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Diseases mistaken for demonic possession

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  • It seems so important now but you will get over.

Posted 03 December 2012 - 02:01 PM

 Sakari, on 03 December 2012 - 05:40 AM, said:

There have been a huge amount of deaths from Exorcisms. I have posted a few lists on other topics.

All of the " possessions " were a Psychological, or medical issue that a Doctor would have been able to help with.

If you would like, I can try to find them again. At work right now, and working grtaveyard, or I would search now. Have them at home I believe.

Yes, please share with us if you can. A more expansive list would be interesting.

#17    Sakari


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 04:11 PM

CRUCIFIX-STUFFING MARIO GARCIA, from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, punctured his 47-year-old mother-in-law’s esophagus, when he jammed two 8in (20cm) steel crucifixes down her throat during an exorcism on 31 March 1996. Garcia’s wife, father-in-law, brother-in-law and three children under 10 had gathered round and prayed during the exorcism, when Garcia burned leaves and addressed the demons only he could see. Garcia, 31, was screaming "The devil is inside her!" when police arrived to find the woman on the front porch, blood pouring from her mouth. The family told police that Garcia first performed an exorcism on the woman’s son, depressed about his mother who had been acting strangely. However, the devil flew out of the son and into the mother. The woman was in critical condition, but the absence of subsequent reports suggests she survived. Pawtucket (RI) Times, [AP] 3 April 1996.

PAUL JAMES MARTIN, a 25-year-old Maori from Auckland, forced a crucifix and a piece of wood up the nose of his girlfriend, Carolyn Shea, with such force that it entered her brain. She was critically ill, but was expected to survive. The attack took place in December 1997 after Shea called in a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism. Martin was supported during his trial by the Maori victim and several Maori Christian priests who said they believed he had been under the influence of an evil spirit or makutu. The New Zealand High Court made legal history by accepting this reasoning and let Martin off with a two-year suspended sentence. [AFP] D.Telegraph, 24 Mar 1998.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE VOLLMER CASE MR AND MRS VOLLMER ran a small piggery outside Antwerp, near Dimboola in western Victoria. They were part of a ‘charismatic’ breakaway Lutheran sect with some connection to the Salvation Army. Ralph Vollmer, 54, returned to his farm on 26 January 1993 to find his wife Joan, 49, barefoot in a nearby wheat field, "doing some sort of a war dance and making strange noises." She had been diagnosed schizophrenic in 1991 and Meryle Blake said afterwards that her friend finally cracked under the strain of her husband’s religious mania and parsimony. "The only place he ever took Joan was to church", she said.

Vollmer telephoned his church associate John Reichenbach, who drove over and diagnosed demonic possession. For the next three days, the two men, along with Reichenbach’s wife Leanne, read the Bible over the afflicted woman, sang choruses and commanded the demons to depart. The exorcism team were joined by two more members of the church group, including David Klingner. They pinned Joan Vollmer to a mattress, oriented east-west so that she could derive no strength from "evil spirits of the north".

The afflicted woman went through "dramatic mood changes" and her stomach swelled up. Her husband said she was possessed by "eight or ten" demons, including "the spirit of abuse", "the spirit of filth" and Jezebel, who would try her hand at enticement. "At other times she was Legion", said Vollmer, "the demon from the Bible with the strength of 2,000, and she would be so powerful we could hardly hold her. Then she was a pig and a dog and would make sounds and pull faces, and then a shearer who spoke in a rough voice."

Finally, there were evil spirits called "Princess Joan" and "Princess Baby Joan", who, Reichenbach told Vollmer, had attached themselves to Joan’s womb when she was three and had been fighting to control her ever since.

