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Congress sneaks pork into Sandy relief bill

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 03:36 PM

Post Katrina Aid: 60b in aid for est 180b in damage

Post Sandy Aid: 50b est damage 50b (includes reimbursement for insurance companies that have to pay out for losses that policy holders have been paying on)

thats my raw numbers pull for anyone that likes to crunch porkrinds.Source was wiki.

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 07:10 AM

Two, hundred year hurricanes in only two years, a mystery? The Homeland is about as secure as a house of Straw.


[Post 31 - Sep 12th, 2010]

If they were smart, they would begin constructing 50' sea walls around all the major cities on every U.S. coastline.  But I guess it's a little too late for that.  The tide is already rolling in, and will smash to pieces every attempt to shore up the state of confusion.

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 04:50 PM

View PostBeckys_Mom, on 29 January 2013 - 02:41 PM, said:

As I am not fully clued into politics..  This may sound stupid to ask, but if I don't ask I wont have a clue  -  What is pork when linked to politics?   Is it like a metaphor . like - Bringing home the bacon - money?   I am not sure what that all means...?

To my understanding pork in politics means added fat... As in adding in things that have nothing to do with the bill itself. In the case of a bill like this, relief for the east coast after Sandy, adding in a wad of money for Alaska who saw nothing of the storm would be considered pork. I've heard the term pork used for too much money granted too- like you only needed 2 million and you got 5 million.

Your ad hominem connotes your sciolism. Now that is some funny commentary.

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 04:57 PM

Anybody surprised by this?

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 05:10 PM

This is about as disgusting as it can get.  We have people living in freezing conditions in damaged homes because they cannot find any other rental property or affordable shelter and these clowns pull this crap.  They just needed some help...help that did not include fishery studies or Smithsonian roof repairs (well maybe the Smithsonian roof WAS damaged in Sandy, but still).

All this other crap has held up aid for all these weeks..and for good reason if you think about it.  That "pork" should never have been included in an emergency relief package.  It makes you wonder if they did it on purpose to hold up releasing the aid until they and their cronies could figure out a way to skim off the top of it and "capitalize" on yet another tragedy.

The only thing that should have been included in the bill was what the states and areas asked for.  All the other crap should have been on a stand alone bill.

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