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Sucuriju Gigante

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#16    Zero2Hero


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Posted 21 March 2013 - 10:57 AM

Who remembers these guys...?

They even found proof too! ;)

#17    SubjectDigamma


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Posted 16 May 2013 - 02:15 AM

Yes I have seen this to and that fact that a snake that huge is a live makes me think MOM BRING  THE SHOTGUN AND THE 12 gauge SLUGS

#18    Abramelin



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Posted 16 May 2013 - 09:48 AM

Here's an old post of mine of 8 years ago (see bolded part, scroll down) :

View PostAbramelin, on 28 May 2005 - 05:19 PM, said:

Here's a link about hybrid cats:


I was interested in this thread, because some 14 years ago I was roaming around in the jungles north-east of Iquitos, Peru, and heard a story about a black jaguar-puma hybrid.

I learned about this story back then when I was talking with a local guide about recent attacks on pigs , cows and people by some big black cat. I asked the guide if it could have been a black jaguar, but he told me this cat was a lot bigger. The only other big cat that's roaming the jungles of north-eastern Peru is the puma. But when I asked the guide about the possibility it could have been a puma, he again said no, because the cat the locals had seen was much more muscular than a lean puma.

I kept asking and asking, and then I got a hunch: I asked the guide: "Does anyone here keep jaguars and pumas in a cage?"  The guide immediately knew where I was going to with my question, and  said something like: "O my god, you mean it is some kind of escaped crossbred??" He  said he had been thinking all along that it must have been a crossbred between a jaguar and a puma, because the first attacks started in the neighbourhood of the guy he kept both species of cats in one large cage somewhere . Although he kept the cats in separate cages, the  cages were in fact created by  dividing a large cage in two compartments with wood and bamboo and  when  the guide, years earlier, visited  the guy who kept the cats, he noticed that the dividing wall was a bit crappy and could be torn apart by a strong man. The owner of the cats said not to worry  if the wall wasn't that well build, for the jaguar and the puma were very friendly to each other, one being a male, the other a female…..

Although it has nothing to do with the topic of big hybrid cats, this guide,  with whom I was able to speak because he was in command of some English (he was a native who had lived for a year in N-America, but went back to his native country because he was terribly homesick), also told me a rather weird story.
It started  when I asked him if he had ever come across an anaconda. He then told me that several years before he had been hunting tapir with some of the men of the village he lived in on the border of the jungle. After walking some hours through the thick and dark undergrowth they came upon a sunlit clearing in the forest and seated themselves on a fallen tree trunk to have a break. After half an hour or so they went  on to continue their hunt. When they had finally managed to capture and kill a large tapir they returned to that same clearing to have a pause before going home. They wanted to sit together on that same trunk they sat on hours before, but the trunk was gone! They noticed that from the place the trunk had been lying on the forest floor there was a wide and slowly meandering trail of flattened grass and undergrowth that disappeared into the dark forest. The meandering trail had been at least two to three feet wide………


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