On Friday, 29 January, the amateur exorcists called in a reputed expert, a tall, 22-year-old assistant greenkeeper at Melbourne’s Ringwood Municipal Golf Club called Matthew Nuske. It was his first exorcism, but he immediately took charge, ordering that all Joan Vollmer’s possessions – even her garden plants – should be destroyed. For two hours, he shouted at her demons to depart. All did, except Princess Joan and Princess Baby Joan, who were clutching each other in her stomach and wouldn’t move. The group all set about the poor woman, holding her down, pressing on her stomach and holding her mouth and eyes open. She hissed, cried and foamed at the mouth, actions interpreted as proof that the devils were being routed. Then, on 30 January, she gave a final groan and died.

Nuske told Vollmer "not to worry because God would bring her back to life shortly". He then departed, while the others remained praying over the weekend – in sweltering 40 degree summer heat – for the corpse to revive. "It didn’t happen", said Vollmer. On Monday they finally reported the death.

In November 1994, Vollmer and Nuske were found guilty of unlawful imprisonment, while Reichenbach and Klingner were convicted of manslaughter. Wellington (NZ) Eve. Post, 4+5 Feb, 23 April, 17 Sept; Wellington Dominion, 4 Feb, 14+16 Sept; Canberra Times, 4 Feb; Brisbane Courier Mail, 4+7 Feb, 4 Nov; Who, 22 Feb; Melbourne Age, 16 Sept; Sydney Morning Herald, 18 Sept 1993; Southern Cross, 26 Oct; Canberra Times, 3 Dec 1994.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPELLING DJINNS FARIDA PATEL, 22, of Ilford, east London, believed herself to be possessed by djinns, which threatened to cut out her tongue if she praised Allah. She had married in India in the summer of 1993 and was upset when immigration problems prevented her husband coming to England. Her face became distorted, she spoke in a man’s voice, assumed an old lady’s posture and talked of djinns pushing her. The family called in a 47-year-old Syrian woman called Mouna Rai, a Sunni Muslim teacher, who conducted an exorcism with the help of her friend Siraj Tutla, Farida’s sister, Rabiya, and her brother, Hafiz. On 8 December 1993, Rai beat Farida with a plastic vacuum cleaner pipe and a walking stick for over five hours, interspersed with readings from the Koran. The attack was repeated for over four hours the following day. Rai jumped up and down on Farida’s stomach and chest, fracturing nine ribs. Rai, Tutla, and Hafiz were found guilty of manslaughter. Rai, described as an "arrogant charlatan", was jailed for seven years; Tutla for three years, and Farida’s siblings for one year. Hafiz’s sentence was cut to three months on appeal. Times, 12 Oct; D.Telegraph, 26 Oct, 25+26 Nov, 21 Dec; D.Mail, 12 Oct, 26 Nov; Scotsman, Independent, 26 Nov, 21 Dec; Guardian, 12+21+26 Dec 1994; D.Telegraph, 20 Jan 1995.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOUISE LARDJOURNE, 19, a French woman of Algerian descent, died in Roubaix, northern France, on 1 July 1994 after her brother Tahar, 44, convinced that she was possessed by the Devil, called in Imam Mohammed Kerazi to exorcise her. Lardjourne had been suffering from epileptiform seizures since undergoing brain surgery in 1993. With the help of Morad Selmane, the head of the local mosque, the Imam tortured the young woman for five hours. They forced her to drink gallons of salt water, beat the soles of her feet with a reed and squeezed her neck to force out the devil. The three men were charged with murder. [AFP] 4 July 1994.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWO DAUGHTERS KICKED and punched their mother to death in Cairo in August 1994. Abir, 21, and her sister Hoda, 18, said their mother was "possessed by the djinn [genie]" and had often said incomprehensible things. The women "decided to expel the djinn from their mother so she would return to her normal state." The sisters were sent to a state mental hospital. [AFP] 13 Sept; [R] 5 Dec 1994.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOUR MEMBERS OF a small Muslim fundamentalist group in northern Egypt were sentenced to 10 years in jail with hard labour in March 1996 for killing a 10-year-old girl they said they were trying to exorcise. Faith healers in Egypt killed 47 people and injured another 98 in 1995 by beating them to drive out evil spirits. Among the injured were 11 who had gone blind. Police had made 224 arrests. [AFP] 1 Jan; [R] 22 Mar 1996.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUFFER THE CHILDREN A PARTICULARLY BIZARRE case of death-by-exorcism unfolded in New Zealand in May 1994. On 26 November that year, Janice and Lindsay Gibson were found not guilty of murder, being victims of folie a deux. Janice, 33, joined the fundamentalist Apostolic Church in the small North Island town of Inglewood in 1993. She believed she had been cured of a bad back at a faith healing session and began attending regularly. As 1994 opened, the couple were caught up in a vortex of powerful, hyper-manic energy. On 16 May, Lindsay stayed home from work because his wife told him the demons would get him. By now she believed she was God and had convinced her husband of this too. He ceased calling her Janice and referred to her as "God". The next day, Janice slapped her two-year-old daughter Emily on the face for five or 10 minutes to beat the devil out of her. Her eldest daughter, Darlene, 17, was ordered to hold the toddler down while the drubbing continued. Darlene left the house in tears to stay with a friend.

