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What's your geekiest hobby?

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#106    Rocketgirl


    Astral Projection

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  • "I envy the dead for they do not have to see how the world is changing for the worst."

Posted 04 April 2013 - 12:04 AM

I collect stickers, read and watch Doctor Who. I guess that's geeky.

"I envy the dead for they do not have to see how the world is changing for the worst."

"Try to change the world for the better, if you fail keep trying. Always aim for that impact of change in a positive way."

#107    TheRavenfreak


    Alien Embryo

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  • Azarath,Metrion,Zinthos

Posted 30 April 2013 - 03:54 AM

Definitely hacking the old school Sonic games as well as some other Genesis titles is my geekiest hobby. I love to analyze the games' code and see what makes them work, that way I could insert my own code and change the game drastically or just a bit to my liking. :)

#108    S2F


    Bloodstained Hurricane

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  • I know someday
    you'll have a beautiful life
    I know you'll be a sun
    In somebody else's sky
    But why can't it be mine? -Pearl Jam

Posted 30 April 2013 - 06:33 AM

I've been playing a lot (too much if I'm honest about it) Minecraft Feed the Beast Mod. For anyone who has played Minecraft and thought it needed machines or computers or things like that then I can't recommend Feed the Beast enough. It can be a bit technical (the computers are fully programmable) and a little overwhelming for anyone who has only played vanilla Minecraft but once you get into it there's no going back.

One other thing that I'm surprised nobody mentioned. UM is about the geekiest thing I do. :lol: :tu:

"You want to discuss plausibility then you have to accept reality." -Mattshark

"Don't argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level then beat you with experience." -Obviousman

You know... the plural of ``anecdote'' is not ``data''. Similarly, the plural of ``random fact'' is not ``mystical symbolism''. -sepulchrave

#109    Solipsi Rai

Solipsi Rai

    ...from the Desert...

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  • he's Native and Indio-geneous to the Americas.

Posted 13 May 2013 - 09:51 PM

With an advanced knowledge of maps to know what roads are, I'm watching the Tour de California bicycle race on NBC sports as the tour crosses Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and into Palm Springs, I'm familiar with most of the roads' names (including residential ones) and can tell anyone (if they care) what are they're called. (LOL). :whistle:

:innocent: The Truth is Out There - the X Files. :alien:

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