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I want more than to just believe

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Posted 11 April 2013 - 05:26 AM

If what you sincerely want and need is proof, just ask God. I did and boy did I get it.

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Posted 11 April 2013 - 01:26 PM

Re the OP:

Well, here’s my penny’s worth: leave well alone.  All that stuff is actually what might be called ‘psychotic’.  Psychotic symptoms include hallucinations (which can be visual, oral, purely tactile or involve any of the senses in any combination, and can seem to emanate from outside the person, or even appear to originate within the person’s head), hearing voices, delusions, feeling that you are someone else, possession and about any ‘abnormal’ mental state.

But having called these things ‘psychotic’ symptoms makes it all sound rather dire and un-natural. Actually, however, psychosis is just dreaming while awake.  So these things are all just dreams that are experienced while a person is awake.  Nevertheless, while the odd hallucination or whatever is perfectly fine and normal (you have probably had one but did not realize it was a hallucination; hallucinations can be of perfectly ordinary things, like a chair, or a wasp, and you would only know that is had been a hallucination if you had tried to sit on the chair, or catch the wasp).

It is, as someone else has said, perfectly easy to bring on these experiences: meditation can do it, or ‘vision quests’ as practiced by Native North Americans, or if you play with ouija boards and other such ‘paranormal’ phenomena, or, you could take to Antarctic Exploration --- Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctic Explorer, after two years stranded with the crew of his ship on an Antarctic Island, starved and exhausted, rowed 200 miles to a whaling station on another island.  He and his two companions landed on the other side of the island from the station and had to cross some mountains to reach their goal.  They got lost, but then someone appeared to them, an apparition, and led them over the mountains and once they were within sight of the station it disappeared.  Lots of explorers and mountaineers and the like experience this sort of thing when they run into difficulties and are pushed to the limits of endurance.  So, perhaps when I said it is ‘easy’ to bring these things on I was understating things a bit!

In everyday life stress and emotionalism can bring these things on.  Emotions are the danger, really.  These things can generate fear, and the fear actually sustains them, sort of acts like psychological ‘glue’, but any strong emotion, positive as well as negative, acts like psychological ‘glue’.  The other side of that coin is that they are also easy to get rid of – I say ‘easy’, but though that is true, it can take a very long time: you get rid of all those sorts of phenomena by calming down, by not being afraid of them, or responding to them emotionally in any way at all.  There are some meditation techniques which can help here, but, also, relaxation therapy, and then just doing simple things like reciting a mantra whenever you see or even think of a troublesome ‘phenomenon’: say something like, “This cannot hurt me.  It is not real.  It is only a dream.”  Or, when you feel fear or anger or other emotion, you can say something like, “I don’t care.  It is only fear.  Fear cannot hurt me.”  The ‘I don’t care’ phrase is a particularly effective one, and persistence WILL pay.

I am talking from experience.  I have had my share of these things, from seeing a ghost at the age of 5, through the ouija boards and vision quests when I was older.  I even saw a ‘possession’: it was a little boy, and when one time he did not get what he wanted, even when he had persisted with his demands for some time, he turned his face away from everyone and it transformed, distorted into a demonic mask.  I caught a glimpse as he turned away, but then I also caught his reflection in a window.  I could hardly believe my eyes, but his face became truly demonic, so distorted that you would not have recognized him.  I did see a man’s face get distorted in the same sort of way, but not nearly as bad as that little boy, not that truly demonic quality.

I may seem a bit of a party-pooper to dismiss all this paranormal stuff as just being dreams, may seem to be taking the mystery out of life and leaving a rather dry, banal sort of existence behind.  Actually, I do think life can be magical, but that is just not the place to look for the magic……but that’s another subject.

Wait a minute……I’ve just noticed you’re from New Zealand.  Is that not the home of Extreme Sports? There’s your answer then: get out of your nice relaxing pool and get the fear running through your veins with one of those ‘jumping off cliffs’ things……keep that up for a while, till your stressed out and can’t stop shaking, and that should do the trick.

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Posted 16 April 2013 - 11:39 PM

Supernatural entities attack people that have something they want. You are VERY blessed that nothing is after you in that way. As for wishing to come across something more 'spiritual' or from outside earth, are you religious? Do you believe in God?

I'll answer anything about the supernatural you wanna know, within reason. Knowledge is power. Few deserve such power.

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