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weird unusual dreams


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#1    parkoursio


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Posted 19 February 2013 - 03:18 PM

I don't sleep that well at most an hour at a time, but i had just woke up from a weird dream where i am rollerblading and i end up part of the helmet i am wearing deep into my skull yet the helmet on the inside has not broke at all and then i hit the back of my head, i wake up after dreaming for about 30-45minutes, the next dream was one of the weirdest dreams i have ever had, i dreamt that my mum, me and my mum's partner all move to this new block of flats/apartments i didn't recognize the place, but my mum and her partner walked away from me and then this man came up to me and pushed me against the side of the building and i hit my head, i ended up sliding to the ground, then the man grabbed the front of my t'shirt and slammed over and over again my head into the ground, it felt really real, my head is really hurting not cut or bleeding or anything but then i wake up with my head, the back of my head in so much pain it's unbelievable i feel the back of my head i'm not bleeding but i have a second dent in the back of my head in the same place where my head is slammed into the ground, the man's head was all blurry that i couldn't see anything of his face. This second dent is new it has never been there otherwise a doctor would have noted it down and told me.
I don't sleep walk and couldn't have hit my head because i can't afford to hit my head again, so i make sure i am no where near a wall and have plenty of pillows around and underneath my head, i have had the dent for over a month now, but this has never happened before where i wake up after having a dream with an injury and to have the injury there in real life.
What does this mean? any sort of explanation would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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Posted 22 February 2013 - 10:29 PM

That's really weird, perhaps it could be some sort of spirit? I'm saying this because your saying you feel physical pain when you wake,I myself have a spirit and he has visited me in my dreams, one dream I appeared in a room full of exotic flowers ( I love flowers) and a faceless man was beside me smiling, another time I dreamed I was in my bed and a man whispered in my ear "I'll show you what I can do" and he lifted me up. When I awoke I was floating and hands were caressing my hair, he's never violent, just very gentle. Your story worries me because your dreams a very violent try to keep a dream diary to remember important details

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