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UK troops do the right thing

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 04:33 PM

View PostDarkHunter, on 03 April 2013 - 04:31 AM, said:

You seem to have this anti-western view like a few people on here have.  What problems have the western world been causing that the rest of the world isn't also doing at the same time.  

I have no such thing as an anti western view, what I do have is a view made up of reality and NOT made up of what we are told in the media, which in my oppinion is made up of BS, not all but most of it is, it is primarily propaganda, why do You think that people that are whistleblower's are getting a hard time and being treated like criminal's/terrorist's ?


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How would torturing the enemy make things worse for us.  The enemy is going to hate us no matter what they do and will use anything and everything to recruit new members anyway so even if we aren't torturing anyone they will claim we are anyway if it helps with recruitment so they pretty much takes away all the negative aspects of it except for losing the moral high ground which is pointless anyway.

As I stated before, torturing people will only make thing's worse, by creating more extremist's/terrorist's/freedom fighter's, and causing more conflict, which is doing nothing to solve the problem's that we are facing, it is just making thing's worse, and also more profitable for the weapon's manufacturers

Two wrong's do not make a right....
Just because somebody else may do something it does not mean we have to, we cannot control what other people do, just what we do, if we conduct thing's like we are then what incentive's have other people/countries got to do the right thing

View PostDarkHunter, on 03 April 2013 - 04:31 AM, said:

On the other hand what we gain from torture is information that saves the lives of our troops and our civlians, the only thing we should be concerned with anyway, and save the lives of innocent civilians of the hostile country we are in, along with adding another layer of fear that will help prevent another conflict in the future.  

Torture is NOT a guaranteed way of  gaining valuable information, anybody will say anything to make the torture/pain stop...
IF our government really wanted to save our troop's and civilian's then why do they alway's start or resort to war ? it would be better to help other countrie's rather than trying to dictate what they can or cannot do (like they are doing/trying to do to Iran ?)

As for saving the live's of innocent civilian's of hostile countries, havent You heard of the drone attack's in Afghanistan etc, that have KILLED those very same innocent civilian's including women and children ???

Adding "another layer of fear" will only cause MORE conflict's/war's and NOT stop attack's or conflict's in the future, I am suprised You think it would...

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 07:37 PM

I hope my christian friend is going to expound on the WWJD angle.

I hope my christian friend is going to expound on the WWJD angle.

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