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i am a good student where is my teacher

help gifts spirits healing

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#1    myauraglows_i_am_a_shaman


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Posted 16 February 2013 - 06:48 AM

my grandmother had the  gift my aunt had  gifts ... as a child my aunt told me  before  she passed   for me not to worry i am different  there are  things i might not understand  and i have  special gifts  since age 4  i remember  seeing spirits  speaking to them in other languages  i  have never   takin  spanish  is school   yet i speak it    strange ... i remember  as a child  toys moving  beds floating spirits  and  very strange dreams  at first my mom thought i was insane i  went to a specialist  and then she called in my aunt who is religious my mother  thought i was  possesed  and sent my aunt from texas all the way to california  to remove this demon ... and thats when my aunt said child  you are not evil  and went onto tell me im gifted ... very  very gifted apparently ... i have always been  an outcast never had many friends til after highschool in highschool i  joined a prayer group .... i started  getting sick often ..... strep. mono (even tho i never kissed and 1  til after highschool) ... flu's cold, depression  visions  after highschool still every time i encountered  any one sick i would pray .... at 23 i developed  cervical  cancer  around the same  time my friend mysteriously woke up    and went back for  her results  and her stage 3 cancer  was  gone  at 25 my gull bladder nearly exploded ... i had prayed 3 days prior  for my ex husbands mother   inlaw who  had severe stomach  issues  ... i had emergency surgry  at 26 i developed  cancer again this  time in my throat , no need  to go on i started  to notice after several surgerys  and  bells  palsy  paralysis of  my right side of my face.... well any ways when i  was  praying for  people i  was  taking their ailmeants  and   they became  healthy almost immeadiatly  ... its so hard  for me.. but i  cant pray any more   unless its for my self or my mother ......i  was given this  gift i do not know how  to use  it  and it makes me sad ...... i also see alot of weird and unexplained things  ... i see auras too  at  first i just thought  people  had colors and  did research  turns  out they are auras ... i  have dreams  with dates   and the future  and they have came true 100 percent of the time i walk by a live person  and hear voices of the deceased  i also  see spirits ... i have seen my angels... i say angels   because i have  alot... the 2 main ones that are always  with me  a guy and  a girl i have several others .. every night  when i sleep  they are  with me ... everysince i prayed to god  for protection   as a child  with  beds floating and  stuff  i  then   started to see these angels .... they are always with me no matter where i am ... i have  dreams  i have telekinesis  yet  i dont know how  to do that ... just alot of weird things ... i have several gifts ...... i do not know  how to use them ...if any one could help me please add me  and we can inbox  thank u for ur time

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#2    dlonewolf85



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Posted 16 February 2013 - 08:43 AM

Hey, nice to meet you. If I understand correctly, you feel that you have some things to offer to the world around; to contribute or maybe to help people. I like to to think that there are no 'gifts', but tools we can work with. Gifts are meant to be unwrapped; tools are to be used for a purpose. So maybe if you try seeing things in a slightly different perspective, the answers could fall in place. The best teacher is also an excellent student, and the reverse can also be true. Some like to believe that we are material beings who sometimes have spiritual experiences through prayers, 'encounters' and experiences with the unknown, etc. while some could feel that we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical world through the journey called life. We can't argue with none. Perceptions are bound to differ in different people. But my message to you is that this is your journey, your experience, and you (i.e. your skills, talents, dreams, etc.) are all that you need. Take care.

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#3    lone wolf2

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 08:41 AM

I hope you have recovered from all the illnesses.     Sounds like your taking there sickness into yourself.
You need  to either get rid of the illnesses right after or heal them with out taking it into you.

I think you need to look up psychic healing and anything to do with your gifts.

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