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The ability : Vision seeing .

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#16    Blue Star

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 09:43 PM

View PostLady Annabella, on 09 February 2013 - 02:40 AM, said:

Does anyone have the ability to see visions , if so how did it start and what are the signs ?

Yes i have and do have/see visions.
I have always, since as far back as i can recall, it seems it is an innate ability, I thought everyone did/could.
If I understand you correctly....The signs are daily confirmations of the visions already seen.

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 11:01 AM

i believe i've had a vision once.. it was really heavy though! its been a year from now and it didnt happen again since then BUT, what i believe in general terms is that every human being is able to astral travel, to lucid dreams and to see visions! that means its not a talent someone posses or that there are chosen ones. we all can do it. there are just things people build up in their mind which hinders them to experience those things cause they deny it before they even tried it seriously. you need to have an open mind and not be afraid of what will happen, otherwise it won't work.

so now i'll try to explain what i saw:

it was on a sunny afternoon in spring last year. i was at home, felt kind of bored somehow so i decided to meditate. but i didnt get into a proper meditation, i just lied down on my bed and relaxed my whole body. i closed my eyes and started the to clear my head of any thought that would arise. after some time in this state, somethng started to appear in my mind, but it wasnt a thought because i concentrated on not thinking anything and it worked. so while i was lying i saw things but i was observing them in a way that they happen before me, i was not connected to anything that happened, i was not in my physical state. first i saw i spiral, turning and turning right before me. suddenly i saw a skull inside the spiral, twisting his way up. i was confused why i would see this skull, i felt a slight feeling of fear arising but i could control myself not to go with it. then the spiral disappeared and i felt like i got deeper, i just didnt know into what! then i was out on the ocean, floating above the water, without any shape or form, i was just there. then a loud voice started speaking to me, telling me about then end of the world, or rather of this world and that everthing will change. i saw i big black stone falling from the sky, the voice told me that this is a kind of metal which doesnt exist on earth. the stone fell right beside me into the water and then i was told that we are above the mariana trench. soo the stone fell into the water and i followed it deepp down into the trench where it disappeared. the voice told me that  this stone will destroy our planet because it will cause dramatic reactions with all the other metal and substances that are on our planet. so it was like, things would happen that we couldnt imagine because we never came in touch with this metal(substance). then suddenly i was in a destroyed field on the land. i couldnt see any humans or animals around me. i only saw one person infront of me and that was the weirdest thing. i saw a woman or a man, i didnt know for sure, with long black hair and i knew this would be the one who saves humanity, or better to say the human kind. to that i have to say, one year ago my brother and his thai girlfriend became pregnant. me and my brother we are germans. anyway, i just knew that the long haired person was the child of my brother about in the same age i was/am. i woke up, i knew i've felt asleep after these visions, but i knew it wasnt a dream or anything similar. i felt i saw things that are real but i was in a timeless state somewhere i never been before and never came backk again.

i was wondering if some  of you are experienced in reading visions, cause i know there is something hidden that tells the real message, not the obvious which i had seen..

thx, scorpii

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 10:03 PM

Wow those are some pretty entertaining visions. Can't say I had anything like that before. I've had lucid dreams before but nothing of any importance connected to it. I wonder if you guys play a lot of fantasy video games. These may feed the subconscious and indirectly produce these visions or dream-like states.

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 09:18 AM

Everyone can use so-called Sankalpa.
Using a last thoughts before falling asleep. A similar practice is already used in ancient Greece and Egypt.
It was used for predict the future, visions of gods, temple healing and for spells of all kinds.
See for example old Egyptian and Greece magical papyri.

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