Later that day, a workmate of Lindsay’s, Roger Laurenson, visited the house to check on Lindsay. Janice ordered him to kneel before her and screamed: "I can feel Jesus in the tips of these fingers!" Lindsay appeared, chanting "Bah bah bah", lifted Laurenson’s shirt, squeezed his stomach and told him to vomit because he was possessed. Janice, meanwhile, slapped his face. Laurenson hastened to his boss, Thomas Valentine, to describe the mad scene. Valentine then paid a visit and found Lindsay with his head in a bucket, vomiting. "This is what happens when you sin!" yelled Janice.

Valentine contacted the police and that night the Gibson house was visited by a social worker, a doctor, a mental health professional and three policemen. They were met by a hissing Janice, who told the chief police officer that he was possessed. The mental health professional, David Bruce, urged the doctor to provide a medical certificate allowing Janice to be detained. The doctor refused, saying she was simply a religious fanatic. After confiscating a number of guns, the team departed.

The next day, the couple were convinced they were surrounded by demons. They smashed crockery, burned furniture and threw possessions out of the house. The remaining three children, including son Dane, 12, lent a hand. Lindsay took two "evil" pet mice outside, ripped off their heads and tails and buried the remains in separate holes in the lawn. A meal was cooked and eaten, but then Janice ordered her family to vomit up the food and "piss their pants". She stripped Dane and expelled him from the house, where he stood shivering in the darkness. All he had to wear was a jumper which had been thrown from the house earlier.

