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Any strange toy occurrences as a kid?

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 01:37 PM

Yesterday i read this thread and it was quite interestin!g. Jump ahead to last night. I come downstairs to the kitchen after putting the kids to bed. In the sink i see this Elmo hand puppet standing straight up, staring into the kitchen (there should be a picture attached. It has been cropped ). So that freaks me out at first. Then i see that it has a bottle of dish soap inserted where a hand would normally go. So i ask my wife if she had put Elmo there in that position. She says that she has. Ok. Pheasant. That explains that. So i walk a few steps to throw something into the garbage can. When i turn around, i swear that Elmo is facing a slightly different direction than he was just moments before. I may have imagined that it moved, but it freaked me out a bit. Have i mentioned that it freaked me out? IMG_20140507_223241-2.jpg

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 01:42 PM

I thought I would add a 'lost toy' experience to this thread but it happened as an adult.

Last summer I had a plastic boomerang/frisbee toy that was supposed to return after throwing. It never quite managed the full circle return but was fun nevertheless.

My son and I took this to the park with us along with our bikes and football for the afternoon on a clear sunny day. After playing football we decided to try the boomerang. After a few throw and collects it landed a bit further away than usual so we went back to football for a few minutes before retrieving it to go home.

However when we went to retrieve it it had vanished. Nobody had crossed the area it landed in so we knew it had not been taken. I explained to my son that our eyes can let us down at estimating distance and that it was probably just landed further away than we assumed. So we broadened our search. After no success I showed him how people comb areas for evidence and we covered the park in lines walking 1 meter away from each other. Still no success so we got on the bikes and broadened the search even further, again no success.

As dusk started to set in we had to give up and go home for dinner, minus the boomerang.

There is no supernatural activity at play, but we where left baffled by the disappearing boomerang.

The only reason I decided to share this story is that there a similar 'lost toy' stories on here along with 'the adult never believed me' stories in this thread. Luckily for my son (aged 8 at the time) when he re-tells his missing toy story it can be fully authenticated by an adult.

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