Hold On To Them And To Learn To Use Them For Good Purposes :)

~ Nothing In Nature Is By Chance... Something Appears To Be Chance Only Because Of Our Lack Of Knowledge. - Brauch De Spinoza ~

#9    csspwns


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 02:57 AM

teenage hormones *sigh* <_< it is yet to happen to me cuz im still 12 but with the IQ of an adult :P grammer dont count :no:

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