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Senaga_jima, Okinawa 1965

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 11:25 AM

My second assignment overseas was Naha, Air Base, Okinawa after starting at Tachikawa near Tokyo, Japan in January, 1964. As an air policeman I worked a fair few night shifts and one area highly guarded was a small island called Senaga-Jima reputed to be haunted by the locals reached by two causeways. The Air Force used a weapons storage site for nuclear weapons at the crest of the island and conventional weapons bunkers were at the base and rear of the island. When at the weapons area at the crest one got a fine view of the base, surrounding areas and many miles out in the South China Sea-also a great source for beautiful sun rises and sets. I often got the job as island patrolman whose main job was not only to patrol the island in darkness, but also to let people in and out by opening and closing the entry gates at both causeways which were nboth locked at night and weekends. As the Navy also had a research site at the foot of the island the Marine guard detachment also had to be let in and out their changeover times different from our shift patterns. One evening the guards arrived at the same time as the coffee patrolman-each at a diiferent gate so I first let in the marines, left the gate open as it was in visual range and went to the other gate to let the coffee patrol in. As I was locking the gate for the coffee man the marines exited by the opposite gate and while I was about to lock the second gate I received a radio message that one of the dog handlers had seen something rather strange at the back of the island and that I should lock the gate and in company of the coffee patrolman go immediatley to assist the two dog handlers to investigate. I arrived at the long old concrete bunkers just as the coffee man arrived and we were told that two mysterious lights had been spotted at the rear of the first bunker so all four of us plus the two alsatian guard dogs walked toward where the lgihts were last seen. Unlike the nuclear storage area the security here wasn,t so high so the lights weren,t as strong and only the concrete ramps around the bunkers were kept clear of grass, the area to the fence left to grow waist high. As we reached the end of the first bunker we could clearly see two bright lights suspened about eight feet in the air over the grassy area. They looked like two storm torches about a foot in circumference and round, but we could Not see anyone holding them and visibilty was perfect. When the lights began to move Toward us both dogs growled in unison and tried to run away. Well it was a race I think the dogs nearly won to get back to the vehicles and radio for help. That area was searched from top to bottom-every inch of ground and No sign of anything. The local Okinawans said it was "spirit lights" and if they catch a human they steal their soul??? It,s certainly a spooky place-still is as far as I hear-and even the Air Force didn,t know what the lights were, but they Didn,t send us for psychiatric tests or question what we saw as they would likely have done had it been a UFO!

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 02:51 AM

Naha,same place as Fletcher . Gosh,maybe you guys can meet and go ghost hunting together .

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