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I want to hear a good ghost story

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 08:38 PM

Yeah i have heard of a few of those stories, read one of the Haunted Liverpool books once.

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Posted 02 October 2012 - 04:34 PM

View PostBrian Topp, on 10 September 2012 - 04:29 AM, said:

The Guy Is One Heck Of A Fiction Writer!! Love It!!

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 12:54 PM

Hi everyone
Where to start? Well I work for a city hosptial in New York as an LPN( i was born in Italy but now i live in america). I have just about as many ghostly patients as I do living. It's true the ghostly ones don't ask for much but they tend to scare my co-workers.
I think my favorite two are the Walker and the Watcher.(these are nick names I've given them.) The walker is a woman who comes down the hall nightly. She's pushing or pulling an IV pole because I can hear the wheels squeak as she makes her way down the hall. ( this usually happens when I'm alone. Go figure) If I look right at her I can't see her but if I look with the corner of my eye I can just make her out. She's wearing a house gown, not hospital gown.
Now just in front of the Nurse's station is a large pillar. My ghostly visitor walks to the pillar and disappears behind it.
My other ghostly client is the Watcher. This one is a middle age gentlemen. He looks hispanic and has a small mustashe. He is dressed in a hospital gown and I usually see him in room two, but only is its unoccupied. This rrom is located right next to the nurses station. Most of the time he just stands by the doorway watching the nurses. Some of my co-workers have seen him and are scared, but I tell them he can't hurt them

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 01:06 PM

and other one:
I worked as a CNA on nights.One night I was floated to the trauma/surgical unit and assigned to be a "sitter" for a patient experiencing alcohol withdrawal after an MVA.At one point I nodded off, and when I opened my eyes I very briefly glimpsed an older African-American woman standing at the foot of the patient's bed. She looked so real I can still remember exactly what she was wearing (dark maroon skirt, navy sweater, white patterned button-up blouse).I turned to the patient and saw that his eyes were open. I asked: "When did your mother pass?" He said it had been several years. Then I said: "She was just here and she was watching over you. She wants you to stop doing what you're doing and take care of yourself." I could not believe what had just come out of my mouth!!! Before and since I have never had conversation like that with anyone.
After I said my bit about his mother, the patient nodded, relaxed, and laid his head down to sleep.I have no idea how he did after that night, he may have told the next shift about the crazy aide in his room... But that night made a big impression on me about the possibility of someone "watching over" each of us.

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 06:32 PM

Back in the 1960s, my maternal grandfather's auntie and her daughter lived in a tenement block in Glasgow.  One day they heard a knock at the door.  One of them opened the door and saw and old woman there who wanted to sell them heather.  They told her that they didn't want to buy any.  The old woman then said that she was thirsty.  She asked if she could have a drink of water.  They told her to come in and they would give her some water.  She sat down, drank her water and the three started having a conversation.  After a while, my grandfather's auntie looked at the old woman and saw something which scared the wits out of her.  She suddenly stood up and demanded that the old woman leave their home.  Her daughter wondered why she was asking the old woman to leave.  She just had no idea.  Her mother told her that she had just noticed that the "old woman" had what looked like cloven hooves instead of feet!  The old woman told them that she will leave.  Terrified, both women ran out of their flat (or apartment as North Americans call it) before the strange old woman did.  One stood at the front door of the tenement block and the other stood at the back door to make sure the "old woman" left the premises.  However, there was no sign of her.  They didn't see her leave the premises and when they went back into their flat the "old woman" was nowhere to be seen!  Were they visited by the Devil?!

Posted Image

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, my mother's auntie (the sister of my mother's mother), uncle and cousins lived in a little old terraced house (like one of those shown above) on James Street in Salford, near Manchester.  Over the years they experienced a lot of paranormal activity in the house.  In 1955, my maternal grandmother gave birth to my Uncle Alan, my mother's brother (my mother was born a few years later).  At the time, her husband (my grandfather) was 24 years old and was in the British Army, stationed in West Germany (he was the nephew and cousin of the two ladies in the above story).  My grandmother decided to take baby Alan to West Germany to see his father.  But before she went she decided to visit the house of her sister, her sister's husband and their children in James Street, Salford.  She knew of the paranormal activity but it didn't bother her.  One night she woke up to hear my Uncle Alan crying.  She knew he wanted his bottle so she got up and went down to the kitchen to make it.  Whilst in the kitchen preparing the bottle she had her back to the stairs.  Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps walking down them.  She thought it was her brother-in-law and she shouted to him to go back to bed because he might start the baby crying again.  But there was no answer and the footsteps carried on walking down the stairs.  My grandmother grew impatient and told her brother-in-law to go back to bed but there was still no answer and still the footsteps descended the stairs.  She then heard the footsteps stop as though they had walked all the way down.  She turned round and there was nobody there.  She dismissed it as possibly being one of the next door neighbours walking down the stairs and carried on preparing the bottle.  She then felt a slight draft hit her from behind, as though somebody had just walked past her.  She turned round quickly and there was still nobody to be seen, although she could swear somebody had just walked past her.  She then went upstairs and gave the baby his bottle as though nothing happened.  My mother's auntie, uncle and cousins lived in that house for several years after that, well into the Sixties, but the final straw came when the children were playing one day and saw a large chair slide seemingly of its own accord across the floor!  The family promptly decided to leave.

