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Mexican Airforce UFO Encounter

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 03:04 PM

View PostDr. Mrdad, on 26 January 2013 - 02:16 PM, said:

Sorry I couldn't reply sooner. I'll be honest, I think you guys are right on this one. I'm just baffled how trained air force pilots can make a mistake like that, but I guess everyone makes mistakes.

Now as far as the believer thing goes, I am not one of those in that sense. Like many of you here, I was much worst than a skeptic when it came to UFOs and aliens. i was taught by my parents that all these experiences people are having were all demons playing tricks with peoples minds. It wasn't a subject you could even talk about with me. I didnt want to hear it.... Until that damn one day...when it all changed.... life was easier then because I had no experience so it was easy for me to deny and say that this phenomenon isn't real. Easier it was for me to accept the explanations of others for what "really happened".

But what happens when you have the experience phenomenon yourself? Me? I didnt even have a chance to become a believer. I wasnt seeking to have experiences with ufos like the believers, I really didnt give a *** damn about it, but it happened. I never considered myself a believer nor will I ever will. So I really hate being called a believer or to be even put in that class.  For me a believer is someone has no experience with the phenomenon and still chooses to believe. They take other people evidence as there own and call them facts. They are willing to argue on evidence as if they were in the vicinity where it was produced or recorded. Me? I only investigate my sightings, my videos and my pictures. Only for my evidence will I go far enough to say they are UFOs. And still I keep a open mind to hear other peoples point of view on the phenomenon. I don't care to investigate other people sightings and videos unless it is similar to something I have seen before. I dont care for beliefs or believers, i care only for knowing and experiencing. That is what is real too me.... so when it comes to this subject.... I dont believe this UFO phenomenon is happening.... I know this phenomenon is happening, by my own experiences and by my own evidence.

Hi there, Mr Dad.

One would think that people with "cool jobs" (astronauts, police officers, pilots, brain surgeons, etc) would be more "trustworthy" that the avarage joe six-pack. That is not the case though,... like you said, we are all human, with all the imperfections that comes with it. There is a difficulty in explaining many of these paranormal sightings.

At first, one might expect that the witnesses to these phenomena must be smoking crack or have a history of psychological instability,... however, many of the people who report these things are sober, educated, reasonable individuals.

Logically, therefore, there are only two viable explanations for the events these people claim to experience. Either Bigfoot, Nessie, Angels, Ghosts, and the Gray aliens actually exist, or the individual witnesses to these exotic beings have actually observed and misinterpreted relatively prosaic phenomena.

For me, until we have better evidence for any of these claims, I will remain skeptical.

I still await the compelling Exhibit A.

*The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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