Janice now decided he was the devil incarnate and ordered Lindsay to hold him down while she exorcised him. This was done with such force that the boy’s wrist was broken. Janice took a broken concrete block and hit her son repeatedly on the head as he screamed for help, pleading that he believed. The parents thought that if they slowly drew Dane’s body back into the house the devil would go and he would be resurrected as a "beautiful person". Alarmed by the screams at the Gibson house, neighbours called the police, who found a naked Lindsay in the back yard still holding down the boy, who was barely alive. Lindsay would not lift his head to look at his wife, believing it was a blasphemy to look at "God". The other two children, aged five and two, lay unharmed on a sofa inside the house. When ambulancemen arrived, Janice yelled: "He’s already dead. We killed him, you stupid man, like the first Jesus". [R] 26 Nov 1994.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KIRA CANHOTO, a two-year-old girl in Kitchener, Ontario, was believed to be possessed by a demon. In January 1995, her mother, Maria Canhoto, 22, her grandmother, Ana Maria Canhoto, 43, and Daniel Aguiar, 56, restrained the girl and forced her to drink huge quantities of water, which killed her. Victoria (BC) Times-Colonist, 21 Jan 1995; 11+27 Jan, 13 April 1996.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROSA WILKERSON, 46, and her daughter Angelic Burney, 25, killed five-year-old Amy Burney, the latter’s daughter, in New York around 27 April 1997. In an attempt to exorcise demons that caused Amy to have tantrums, the two women tied her down, forced her to swallow a lethal potion of ammonia, vinegar, cayenne pepper, black pepper and olive oil and taped her mouth so that she wouldn’t spit it out. After she died, the women kept her body in the apartment for a week before leaving it at the curb in a rubbish bag. Police charged the women with second-degree murder and "depraved indifference", and planned to search the Fresh Kills landfill at the Staten Island dump for the body. NY Daily News, 19 May; USA Today, 20 May 1997.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIVE-YEAR-OLD BREEANN Spickard was beaten to death on 5 July 1996 during an exorcism in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, performed by her mother Deborah Elizabeth Reynolds, with the help of Julia Ann Olivas, 36, and Esther Rebecca Griggs, 43. They had been taking methamphetamine. Olivas and Griggs held the girl down while her mother whipped her buttocks with a wooden cheeseboard for two hours, stripping away several layers of skin. Olivas also jumped on the girl’s back. All three women were convicted of murder in October 1997. Los Angeles Times, 15 Oct 1997.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANNE ORIESO, 36, from New Cross, South London, strangled her "naughty" five-year-old son Sylvester in November 1997 to drive out demons and kept his body in her flat for days believing he would wake "healed". In September 1998, Ortioso, who had come to Britain from Nigeria in 1983, was sent to a psychiatric unit for an indefinite period. Scotsman, 12 Sept 1998.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KOREANS IN CALIFORNIA KYONG-A HA, a 25-year-old Korean woman from Emeryville, California, suffered insomnia for years. Medication proved ineffective, so her family turned to Jean Park, the minister of a 15-member sect called the Jesus-Amen Ministries, who said that Ha was possessed by demons. An attempted exorcism on 8 March 1995 by Park, her mother, Hwa Ja Ra, and three other woman lasted six hours until the victim was dead. She was struck 20 to 50 times on the chest, breaking at least 10 ribs. Eight members of the group stayed with the body for five days after Park told them that the woman’s spirit had gone to "great heaven" and that they should wait for it to come back. San Jose (CA) Mercury News, 17 Mar 1995.

