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Multiple Sightings Near Malmstrom AFB

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 01:32 AM

Has anyone heard anything else about this?


The small town of Roy is approximately one mile west-northwest of Malmstrom's Oscar-01 Missile Alert Facility (MAF), and underground Launch Control Center, where two officers electronically monitor ten Minuteman-III nuclear missiles—scattered around the surrounding countryside in subterranean silos—waiting to unleash them, if ever ordered to do so by the President of the United States.
I first learned of recent UFO sightings in north-central Montana when two of them, occurring on September 21st, were posted at the National UFO Reporting Center's website three days later. Because I was scheduled to lecture at the University of Montana on October 9th, I decided to visit the region where the sightings occurred immediately thereafter, to see what might be uncovered. That scouting trip led to the Fergus County Sheriff's Office, where I found the record of Jennifer Styer's call in their blotter.

I then drove to Roy and met with her and some of her neighbors—townspeople and ranchers—who had seen UFOs over the years. Significantly, a number of them told me that Air Force activity—both security patrols and the presence of missile maintenance vans—has dramatically increased in recent weeks.
These persons have lived in or near the town for decades; they know what is routine and what is not. Apparently, this heightened activity began around the time of Styer's sighting of two V-shaped craft flying toward her from the direction of Oscar Flight's O-03 missile site, some four miles distant.

I asked Styer to compare the apparent length of each object to a 12-inch ruler held at arm's length. She thought for a few moments and responded, "Oh, probably a little longer than that. They were large and seemed to be very close to the ground. Three other people south of me, on Valentine Road, saw them too." I will discuss that second sighting, which I discovered actually occurred two nights later, on September 21st, toward the end of this article.
A number of people in and around Roy told me that Air Force jet fighters had begun to appear near the town, dropping flares, in recent weeks. When I mentioned this to Jennifer Styer, she said, "What I saw were definitely not flares. The lights were not falling to the ground, or burning out like a flare. There was no airplane above me. I would have heard it if there was. These lights were attached to objects that were silent, moving in a straight line, and definitely V-shaped."

Additionally, as noted on the map, yet another witness, Shelby Buck, may have observed unusual aerial activity later that same night. Buck, who lives in the town of Geraldine, told me, "I think the date was September 21st, but I am not absolutely positive about that. It was around 10 p.m." She had been helping her father move a tractor while seeding winter wheat on his farm four-and-a-half miles north of the town. After-dark agricultural activities are not uncommon, as any farmer will tell you. Suddenly, Buck saw a meteor-like "line of fire in the sky" due east of her, moving rapidly in a northerly direction, parallel with the horizon. It then faded out.
A few seconds later, another flaming streak appeared, also moving to the north, level with the ground. It was somewhat smaller than the first one and also faded out. Approximately 10 minutes after that, two Air Force jet fighters suddenly came into view, north of Buck, moving west-to-east. She said, "It seemed like they were probably already in the area" when the flaming objects appeared, since they arrived shortly thereafter.
Given Buck's location, and the direction of the streaks of light, due east of her, they may have been above Echo Flight or, depending on their actual distance from her, just west or east of it. (The objects could have also been hundreds of miles away, if they were meteors, but Buck's distinct impression was that they were much closer.)
Buck said, "The second flame was in the same area as the first one. They were orange and moving sort of rapidly. The big one lasted half-a-second and the other was [briefer] than that."
These trails of light were clearly not air-dropped military flares, given their short duration, their horizontal movement, and the fact that they were visible several minutes before the two jets made their appearance.
I asked Buck if the objects could have been meteors—commonly called "shooting stars"—but she responded by saying that the fiery objects were somehow different in appearance than the meteors she had seen in the past. Given that she is not certain about the date, this sighting cannot be directly associated with the others reported on the 21st, although it may have indeed been linked to them.
Regardless, it appears that bona fide UFO activity occurred in Fergus County, Montana, during the period of September 19-21, 2012, if not longer.

Lots more here: http://www.ufohastin...-september-2012

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 02:50 AM

Should attract some interest as Malmstrom was the site of apparent missile shutdowns on 24 March 1967 when UFO's were reported in the vicinity.  That story centres around testimony by Captain Robert Salas and others.  That case has been thrashed over here in this forum.

There's a lot of facts claimed in this report that need to be verified.

Looks interesting.

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 03:24 AM

Keep Looking Up ! remember your camera ! :alien: :tu:

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 04:10 AM

I really do not think it unusual to have unidentified lights at military bases. I just think they are unidentified for a reason, and on purpose.

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