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Strange Psychological connection?

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#1    artandjoy


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Posted 12 October 2012 - 11:31 PM

I have a friend over the internet who I have known for a good three years. She lives in California, and I live in Illinois.  I remember about a year ago I told her about the things I experienced as a child over skype. She replied with, "Oh my god, that has exactly happened to me." We had a long talk about it, and I was very surprised, actually. We saw and heard the same things, it was crazy. I wanted to find out more. Now, we think the same exact things, send each other the same messages at the same time, and have the same dreams. If one of us just finishes being sick, the other will get sick not even a day after. I remember talking about how my mother told me I had jolted upward from my bed in the night and started panicking. I was hyperventilating, coughing, and saying I couldn't breath. My friend was sick that night, but she had told me what happened to her that same night. The conversation went a little something like this,

"My mom told me the exact same thing. She said I like, sat straight up and was in panic mode or something," She said.
I paused for a moment, trying to process it. Maybe it was just a coincidence?
"What time?" I asked. She replied with, "Around three? It was pretty weird."
Well, she was definitely right about that being weird. I asked my mother what time it happened and she told me around 5 till 3 or somewhere around that.

That's not the only thing. Our mother's were born in the same state, and they are the exact same height, and act the exact same way. It crazy, they will say the same things, too. I know that it could be just weird luck, but at this point it's making me a little curious as to if we have something to do with each other. Is it fate or what? This is all too weird.

#2    Ashotep


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Posted 13 October 2012 - 12:11 AM

Life is full of coincidences but then again you may have something.

#3    Jessica Christ

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Posted 13 October 2012 - 06:22 AM

She could be lying if every coincidence is only after you volunteer information then she claims the same happens to her. Does it ever occur where she brings it up first and you are the one to follow up with having the same experience?

It could also be entanglement. Just involving ourselves with others and constantly focusing on them will lead to it.

Humans by nature are meant to have this happen to us since we are social groups when looked at as a whole. Mirror neurons on one hand allow someone sitting in front of next to you to take on the same pose. It breeds familiarity. Having this happen at a job interview for instance will allow for the interviewer to feel more familiar with the interviewee and judge them more favorably.

Also two women living in close quarters, or even in the same apartment building, whether they have met each other or not, will fall in synch during their monthly cycles. Best friends often claim to have periods on the same days.

We are social creatures that rely on social bonds for our survival and well-being, we get things done in groups, just be weary at someone hijacking this system to fool you into feeling closer than they really are.

But it happens often enough to not be considered anything psychic.

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