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Connecticut School Shooting

death shooting connecticut school

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#1    Crosswings


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:02 PM

At least one gunman attacked a suburban Connecticut elementary school Friday, killing at least two dozen people, including 18 children, law enforcement sources said.

At a televised news conference from Newtown, Conn., State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance refused to give an exact number pending notification of the families. Other reports place the number of dead at Sandy Hook Elementary at 27, including the children.

“There were several fatalities at scene, students and staff,” Vance said. “There will be no other information until families are told.”

The gunman was dead at the scene, Vance said, adding that there was no longer any danger to the public.
“It’s still an evolving crime scene and it’s just hours old,” Daniel Curtin, a FBI special agent in Connecticut, said. “And it’s obviously very tragic. All we’re saying is that the FBI and our agents have a presence there to assist in any way possible. Because right now it’s a Connecticut state and local investigation at this point. But in times of trial like this we work together.”
Law enforcement sources in Washington said the gunman was in his early 20s and was the father or another relative of one of the children.  He had four or more weapons and was wearing a bulletproof vest.
A weapon was recovered at the scene.
According to sources, the event began with an argument with the principal. Some of the staffers were shot first, then the gunman advanced on a classroom, shooting.

In Washington, President Obama was briefed on the shooting, spokesman Jay Carney said.
Carney wouldn't say whether the shooting would make gun control a higher priority on the president's agenda, but he said there would be a day for discussion on that policy issue.
“But I don't think today is that day,” he said.
At least three wounded have been taken to a hospital inDanbury, Newtown Mayor Mark D. Boughton confirmed.
“I can’t discuss who they are but some injuries are serious,” Boughton said.
In a statement posted on its website, Danbury Hospital said: “To date, three patients have been transported to DanburyHospital from the scene.
"Out of abundance of caution and not because of any direct threat our building is under lockdown. This allows us simply to focus on the important work at hand,” the hospital stated.
Officials were still investigating the incident, which began at about 9:40 a.m. EST at the school inNewtown, a town of about 27,000 people.
Within hours, officials were reporting that the gunman was found dead and two handguns were recovered at the scene.
Stephen Delgiadice told reporters that his  8-year-old daughter heard two big bangs and teachers told her to get in a corner. His daughter was fine.
“It's alarming, especially in Newtown, Conn., which we always thought was the safest place in America,” he said.
The superintendent's office said the district had locked down schools in Newtown, about 60 miles from  New York City. Nearby schools also were locked down as a security measure.


#2    Mr.United_Nations



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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:09 PM

Already a huge topic in the Americas section

#3    Still Waters

Still Waters

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:10 PM

We already have a thread about this -


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#4    docyabut2


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:21 PM

What is the matter with these twenty something young men now days killing people  in malls,  shows, and schools. Is the lack of  Christiany`s  hope and faith and belief in the golden rules,  to much violence in movies, games ,ect. or the drugs turning them into a bunch of psychopaths.:(:(

#5    Ashotep


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 12:33 AM

I'm not sure if some of this is happening because a lot of men are waiting to father babies well into their 40's.  It has been proven kids of older fathers have more psychological problems.  You would have to have mental problems to do something like this.

Really feel sorry for the victims and their families.  Not to mention those little kids that had to witness this.

#6    RavenEyes19


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 03:27 AM

View Postdocyabut2, on 14 December 2012 - 09:21 PM, said:

What is the matter with these twenty something young men now days killing people  in malls,  shows, and schools. Is the lack of  Christiany`s  hope and faith and belief in the golden rules,  to much violence in movies, games ,ect. or the drugs turning them into a bunch of psychopaths. :( :(

Psychopaths existed long before movies and video games. All those things exist in many other countries where Christianity isn't even prevalant or where the majority is nonchristian and mass shootings are a rarity. Plenty of people are raised without religion (myself included) but are taught to respect human life. Plenty of people watch violent movies and don't become psychopaths.

I think this young man was probably either a psychopath because of his upbringing and/or biology or he had some other major mental issues or illness and didn't recieve adequate help.

#7    coolguy



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Posted 15 December 2012 - 05:19 AM

Sad day for American ..there was no reason to kill these kids.and the killers brother should have called the police i hope they charge him with something he could have stoped it.
They showed his pic what a weird looking guy really evil looking

Edited by coolguy, 15 December 2012 - 05:21 AM.

#8    docyabut2


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 11:33 AM

It appears our US has bred a very sick society:( what is the solution to get more protection from these sickos mass killings. The states say they can`nt afford it, but there should be a few armed police or under cover guards stationed at every school, mall, shows, and public events.

#9    Lucas North-justiceseeker

Lucas North-justiceseeker


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 11:16 PM

The one responsible for this is Adam Lanza.Not guns,parents,teachers,violent video games ect.Adam Lanza did it.I dont care if he had the worst parents in the world.I dont care if he was bullied.I dont care if he played grand theft auto and call of duty 24/7.He chose to do this,for whatever sick and stupid reason.This is his fault and his alone.

#10    docyabut2


    Alien Abducter

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 11:55 PM

Sorry to be so angry but like I said on another string What got me , a detective had said on the phone  in speaking to the news - this very moment there is some one out there that is planning to do something more horrific, so what in the hell are we going to do about it? It not the guns, but  real  crasy  nuts  out there, so theres got to be more protection.I am willing to pay  more taxs to have armed police stationed permanently, then some dumb health care program.In Mich they just laid off the police in the schools that just come and go  and I remember when my kids were in high school after the  columbine shootings there was a threat at the school. I went and asked do you have a armed security guard and they said yes a  security guard  but not armed. So why can`nt the states put armed police in the schools and in the malls and public places,I just worry about all my grandchildred:( taking away the guns doen`nt solve anything, nuts still can get them from the bads guys.

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