Posted Image
James Street, Salford, today.  The old terraced houses which were on the street are no longer there.

And, finally, back in the early Sixties, my grandmother and grandfather - the same two who were in the above tale - were driving along a country lane.  They were in their early 30s at the time.  If I remember correctly from what my mother told me, they were driving from Glasgow to the town of Kilwinning, 24 miles to the south west in Ayrshire.  As they were driving along this country lane they came upon a car accident.  They saw a car that had left the road and crashed into a tree.  A young man beckoned for them to help and so they both got out of the car.  The man told them that his girlfriend was seriously injured in the crash and she needs to go to hospital.  So she was helped in the back seat of their car and driven to hospital.  The girl was wearing a white top but, as the journey progressed, the top slowly started to turn more and more red.  The woman was obviously in a bad state and bleeding heavily.  They got her to the hospital and she was rushed, still alive, into the Accident and Emergency Unit.  My grandparents then continued on their journey.  A day or two later they read in the newspaper the article about the car accident and the article told of a young couple, a Mr and Mrs Smith (my grandparents), taking the young female victim to hospital.  The article also stated that the girl had died in the hospital of her injuries.  Since then, however, drivers going along that stretch of road have sworn they could see the ghostly figure of a young woman in a bloodied top standing on the road, and some have had to swerve to avoid her.  It seems that, for some reason, the tragic young woman is reluctant to leave the spot where she had her accident.

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 10:33 PM

at age eleven i was put in the hospital for stomach pain  test after test  and they never found out what was wrong  I was in there for three nights.
  Night one i woke up because the person in the next bed was gargling ( or so it sounded Like) i buzzed the nurse  and by the time the nurse got there the the gargling had stopped. i told her that i thought something was wrong with the person in the other bed and  she checked on the  person and then ran out of the room calling for assistance.  morning of day two someone new was in that bed when i woke up.on the second night i woke up and watched a shadow  move across the wall in front of me  moving towards the door i buzzed the nurse  and asked why the person neext to me was waking me up she went to ask him and he  had passed on . morning day three  there was someone new in the  bed next to me. that night I was awakened by  a person in a hooded robe  who said  "being as or awake kid call the nurse, this one just died too."    I screamed, blinked  and  found myself  Fighting two large male aids who were trying to hold me down and  and the nurse who was trying to sedate me  the next morning I told my parents to get me out of there.  Every night i was there someone died in the bed next to me. and it woke me every time.  I don't know what actually happened  to each of them ( what was wrong and how they died)  But i will tell you this I remember those three nights 41 years ago like they were yesterday.
the figure i saw on the third night was just a hooded robed figure leaning over me and a soft male voice.   no features, human or otherwise. and whatever or whoever it was I woke the entire floor with my scream of terror.

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 02:10 AM

My aunti who works down plymouth dockyard told my dad a story not to long ago, My aunti is not a believer in anything paranormal so this was a shock to me after my father told me

My aunti was on her usuall evening shift "she is a cleaner by the way"  When she noticed a women walking down one of the hallway's My aunti shouted good evening and did not recieve a reply the women carried on and opened the door and walked into one of the room's. My aunti being a respectable women went into the room to find out why she haden't replied and there was nothing in the room... the story gave me the chill's.

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Every Dog Has His Day

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 08:14 PM

It's been awhile so I'll add another story. Again this is at my friend Gabby's house. :D

We were up in her room watching 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark'. A movie about little tooth fairies that take a child offering every so often and eats their teeth. They look like a cross between little monkeys and rats.

We were sitting on her bed with her Pomeranian, Conner, with the lights off to get the full affect of the suspenseful movie. During a scene where the main character (a little girl) is being trapped and stalked by the tooth fairies, something flies across the bedroom and bangs against the wall. It made both of us and the dog jump, lemme tell ya! :sk
We decided to inspect what had been thrown across the room. It was a little book lamp that you hook on top of a book. Funny thing is, she threw it away the week before when we cleaned her room because it didn't work any more. Trash pick-up is once a week. So we decided to keep the light on while we finished the movie and at one point I saw a shadow run around the foot of the bed and I thought to myself, "must be Conner" because it was making swishing noises, and even brushed against the bed and the sheets wrinkled. :ph34r:

Gabby was like, "Dude..." then it dawned on me that the dog was still on the bed with us and I hadn't heard the click of his toenails on the hard floor. We both looked at each other and said "wtf was that?" It had gone away and we continued to watch the movie. :blink:

I have no idea what sort of little creepy critters are running around her house but.. they sure make for interesting timing and stories.

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