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"Mental Programming"

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Posted 27 September 2012 - 09:06 PM

View PostMr Walker, on 27 September 2012 - 06:07 PM, said:

I wasnt born any more intelligent than any one else. My mother and grandmother read to me every night from birth and I was reading myself by the age of two just from imitating them. That gave me a head start but the rest was steady effort, discipline and commitment. At school i did 3 or so hours home work every night and my father spent a lot of time helping me with advanced maths etc.  And i spent one night and one day each weekend on homework in high school. I read and sat for dozens of IQ tests so that i could get the hang of them.  I did a lot of research on speed reading techniques and applied the skills.   I see no reason why almost any human being cant do the same given a chance. I teach kids as bright as me, but they just dont give a damn and our society doesnt encourage or reward academic ability. Rather the reverse.
Exactly! :tu:
Our daughter was read to from birth and when she was 2 she was also reading.  I kept telling her she was a mathematician and by the time she was 5 she was able to add three digit numbers in her head (234 +123 = 357)  She was born after the cut-off date for school so we put her in a private kindergarten so she wouldn't be a year behind everyone else.  But now she is a sophmore in highschool and HATES to read.   Why?, one might ask.  Because from first grade on the students were 'required' to read a book and be tested on it.  Hell, when I was going to school I read Moby Dick, Black Beauty, The Msyterious Island before I was even in 8th grade.   But the NEA has destroyed the education of our children to a large degree.


I see no reason why almost any human being cant do the same given a chance.
Napolean Hill thought the same thing...wanted his book in every school as part of the curriculum.  Can you imagine where we'd be as a country...as a world...if that had happened.  This is what I think the OP is yearning for.

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Posted 27 September 2012 - 11:29 PM

It's heading that way in Australia. I've spent so much time doing standardised tests to establish baseline data and progress, this year, that ive hardly had any time to actually teach.

But at least out of 65 students, aged 13 to 16, I dont have one who can't read quite well. (ie read an age appropriate text without using their finger, and without pausing.)

Now, writing. That's another ball game. All my students were supposed to complete  a 5000 to 10000 word creative narrative over the last month. Some have done brilliantly. Others can't put a sentence together, and if  they didnt have a computer you wouldnt be able to understand their writing or spelling/punctuation. Generally thay can spell well, but a number of individuals have big gaps in spelling ( cant spell 10% of words they should have learned by about age 10/11,) and more importantly, word recognition/ contextual vocab.

Finally, while some are avid readers, some, especially boys, never read ANYTHING except text messages or computer based text. I've taken to putting all sorts of magazines in my classrooms, from motorbikes through sports like cricket and football, to fishing, trucks, 4 wheel drives, hot cars, etc.  I get  a buzz watching the boys pick them up and actually read an article or two in their free time. :innocent:

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 05:45 PM

You all have very interesting inputs if we put it into context..... I really do agree with the idea that  being forced to learn something is somewhat a hindrance on actually learning .
  And tnx for the article  "Professor T" I'll be reading it

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