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Trying to trace OLB's missing indians

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 11:59 PM

So far it looks like the vrijii are part of a Licchavi , Kashi , Kosala , Malla  alliance of Kingdoms that have got together in the North Eastern part of India , mainly the Magadha area to unite into a republic or republics in order to become more united against other kingdoms fighting against them,

and Bimbisara (4th C BC) took a wife called Kumari-devi from the Licchavi/ Kosala republic and had a son called Ashokachandra/ Ajatasatru/ Kunika . And that two of his half brothers were called Hala and Vihalla Kumara

that the later Ashoka had a son called Samudra who called himself after his mother , eg Samudra Kumara-devi Licchavayah , and had coins minted with both him and his queen on them , which is seen as unprecedented in these times that a woman would be given such high status , seemingly equal to the king .

being that Bimbisara and Chandragupta 1 both married a woman called Kumari-devi i wondered if this Kumari-devi might be a title rather than a name and have discovered that Ajatasatru's wife was named " Kellana "  ( pity that was not Keltana ) in a different source.

something else that was interesting .......because of the name Kosala , and its possible similarity to Gosa the name given in OLB for one of the eremoeders in OLB  which ABE advised was around  306 BC , and so a bit late...........but at the same time i was looking at 3  religious leaders that were prominent around this time...
being Gotama (Gautama ) Buddha of budhism , Mahavira of Jainism (Gainism ) and the Ajivika religion (materialism ) and find that the founder of this religion is a man called Makkali Gosala.

Also the Nandas around this time before the war with the vrijii alliance of vaisali were living in Rajagriha ( which is why i am still interested in whether the Rajputs are descendants of Scythians ) but they went to war with the clan called the Anga who they decimated, and from this time moved their Capital from Rajagriha to a new place called Magadha.
if this was previously an Anga city then it  is just possible it was called like their name Mangardha (and a place called Managarda has some significance to OLB)

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 12:35 AM

NO-ID-EA said:

"something else that was interesting .......because of the name Kosala , and its possible similarity to Gosa the name given in OLB for one of the eremoeders in OLB  which ABE advised was around  306 BC , and so a bit late..."

I didn't 'advise' anything, I just followed the timeline of the OLB narrative:

305 BC:
Gosa Makonta elected folk-mother (immediately after the second disaster)

(Should be 306 BCE)


And Gosa's father was born in the area.

NO, I think you are stretching it a bit.... Kosala =Gosa??

'Her' full name was Gosa Makonta, "Goswinus Magontinensis" or "Goswinus from Mainz".




Maybe I am wrong suggesting Gosa's father came from the Punjab area:


Among my [ = Gosa] father’s papers I found a letter from Liudgert the Geertman. Omitting some passages which only concern my father, I proceed to relate the rest.

Punjab, that is five rivers, and by which we travel, is a river of extraordinary beauty, and is called Five Rivers, because four other streams flow into the sea by its mouth.


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