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How is this possible

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Posted 21 October 2012 - 03:22 AM

I've had a similar situation when I was extremely tired. I was in a truck with my friend, and I swore there were 3 of us in the truck, like someone was in the back seat. The thing was, there was no back seat. But mine was just an extreme feeling you get, and not by sight. But same kind of thing. It was so strong I had to turn back and realize that there were just 2 of us. It's hard to explain.

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Posted 21 October 2012 - 03:23 AM

View Posttaniwha, on 21 October 2012 - 01:01 AM, said:

To cut to the chase, part of my job was being dropt off by copter, job done, pikt up again and off to the next tree to fell, and so forth. On this particular day, the copter came back for three of us. I felt a bit fatigued having been in snow and shade, and a bit numb.
Our copter had no door and is very loud . I was daydreaming, enjoying the ride by now, and only remembered to put on my earmuffs for the last part of our decent.  Down we came  from mountain slope to lake front in about 45 seconds.

On the way down I noticed when the pilot turned to look at me, I didnt recognise him. He said nothing, I wondered why we had changed pilots. I took no more notice after we landed. We had a different pilot again after lunch.

After work when we were back at base unwinding I asked my boss who the pilot was i didnt recognise and he didnt know who I was talking about, though I was able to describe him in detail, and even though my boss was sitting in the front beside him! I am assured by all my crew no one else witnessed him and there was only the two pilots that day.

My question to UM friends - how can this be explained? Is it a trick of my mind or a phantom apparition? Has anyone else had a similar experience please tell.

A hallucination may occur in a person in a state of good mental and physical health, even in the apparent absence of a transient trigger factor such as fatigue, intoxication or sensory deprivation.
It is not widely recognized that hallucinatory experiences are not merely the prerogative of those suffering from mental illness, or normal people in abnormal states, but that they occur spontaneously in a significant proportion of the normal population, when in good health and not undergoing particular stress or other abnormal circumstance.
The evidence for this statement has been accumulating for more than a century. Studies of hallucinatory experience in the sane go back to 1886 and the early work of the Society for Psychical Research,[1][2] which suggested approximately 10% of the population had experienced at least one hallucinatory episode in the course of their life. More recent studies have validated these findings; the precise incidence found varies with the nature of the episode and the criteria of ‘hallucination’ adopted, but the basic finding is now well-supported

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