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Can demons haunt more than one person?

demon demonic entity paranormal weird

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#1    xXSolemnDemonXx


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Posted 05 March 2013 - 09:21 AM

Weird things used to happen in my old house, such as books flying off of my sister's bookshelves, heavy footsteps, growling, and the power going out at midnight. For the past week or longer, I've been feeling really uneasy. My friends feel uneasy after I do. I told my two friends about me being uneasy at the time, and both of them, including one of their friends felt uneasy, also. I started hearing knuckles cracking. Two nights ago, I went into the bathroom and I felt like someone was watching me. I heard things fall in my bathroom. I went into my bedroom, and my drawer fell off. One of my friends said that her friend felt uneasy, also. I Skyped my friend. She told me that she saw a pale face in the window. I asked her to turn the laptop toward the window. She did, and at first, I saw nothing, Suddenly, I saw white, glowing eyes. I Skyped another friend today, and she told me about a nightmare she had about a demonic creature with white eyes. We were talking, and suddenly we both heard a banging on her door. We heard footsteps. She said she heard crackling. I told her about the demon that's haunting me, when suddenly, her internet cut out. She Skype called me again, and told me that that has never happened to her, before. I'm on Skype with her right now. She fell asleep. I started hearing footsteps. Then, I heard knuckles cracking. The footsteps are still going on. It's as if he's walking around her.

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#2    SpiritWriter


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Posted 05 March 2013 - 04:44 PM

We have friends that we are spiritually connected to. This sort of thing happened to me as well a few months ago. We can pm if you want to know the details, but it was similar to these things you described. It happened over a three week period and envolved me and my daughter and two of my other friends and thier daughters, shared dreams and experiences, polterguist and demonic activity all happening simultaneously in different parts of the country. It is a sign that you and your friends need to be spiritually aware of your surroundings and that you all have this powerful connection of spirit. As you cleanse your environment it will cleanse thier environment and vise versa, you all are a massive force of energy against any demon. I would eliminate any use if drugs and spend time in prayer asking guidance of God. If you do not clean the environment from the negative energy it can continue to spread to others you are connected to, especially children.. in turn it can affect thier friends because they also have powerful spiritual connections. But transformation of the negative into positive is also a powerful energy that can spread. The only problem is that you dont have "control" over other peoples actions, so if they arent participating in getting rid of (or transforming) the energy then it will still be effecting them, but at least you can do your part. I take it as a sign of power between friends and thats really cool.

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