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It All Began

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#1    oldsoldier


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 07:01 PM

When I married an english woman who had the "gift" even though she was frightened to make use of it. I think it gets passed from woman to woman in her family as  daughter is also quite psychic but tries to avoid it. Not long after we were married and living just outside McChord Air Base near Tacoma, Washington in the summer of 1970 we were planning to spend ten days leave time with my parents and younger brother who at that time lived in Colville, eastern Washington three hundred miles away. I owned a 1961 Chevy impala at the time-sky blue body with a white top which my english mother-in-law Joan had never even seen photgraphs of. The car needed servicing so I took it into the garage for a complete service the day before we were due to make the drive and then later was dropped off by a works colleague after I finished my shift as a security policeman. I drove the car home without incident and once I,d eaten supper we loaded the car with suitcases and gear to take along, watched a bit of television and then went to bed at about midnight. At 1 am the phone rang which seemed very unusual, but what was even more unusual was the fact that it was my english mother-in-law calling from London long-distance. She told me that she,d just experienced a horrible nightmare in which she,d seen a blue and white american car run off the road and involved in an accident. She hadn,t seen what happened to wife Sue, but said next she saw me I was in hospital wired up to machines with my face swathed in bandages. To calm her I promised to take the car back when the garage opened first thing that morning and have it checked over again.Needless to say that night neither wife Sue or I slept and when the gargage owner opened at 7am I was already there waiting. I told him about my warning call and he said: "To put your englsh mother-in-laws mind to rest drive it onto the rack and I,ll hoist it up and have a look. While you,re waiing help yourself to a cup of coffee." Fifteen minutes later he returned: "You,d better thank your english mother-in-law and I,m going to kick my head mechanic over the moon-when he drained your old brake fluid out he didn,t put any back in so you had No Brakes!"

#2    Glenville86


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 08:16 AM

Good story that had a happy ending.

#3    Ashotep


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Posted 23 December 2012 - 09:39 PM

I've had my physic abilities save my life before.  Its always weird when something like that happens but I'm glad it does.  Sometimes I think I pick up on what someone is thinking too.  I've gotten some weird looks before after sensing what someone was thinking and then telling them not to do it.  Has been very enlightening but don't understand how its all possible.  Everything tells me that it shouldn't be possible.

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