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Rise in Government work

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 11:35 PM

I just got acknowledgement I am doing another Gov job.  I am a business owner...I am fine with that...it is work.

I also see some of the sheep do not like this...they don't want some of us to make money from the farmer.  Well too damn bad...they are going to do this and I am tickled freaking pink to get it.

So...in all seriousness...how do some of you feel about this?  I prefer doing private work but it is kinda stupid to turn down work.  This is all DoD work....you know...Dept of Defense.  I am stoked...it is good stuff....I like doing this type of work....but I have this bone in the back of my head rattling....it is reminding me that this is not private work pops to life and this is not how we create private sector work....on one hand (key thought).  I am going to make a lot of money from this if it all works out.  I am...in turn...going to go down the street and spend that money....that is going to do good locally....isn't this how we really spur an economy?  Isn't me buying locally what causes stuff to grind back to work?

I understand....it is DoD work....but I'll be honest.  It is exactly the kind of work I love to do...someone is going to do it...I'd rather t be me than some sweat shop in India or China.  My guys are chomping at the bit...they want this work.  So....even though I see problems with this system...how is it wrong to keep it here and not let it be sent away...and...they are going to do this whether we like it or not.

I am going to do this work....good, bad or indifferent.  It is something someone, somewhere decided that needed to be done.  I am ok with that and I am happy to have the work.  It kinda bothers me as I see a bigger picture where this is only a temporary fix...I suppose it is going to be up to folks like me to take that money and spend the hell out of it locally.....

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