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Dream watcher?

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 02:21 AM

Well said Blue3
The astral rhelm is really amazing and IMO very hard to control.I think you did have a gift and it really was taken away from you.
Like Blue3 said,theres been tooo much negativity for too long and theres a clean up trying to be done.Wanted by a majority of the human race as well which is, IMO what is going to empower it to finally happen.
Im also able to dream in a waay which I dont think is normal.But the uncontrolabilaty of my dreams,had made me stop doing it.
I was landing into situations and places that were scary,unknown,negative so I stopped.
The flying feeling is the greatest form of freedom one can have in a dream.
When I wanted to fly I would jump up and just kick my legs,as if i was in water and I would fly higher and higher then coast around.I use to try to teach people in my dreams how to fly and show them.Thos were the good ole days.

Theres alot more to this than we think.SLeeping is programmed into us for a reason.The whole body rejuvenation thing is all well and good.But theres much more to it.
ANd the astral rhelm isnt only ours ,we are with others and always are connected in a way we dont understand yet.
Although some have explained the connection very well like Dr pete peterson in his camelot interview.

He explains quite a few things actually and I suggest it to be watched cause he delivers a scientific explanation for tons of things.Hes a deep black project whistelblower but let out information in a controllled way which was allowed I think.And not many people know about it.

The OPs dream is realy interesting.It shows how evil we can be .Its something we all have or were trained to get entertainment from.OR is it just our ancient reptilian genes that we inherited which were a lil evil?.. that evilness has to be replaced by a higher spirituality of the complete opposite of evilness .

WHy do we laugh or think its funny at first when someone hurts themself.?Its not funny.We enjoy it for a second till we realize it wasnt funnny.Especiallly as a younger person.WHen you mature,you dont laugh as a reaction quite so much. Im rambling,but IM going to visit that astral thread!!! :)

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