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#1    Druidus


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Posted 13 October 2004 - 10:15 PM

~Sung to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"~

~Bomb Iraq!~

If you cannot find Osama, Bomb Iraq!
If the markets are a drama, Bomb Iraq!
If the terrorists are frisky,
Pakistan is looking shifty,
North Korea is too risky,
Bomb Iraq!

If we have no allies with us, Bomb Iraq!
If we think someone has dissed us, Bomb Iraq!
So to hell with the inspections,
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb Iraq!

It's "pre-emptive non-aggression", Bomb Iraq!
Let's prevent this mass destruction, Bomb Iraq!
They've got weapons we can't see,
And that's good enough for me,
'Cos it's all the proof I need,
Bomb Iraq!

If you never were elected, Bomb Iraq!
If your need is quite dejected, Bomb Iraq!
If you think Saddam's gone mad,
With the weapons that he had,
(And he tried to kill your dad),
Bomb Iraq!

If your corporate fraud is growin', Bomb Iraq!
If your ties to it are showin', Bomb Iraq!
If your politics are sleazy,
And hiding that ain't easy,
And your manhoods getting queasy,
Bomb Iraq!

Fall in line and follow orders, Bomb Iraq!
For our might knows not it's borders, Bomb Iraq!
Disagree?  We'll call it treason,
Let's make war, not love, this season,
Even if we have no reason,
Bomb Iraq!


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#2    TooFarGone


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Posted 14 October 2004 - 12:34 AM

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But should go in the writers forum. PErhapes in "Poem Place"

Too / FarGone
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#3    Shakezulah


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Posted 14 October 2004 - 12:39 AM

ive heard that long ago...infact, i think it was posted on here before in the jokes section

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