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Unknown man came through reading

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#1    Lisa92


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:28 AM


First of all : I´m new here so I´ll introduce myself right quick :)
Like the username already says my name is Lisa. I´m 20 years old ,originally from Germany but I now live with my boyfriend in Canada. We´ve met here and he´s the reason why I moved to the other end of the world :D That was pretty well fate. But that a different (long) story.
Anyways. I lost my father when I was 5 (almost 6 )years old. So I kinda feel that I actually dont really know him but over the last few years my wish to actually "communicate"with him grew and grew. I remember when I was a kid that he once" visited" me.He knocked on my door but I was scared and told him to go away. Since then nothing happened and I feel so bad about it that I told him to go away.
I got so many question Id like him to ask but I think what I miss the most is hearing his opinion about things.
That was the reason why I contacted a medium. I went there(together with my boyfriend)on my birthday.I thought it might be the best birthday ever because I get to finally "meet" him. But once the medium started she saw a man and the moment she started describing him I knew that wasnt my father.She said he had a temper and that its almost like he had two personalities(possible from alcohol)and that he could be loud on the ocassion etc.And she could feel something in her head.So maybe that person died from something inside their head. After I told her that this is DEFINITELY not my dad she asked the spirit to go away and my dad to come through.But the spirit didnt go away.
Now you gotta know that my boyfriend & I are just students and we dont have THAT much money so she said if we want to she could stop and wouldnt charge us(and we could make a new appointment.or not.she didnt pressure us at all).But if we wanna know who it is or give it more tries she would have to charge us but cant promise that my dad eventually comes trough. So we stoped the meeting. I found it really really kind of the medium for giving us the oppurtunity to leave without charging us & that she was honest with me and didnt tell me any stories about how much my dad loves me etc.
Now I´m debating upon going back or not. Maybe you guys can do a little reading and tell me what your getting.
I asked my mum and she said that she doesnt know ANYONE with that describtion.Also my boyfriend was with me so maybe it was somebody from his side coming through?

I´ve heard that pictures might help so here are two pictures of me with my dad and one of myself (ok I look so bad in it :D but its the only one I had on my phone :D)




#2    Ashotep



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Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:09 AM

Really sorry you lost your father.  I do believe in ghosts, spirits and the afterlife but watch the mediums.  The one you went to sounds nice enough giving you the opportunity to back out but not all are on the up and up.  I have to wonder if she suddenly brought forth another spirit because you told her that didn't sound like your dad.Posted Image

Welcome to the forum.Posted Image

#3    with bells on

with bells on

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 02:10 AM

welcome.. i do medium work when it ties into my healing work.. i don't do readings in general, as it annoys me..

you do have to be careful with some "mediums/psychics".. as they aren't all great.. they may be having a bad day?? i have had some crappy readings done over the years.. one woman told me she saw police all around me (i think i had blue hair at the time and facial piercings), and that never happened, so don't believe everything you are told..  always go to people who have a strong following, as if you have to wait to get an appointment, that is always a good sign..

i would not be concerned by what she said.. at least she had some decency in not charging you.. she may have known she was flat that day.. its not always something you can control when talking with spirits, there are bossy ones, just like in life..

#4    Hamlyn


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 11:55 PM

Hi, Lisa,

So that's your idea of looking "bad?"

Did my best on your question and got some sketchy impressions.

I'm the first to suggest that they may or may not be worth anything! This is still experimental for me.

So take the following ONLY as my impressions.

I keep getting a strong V name for your boyfriend, I think. Like Vincent, Victor, Vaughan, something like that.

I get a strong sense that the medium was mistaken, and an angry entity is not attached to you.

Instead, I keep seeing repressed anger on the part of someone close to you. This person comes across as a nice guy. Doesn't really know how to deal with anger constructively, so he stuffs it away inside, where it forms a sort of cyst or abcess.

This process could well create what appears to be a shadowy, angry presence. But also present is the energy of ancestors who trained subsequent generations in emotional repression.

The sensation in the head, which your medium reported, is a powerful restriction of energies, a binding or pinch point designed to cut off the "undesirable" emotions. This not only causes these energies to stagnate and build up. It also causes severe impairment of the faculty we call empathy or sympathy. This is (sadly) all for the purpose of self-defense but turns out to be destructive to the individual who uses this defense.

I perceive you as very much a "giver," and I feel that I've been told very strongly to warn you against those who take without giving. Beware of takers.

Your father is present and KNOWS how you feel about him. Don't worry about that. You may continue to experiment with contacting the other side, but don't do it because you're afraid he doesn't know how you feel or doesn't understand your past behavior when he tried to send you his love and reassurance. He understands all of that just by looking in on you from time to time.

I hope this has been of some help. Please let me know if I was just a little off or WAY off. :)

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#5    Lisa92


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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:09 AM

Thank you guys so much :)

Im aware of the possibility to waste my money on a "fake medium". I tried really hard to find a legit one and didnt even contact all those cassandras or kenusha who offer free medium readings etc whatsoever.
But of course its hard cause you wish to find a real medium your like kinda obsessed with it cause it just is your deepest wish.
I also told myself not to directly believe everything she tells me.Because I know that sometimes you interpret something in EVERYTHING ,and thats how those fake mediums make money.They tell things which could happen to everyone or might already happend.If you go to a medium its obviously that you lost someone you love so when they start with i see you lost an important person you might think WOW first but the medium actually just took a guess.
Ill continue trying to contact my dad.But Ill give it some time. But its definitely good to hear that Im probably not followed by a dark energy.

@the last poster (sorry cant see the previous posts on my phone therefore i dont have your name right now)
Ill message you later.Some of it makes sense to me :) my phone is just almost dead and im not home to charge it.But Ill message you for sure :)

Thanks again to everyone :)

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