KYUNG JAE CHUNG, a 53-year-old South Korean woman, died on 4 July 1996 in Century City, California, from internal injuries after a six-hour exorcism by her husband, Jae Whoa Chung, 49, with the help of Jin Choi, 46, and Sung Foo Choi, 41, (no relation), all Methodist missionaries. The woman endured two three-hour sessions, participating willingly at first. She was found to have 16 broken ribs and collapsed lungs. Jae Whoa Chung and Sung Foo Choi were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. LA Times, 6+15 July; [AFP] 8 July, 7 Aug; Chicago Tribune, 28 Aug 1996; [AP] 17 April 1997. KILLING THE BEARWALKER LEON JACKO, a 19-year-old Ojibway Indian, was acquitted in Ontario in May 1997 of manslaughter in the bludgeoning death of Ron Thompson, 45, who was reputed to be a bearwalker – a powerful, shape-shifting demon that uses sorcery to trigger sickness in people and even kill them. The judge accepted evidence that Jacko believed he was defending himself from Thompson when he hit him with a ceremonial walrus bone the size of a baseball bat on 30 June 1995 at the Sheguiandah reserve on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, where both men lived. Victoria (BC) Times-Colonist, 22+23+24+29+30 May; Toronto Globe & Mail, 30+31 May 1997.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LETHAL CULTS IN JULY 1995, six decomposing bodies were found in the home of faith healer Sachiko Eto, 47, in Sukagawa, Japan. Arrested with three followers, Eto said she beat her clients – and encouraged them to beat each other – to exorcise evil spirits. Time, 17 July 1995.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIX MEMBERS OF the United Pentacostal Church of Brazil were arrested in December 1998 accused of beating and kicking to death three adults and three children they believed to be possessed by the devil. The killings began on 14 November in a remote rubber plantation on the Amazon, 1860 miles (3,000km) northwest of São Paulo, when the pastor, Francisco Bezerra de Moraes, known as Toto, announced during a sermon that he could hear voices from Jesus ordering a former leader of the group and all his followers to be punished. Police confirmed the killings only on 30 November after Francisco Oliveira de Franca, the former leader of the group, escaped with the news. Toto, his wife and two other men began by whipping and stamping on the worshippers in a tiny church on the plantation, focal point for the 30-member sect. They then engaged in more torture in nearby shacks. D.Telegraph, 2 Dec 1998.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Investigators believe the Belgian woman who died after an apparent sect ritual in Spain was suffocated while performing an act supposed to "purify" her body, a Spanish newspaper El Pais reported on 23 March. The woman was believed to have been subjected to a ceremony during which other sect members covered her with a blanket and sat on her to interrupt her breathing. The lack of oxygen causes the body to convulse and eventually to urinate and defecate, which the Paris-based sect sees as purification of the body that can lengthen a person's life. But while taking part in the ritual on 21 March in the town of Villajoyosa in southeastern Spain, the woman – a mother of two in her 30s – went into cardiac arrest. Three Spaniards, including the woman's husband, were detained in connection with her death, police said. State radio had said on 22 March the woman was involved in a satanic ritual, but the El Pais report made no mention of devil worship. The newspaper cited the victim's mother as denying her daughter belonged to a sect. [R] 24 Mar 1999.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER CASES CHEUNG KIU HO, 48, believed her body had been invaded by snakes and worms and that only her brother, Chi Wah To, 42, who claimed that he had once been invaded by spirits, could help her. In October 1993 she went to stay with him in Norwich, where he ran a restaurant. Neighbours heard screams and saw Mr Chi stamping on something. Mrs Cheung was found to be dead. A post mortem showed fractures to most of her ribs, a lacerated liver and multiple internal injuries. Mr Chi, who said he had been trying to stamp out evil spirits that had possessed his sister, was jailed for five years. Guardian, D.Record, 13 Sept 1994.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NICHOLAS SOGUNRO, 27, a renegade Baptist from East Ham, east London, believed that his fiancée, Mary Odegbami, 26, was possessed by the Devil after she said she didn’t want to marry him. With the help of his disciple, Thomas Macauley, 25, Sogunro locked her in a bedroom, starved and beat her for 14 days in April 1994, force-feeding her with "communion" wine and bread. According to Macauley, she died after Sogunro said: "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the Angels of Execution to kill this body." They tried to resurrect her for three days, after which the body was sealed for nearly a year in the back room of a house that Sogunro had made into his church. Sogunro was jailed for six years, Macauley for 18 months. Guardian, 17 Oct, 2 Dec; D.Telegraph, 2 Dec 1995.

SOMMAI CHAIPANYA, a 38-year-old mother of two, died in Udon Thani, Thailand, in April 1996 from ritualistic beatings to her head and genitals with a dried stingray tail, administered by Tip Dongsaengkaew, 57, a female shaman. She had at first agreed to the beatings, which her family suggested as a way to get rid of evil spirits. But she later fled to escape them and refused to pay a £100 fee. The shaman abducted her and continued the ritual until she died. Dongsaengkaew was charged with murder. [AP] 22 April 1996.


