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Ted Cruz should not be defined as a Hispanic

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#16    Dan'O


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Posted 07 May 2013 - 03:49 PM

View PostSweetpumper, on 07 May 2013 - 03:12 PM, said:

I'm the same way. I've got a white last name and look white as hell, and people can't believe I'm half Mexican. I've got some friends like this also. I wish people stopped looking at race and just dealt with actual problems instead of using it to further their agendas. Dems like to think they're compassionate but they're the ones that use and perpetuate stereotypes.

I agree with you guys. I too am of mixed ethnicity. I have documents/birth records stating I am part Alaska Native and have my BIA card that says the same thing. But I have light(er) skin and green eyes. I often would get rude remarks from Native functions/events or trips to the Alaska Native Medical Center. I have heard "You're not native" many times and unfortunately, most of the racism I have experienced has been from Natives. But my 'people' do not have the monopoly on it, many so-called progressives I have communicated with pretend to have compassion and empathy. But it is often diluted and/or it is an outright lie. Do they do that to make themselves feel better? I really do not know... I do think some of it comes out subconsciously. And I do believe many voted for the current admin under that (possibly misguided) premise. Almost as if they were so afraid of being called a racist that they voted the way they did.

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Posted 07 May 2013 - 03:53 PM

View PostMantis914, on 07 May 2013 - 02:57 PM, said:

This subject hits very close to home for me because I've had to deal with this all my life.  I've had to deal with people like Senator Richardson just about everyday when it comes to race and self-identity.  My father is Mexican-Native American mixed and my mom is Spaniard-Mexican mixed when it came to me:  I was a white colored, blonde haired, green eyed individual who really doesn't look anything like the "stereotypical" Mexican.  At school, I got "you're Hispanic?  No you're not, quit lying!"  even from teachers.  Even to this day, I get, "You're a pretty cool white guy..." to which I just respond with :rolleyes:

Like Kowalski wrote above, there is a high feeling of resentment in the Mexican American community towards those that are trying to circumvent the system but people like Senator Richardson says that you can't possibly be Hispanic if you don't agree with the plight of the illegal immigrant.  I'd like to see him say that to a lot of my compadres in the barrio...  ;)
I am pure blooded WASP, but I grew up here all my life so for all practical purposes, Im culturally Hispanic.  There are European Spanish here with Blonde hair and blue eyes.  There are many people here that are mixed with a Hispanic fathers and Anglo mothers.  Part of my extended family is half Irish (father) and a quarter Mexican.  They have red hair and freckles.  There was an incident of reverse discrimination that occurred years ago, when their Hispanic teacher treated them poorly in school.  During an open house, the maternal grandmother came by and started talking Spanish to the kids and got them embarrassed.  They said stop it grandma.  I have a feeling that the grandma did it on purpose in front of the teacher because after that, the kids received better treatment.  Its unfortunate that that still occurs here but it also shows the diversity.  There are Spanish and Portuguese families here from the original Land Grants, who are all Americans.  None of the people Ive represented here want illegals to have amnesty.  But they do want the border closed.  They are willing to see a pathway to citizenship, but the illegal must pay the penalty of being here illegally.  It is a crime.  Illegals are not isolated, all of us here know illegals and have befriended them and I think if they need to be, become a sponsor.  Youll find that sponsors would be coming out of the woodwork, provided that the illegal is willing to pay the penalty and show that they truly want to be an American citizen.  Then we can begin to call them brother and sister, instead of thief.

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