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Was the Rosalie the Rossini?

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 10:26 AM

Currently researching the answer to the question: what was the Rosalie?  The answer, I believe, requires facts on the ship, but there's very little information and lots of speculation by Bermuda Triangle believers that the Rosalie was actually the Rossini.  Gian Quasar disputes this, saying the Rosalie was a real ship, not the Rossini, saying that the Rosalie was launched in 1838, built of 222 tons of wood.  I also came across an extract of a letter written in 1840 about the Rosalie which says it was launched in 1840 (this was in the American Masonic Register: p.47 which I found on Google Books - published 1841)
But what of the Rossini?

Here's the tale of the Rosalie, printed in an article by the London Times in 1840.
A singular fact has taken place within the last few days.  A large French vessel, bound from Hamburgh to Havannah, was met by one of our small coasters, and was discovered to be completely abandoned.  The greater part of her sails were set, and she did not appear to have sustained any damage.  The cargo, composed of wines, fruits, silks, etc, was of a very considerable value, and was in a most perfect condition.  The captain's papers were all secure in their proper place...  The only living beings found on board were a cat, some fowls, and several canaries half dead with hunger.  The cabins of officers and passengers very elegantly furnished, and everything indicated that they had only recently been deserted.  In one of them were found several articles belonging to a lady's toilette, together with a quantity of ladies' wearing apparel thrown hastily aside, but not a human being was to be found on board.  The vessel, which must have been left within a very few hours, contained several bales of goods addressed to different merchants in Havana. She is very large, recently built, and called the Rosalie.  Of her crew no intelligence has been received.

So, Quasar tells us the Rosalie was actually bound for New Orleans, where the Rossini was bound for Havana.  Lawrence Kusche tells us the Rosalie was the Rossini, due to information from Lloyd's of London who could find no mention of the Rosalie.  However, I can find nothing of the Rossini itself - where was this ship built? When? By who? How large was she? What was her cargo? There is just nothingness on the internet - only info based on the Bermuda Triangle myth.
Surely, if they are in fact both the same ship, there should be evidence to back this up.  Does anyone have any ideas which might solve this mystery?
At the moment it seems the Bermuda Triangle myth has swallowed up the truth of what ship this actually was and I'd just love to know one way or the other

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 11:03 AM

This is all I could find:  http://bermudatriang...08/rosalie.html

It looks like it could be the source you're mentioning above - or at least some of it.  It also seems like it could very easily be a record keeping mistake.

Unfortunately, this might be all there is about this mystery.

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Posted 04 May 2013 - 12:27 AM

u are correct in the difference between the rosalie and the rossini..2 differednt vessls doomed to disruption....they were not the same xx

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