  • An October 2007 mākutu lifting in the Wellington, New Zealand suburb of Wainuiomata led to the death by drowning of a woman and the hospitalization of a teen. After a long trial, five family members were convicted and sentenced to non-custodial sentences.[24]
  • Mother Teresa allegedly underwent an exorcism late in life under the direction of the Archbishop of Calcutta, Henry D'Souza, after he noticed she seemed to be extremely agitated in her sleep and feared she "might be under the attack of the evil one."[25]
  • Anneliese Michel was a Catholic woman from Germany who was said to be possessed by six or more demons and subsequently underwent a secret ten-month-long voluntary exorcism in 1975. Two motion pictures, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Requiem are loosely based on Anneliese's story. The documentary movie Exorcism of Anneliese Michel [26] (in Polish, with English subtitles) features the original audio tapes from the exorcism. The two priests and her parents were convicted of negligent manslaughter for failing to call a medical doctor to address her eating disorder. When she died she weighed 68 pounds. The case has been labelled a misidentification of mental illness, negligence, abuse, and religious hysteria.
  • Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, wrote an essay in 1994 about his personal experience of performing an exorcism on an intimate friend named "Susan" while in college.[27] Jindal's exorcism took place at Brown University and was a success.
  • Michael Taylor in 1974.
  • A boy identified as Robbie Mannheim,[28][29] was the subject of an exorcism in 1949, which became the chief inspiration for The Exorcist, a horror novel and film written by William Peter Blatty, who heard about the case while he was a student in the class of 1950 at Georgetown University. Robbie was taken into the care of Rev. Luther Miles Schulze, the boy's Lutheran pastor, after psychiatric and medical doctors were unable to explain the disturbing events associated with the teen; the minister then referred the boy to Rev. Edward Hughes, who performed the first exorcism on the teen.[30] The subsequent exorcism was partially performed in both Cottage City, Maryland and Bel-Nor, Missouri[31] by Father William S. Bowdern, S.J., Father Raymond Bishop S.J. and a then Jesuit scholastic Fr. Walter Halloran, S.J.[32]
  • Salvador Dalí is reputed to have received an exorcism from Italian friar Gabriele Maria Berardi while he was in France in 1947. Dali created a sculpture of Christ on the cross that he gave the friar in thanks.[33]
  • Clara Germana Cele was a South African school girl who claimed to be possessed in 1906.
  • Johann Blumhardt performed the exorcism of Gottliebin Dittus over a two-year period in Möttlingen, Germany from 1842-1844. Pastor Blumhardt's parish subsequently experienced growth marked by confession and healing, which he attributed to the successful exorcism.[34][35]
  • George Lukins in 1778.


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 04:38 PM

wow sakari that's staggering. and just the tip of the iceberg i imagine.

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:52 PM

Those stories just make me ill.  I couldn't even read all of them.  Ugh!

Save the Earth! It's the only planet with chocolate!

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 08:20 PM

 JGirl, on 03 December 2012 - 04:38 PM, said:

wow sakari that's staggering. and just the tip of the iceberg i imagine.

There are more.....

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 06:41 AM

Hehehehe I knew the Sakari spirit would rise to the challenge.

"I wish neither to possess, Nor to be possessed. I no longer covet paradise, more important, I no longer fear hell. The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning, but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, But I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see that I will never find the light.  Unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel, Consuming myself. "
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Posted 04 December 2012 - 06:52 AM

OK, Sakari, lay-off the METH already. :w00t:

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 12:50 AM

I wonder why a person believing in the authority and power of god to exorcize demons would use excessive force on the victim to the point of killing them... If the read their scriptures they would know Jesus said a word and the demons were expelled. He didn't tie anybody up or beat them with anything. This is some crazy stuff and really sad. I know some people who their family members tried to do exorcism on them, they did not take it to this extreme thank the lord, but the persons were very resentful afterward. I had my house exorcized before and that was successful. And I also had a spontaneous (by the power of god alone, not any man) exorcism from demons that were tormenting me for quite some time, so I do know that non-fatal exorcisms are possible...

It is my opinion that there is more to these diseases than current medical standards have the wherewithal to understand, that there are spiritual underlyings to these things, that demons do go after people and families and that all sides should be looked at carefully when considering treatment. But for someone to have the audacity to think they should under any sort of religious authority to further harm the tormented is also insane... These sick are the victims of abuse in the medical field as well.... If you have anyone suffering in your circle please show them support and care, let them also have a voice in their treatment, and if you believe in god, by all means be prayerful...

