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Astral Projection Stories Thread

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 01:40 PM

I have only Projected twice in my life where i actually remember the event and not in a dream state. One time when i was a little kid i was sick(common cold) and lying in bed but i separted from my body and could see the my Neighborhood friends(nice day out) outside playing and i was higher then the trees. Which i thought was weird.(before i even was into the Paranormal).  The second time i did try and succedded in Projecting to the point where i could see my Body but something woke me out of the state.

Every now and then i will experience a sudden jolt of electricity when i am in between the stages of falling a sleep. To the point where you gatta say what the **** was that? Why did my body just shake like that. Someone on these forums said i was entering the Vibration stages of Astral Projection. If thats true then i have been Projecting all my life without trying. Since it happens randomly. I hope it is me entering the Vibration Stage of Astral Projection and not some Medicial Condition that needs to be looked at.

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 04:38 PM

Here's one I had: I was in a dream first then I was in my room I was on the edge of my bed trying to get in my body I think. I could see but it was dim. I felt someone there I think so I got scared thinking that it might get me. I could not stand on my feet for some reason, I was on my knees. so i just thought about myself going in my body and then I woke up..

I just thought about this now what if it was my spirit guide?? I never got a look at it but i felt someone there..

I know this was not a dream cause in my dreams my room looks different. Btw this was this year after summer I think. I have the date somewhere.

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