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When ‘God’s will,’ rape and pregnancy collide

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 10:16 PM

I'm for abortion when the foetus lacks the chromosomes that make it human. (Before 3 months after insemination I think)
I'm for abortion if the foetus will kill the mother.
I'm for abortion if the baby is going to be born with a defect or disability that renders it as a vegetable or where it will live in pain for it's entire life, no one deserves to be brought into this horrible world AND have to live with a horrible disability.

Once it's human, then I personally think it should be kept alive and put up for adoption or whatever but even if the mother chooses to get an abortion late into the pregnancy, I respect her choice to do so and think that everyone else should get the **** away and keep to their own business. It is her body and her choice, what if someone told you not to brush your teeth because you were committing mass genocide on the bacterial life in your mouth? and Yes, i compared human life to bacteria - what of it? My Reason  -

And yes, I've heard the Ray comfort argument (Guy's a nob by the way - Banana is the Atheists nightmare, look it up), where he compares the Holocaust to abortion. Those Jews, handicaps, Homosexual's, Gypsy's etc were all living breathing people with lives, the foetus is not when it's in it early stages and let's be honest, the differences between a madman trying to exterminate millions of people based on ethnicities and backgrounds is a lot worse than someone getting rid of a rape-baby or a mass of cells that has been growing in their womb for a few weeks, a mass that has had the fortune of never setting foot into this world - it won't care, the foetus is indifferent to it, do you remember being in the womb? No? so you see...  

Know this. We humans have survived on slaughter and killing. We kill many different species in order to eat and survive (Chicken, Ape, pigs and cows to name a few) so what makes their slaughter any less horrible than a humans? Last I checked, all of those species can have children, they feel pain, they can cry, they have emotions (even if we cannot read them well) and above all, they're like us - inhabitants of this planet, animals. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not a vegetarian or an animals rights activist, I'm just making a point that we kill other beings to sustain ourselves but we look the other way with ease because they're not us, we can't talk to them or understand them. Interesting point - You ever notice how people act when they see a dog getting killed or beaten? They flip out big time but likewise, when met with the fact that the burger they hold was possible only from a pigs or cow being gutted and killed they either don't care, or retort with "Yeah, well they use a bolt now so the pig won't feel anything" Yeah, well I doubt the foetus really gives a **** either, they feel no pain for 24 weeks, more than enough time to make a decision on whether to keep it don't you think? The only reason people are so touchy about dogs is because they are used as pets on a mass scale.

Humans once had no problem in killing each other, it was common practice, entertainment even, look at ancient Rome, Greece and the Mesoamerican civilisations ffs, better yet, look at the 'Christian Nation' that is America, or 'The Holy Land', The Death Penalty is common Practice in both and in 'Murica', (The 'Christian Nation) it seems a lot of states have chosen to ignore their 6th commandment - not very Christian a nation are they? As for the Holy land and it's predominantly Islamic Law, they take a more easy stance on killing - Anyone who kills an innocent person, anyone who is homosexual, anyone who cites blasphemy or who commits adultery can be killed, just like that - more so women than men too - refer to the Rape Law or how women are treated compared to men when killed by stoning.

Look here because the powers that be won't let me use an image extension - http://en.wikipedia....ited_States.svg

See, people like to think that this world is built on justice and that no one likes to kill but one only has to look at their laws and their makers and indeed society both now and in the past, to see that that assumption is very wrong indeed - You can't change human nature, we can't; no matter how much we want to believe it; we'll always be killers in one way or the other. We're animals like the monkeys and the pigs, we're nothing special, we just think we are becuase we've turned materials into stuff, so grow the **** up and shake of the superiority complex.

"You can't stop what's comin', that's vanity - it's not all waiting on you"

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"Be peaceful, be courteous, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."

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