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 01:32 AM

I live in Wainuiomata, and I remember this case. Crazy that you had this, never new it was a big one.

Watch this space

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 11:48 PM

Apart from schizophrenia, I have found other conditions that people thought were demonic possessions mentioned in the article below...

Tourette syndrome can also be mistaken for demonic possession due to its symptoms. These include a variety of tics such as eye blinking, tongue poking, bursts of uncontrollable profanity, and vocalizations that resemble those of animals. Tourette syndrome is thought by researchers to result from either super sensitivity in the brain's dopamine receptors or norepinephrine system hyperactivity.
Another candidate for mistaken cases of demonic possession is multiple personality disorder (MPD) – a condition where an individual appears to have two distinct and contrary personalities, each of which manifests at different times. The cause of MPD is often attributed to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, however, not all specialists agree:


The Dangers of Exorcism
Exorcism may have been suited to medieval times; however, it has no place in the modern world. Indeed, belief in demonic possession and exorcism, its alleged cure, are potentially dangerous ideas that can contribute to human suffering by preventing people seeking appropriate treatment from qualified health professionals, as the following newspaper reports show:

"Church elder held over boy's death" (The Courier-Mail, 27/08/2003).
According to the report, an eight-year-old autistic boy died at the Faith Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith during an exorcism. The cause of death was mechanical asphyxia due to being sat on during prayer sessions that lasted up to two hours. Autism affects nearly three times more boys than girls. Its exact cause is unclear; however, a subtle form of brain damage may be responsible. Demons are clearly not involved, and one can only lament these people's paucity of knowledge.

"Son, 4, dies in ‘devil' torture" (The Sunday Mail, 20/6/1999).
In this instance the mother of the boy was charged with his murder after ritually torturing him because she thought he was possessed by the Devil. The woman was ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment, and sadly I think that says it all.

"Woman in exorcism damages claim on three men" (The Courier-Mail 09/07/1997).
The article states that the woman suffered forcible restraint during a violent exorcism to drive out demons, and that she felt the experience had exacerbated a psychological disorder she was suffering from. Once again, a case of mental illness being mistaken for demonic possession. The tragedy is that for some people nothing much has changed since medieval times, when blows and whips were used to drive out devils from those considered possessed.

Read more - http://users.adam.co...onDebate101.htm

I never have and never will believe in demonic possessions, regardless how hard some have tried to convince me, I see the idea alone as stupid.. Too many have been badly hurt and worse killed because people believed the victims were possessed.. The part article I just posted above, has only listed 3 as examples of how dangerous exorcisms are, I myself have read lots more...

When I read about kids with IE - Autism ( as listed in the article I just posted )   were so badly treated by religious folks thinking a child with autism  was possessed, it makes me feel sick...  

If you wish to talk about real illness that are mistaken for something else?  I suggest that those who hurt and kill people thinking they have got someone possessed by demons, they are the ones in need of medical help as well as the poor victims  they are hurting

In this day and age,  I find it stupid and dangerous to hold strong beliefs in possessions to the point where people will preform dangerous exorcisms   .. If I see anyone I know suffering from an attack, I would call an ambulance and allow proper doctors take care of them, rather than calling some priest ..

Edited by Beckys_Mom, 10 December 2012 - 11:52 PM.

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 06:03 PM

We have a better understanding of the brain now to the point where many if not all of these 'possessions' are nothing more than people with mental disorders (temporary or not).

My Great-Uncle went bat s**t crazy when his sister died, to the point where he could see demons coming out of the walls and thinking that everyone was conspiring against him, trying to kill him. He also saw my Grandmother (his sister) appear to him after she had died while he was in a mental institute.

Suppose this was the 60's or 70's in 'ol religious Ireland. Chances are, the exorcist would have been called out and I'm sure there is a local exorcist here somewhere, but only one or maybe there is a few. Either way, it's a far cry from crawling on the ceiling and all that jazz.

Oh and I looked at his death certificate - schizophrenia

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