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9/11 Movie called Towers of Terror

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 02:53 AM

View PostHasina, on 05 November 2012 - 01:37 AM, said:

But what's too soon? When is it okay to make a film such as this? We have zombies in the Civil War, in World War II and in numerous other historical and even modern instances. Wearer of Hats has answered me '20 odd years', that sounds maybe about right if I was one of those people who was bothered by such things as being 'too soon' and the like. I feel it's almost like a coping mechanism when we can look back on a scenario that's occurred and think 'what if' about it. There have been alternate history books about 'what if 9/11 never happened'. Is that too soon as well? Because it does just remove all those people who died 'from history' or within that fictional history, or what have you. When something is made into a fictional film it's set in it's own universe, that's what makes it not offensive, it's a fictional universe. Now, if it was a film saying 'hey guys, this is what really happened during 9/11, zombies happened' then I might agree with you.

All your points are valid. I just want to introduce you to another one.

You mentioned 'Wearer of Hats' twenty year reference. He was also making reference to 'Hogan's Heroes', which I feel was also way too soon. As a kid, I was watching documentaries about WW2, and then 'Hogan's Heroes' came on TV and I was supposed to laugh at 'the funny bumbling German guards'... It confused my sense of morals.

But that's what they were portrayed as, Germans. The only time a bad guy showed up in Stalag 13, he was wearing a nazi patch. 'He' was an evil nazi.

But to get back to my long lost point. I don't think that 'Hogan's Heroes' was ever broadcast in Israel. That's a case of, 'it's never going to happen' as opposed to, 'how soon is too soon?'.

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